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Published: Thursday, Jan. 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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HOW many registered gun-toting people have gone to the loo with their guns chambered and we've never heard about it?? Just because ONE silly person with a loose gun holster accidentally has his gun go off means we're all up in arms about having arms????

This is funny, but the idiotic debate is turning un-funny.


If we are encouraging people to walk around with a chambered round in an automatic it is just a matter of time before some idiot will "accidentally" shoot someone and blame everyone else for his carelessness.


All I can say is, Git'er dun!

Says to Common Sense

Maybe we just ought to let police officers carry guns. Problem solved. All this self protection stuff is hooey. Except for the police, only people who are paranoid and lack in self esteem carry guns. Now that is real common sense. Oh wait a minute, we live in Utah. And we do need to protect ourselves from the United Nations forces. Sorry, I forgot.

@ Why I don't live in Utah

Why I don't live in Utah but I return daily to read about it in the Utah paper and make comments about what is going on there. nice.

To Why I don't live | 11:53

Happy day for us, too!

Do yourself and us a favor, stay in the world. New York, maybe. Where things like this never happen (See report on Plaxico Burress) ;>)

Only in Utah?

Okay folks, those of you who are claiming this event could happen only in Utah are just revealing your bias and prejudice. I live in Louisiana, and, believe me, these sorts of stories (and even some that are more stupid) occur here regularly. Okay, I'm bracing myself for all the Louisiana jokes now.

Justified Shooting?

The real question here is did he feel that his life was threatened by the toilet? We've all met this unscrupulous "toilets" in fast food establishments. It is about time that one of these menacing devices was taught a lesson.

PM9 owner

This guy is a lair, there is no way it went off by dropping it. He was playing with it and antecedently pulled the trigger.

Khar = Quality

Any quality modern firearm, including Khar's don't "go off" on impact, especially not from 3 feet up!

The trigger was pulled, the gun did exactly what it is designed to do, functioning perfectly.

Keep your booger scratcher off the bang switch! ...and never unholster your firearm in a public area unless needed.


I don't get the Utah related comments. What does a handgun falling from a cheap holster have to do with the state in which one resides?
Let's all try applying a little logic to our commentary.

Kahr owner

It is interesting to see that the ones that know little or nothing about guns are the most outspoken against them and the people who carry them.


Re: Says to Common Sense
Have you seen whats going on in the world today? Some headlines:
-Texas Killing Spree Suspect Declared Unfit for Trial
-Boy, 5, Shot and Killed in Los Angeles
-Ohio Teen Convicted of Killing Mom Over Video Game
-New Jersey Church Shooting Suspect Tries to Kill Self
Now you are telling me, that all that carry guns are
paranoid and lack in self esteem? Check out FOX NEWS before you call us all paraniod. The world is a crazy place, and incase you havent noticed America is a crazy place.


One more for Common sense says.
-UHP says freeway shooting was gang related

To Josh

I've checked out FOX NEWS. I stand by my statement. You are paranoid and lack self esteem.


Does he get to carve a notch in his gun for his first toilet shot? You know in New York or California they empty their gun in someone else instead of the toilet. They must be progressive states.


Here's a piece of advice for a few of you out there "IT IS BETTER TO REMAIN SILENT AND THOUGHT A FOOL THAN TO SPEAK UP AND REMOVE ALL DOUBT" thanks.


Take a look at world events over the last several years (including today) and consider the ethnic cleansing, rapes, and other obscene crimes carried out against unarmed 'citizens'. While a military regime may bomb out your village, the 'brave' soldiers wouldn't commit so many war crimes if the potential victims had even so much as a very small caliber manual fireame at their disposal.

If you think that the reason this (military/political crimes of violence against large groups of people) doesn't happen in the united states of america is because of our advanced governement and high level of intelligence and education and humanity, you are a bit deluded. The reason this hasn't happened (yet) in this country is because the 'citizens' are to some extent armed. As soon as that is no longer the case, the path will be paved for the violent oppression of the people.

If you think this point of view is absurd then you'd better study your history, ancient and modern.

his own falt

he is not telling the hole story that gun would not have fired if the trigger was not pulled he probably took the gun out of the holster so it did not fall out and was puting it back up and pulled the trigger or got the trigger cought in some pice of clothing and it went off when he was re-holstering end of story


I've never cared much for Carl's Jr.

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