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Published: Thursday, Jan. 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Carrying w/o a round chambered

If a gun is concealed... unless it is very hard to get to... you still have the element of surprise. Most criminals are not particularly good with their weapons -- no chance to practice. Having said that, you can wait to draw it until such a time that you have the tactical advantage -- when the person taking the action feels comfortable that you are unarmed. Honestly, how many defensive situations have you been in where you needed one in the pipe?

what a Guy

stupid is as stupid does. who carries a loaded weapon in a fast food joint. Afraid of the Hamburgler??


To those of you who say "Why carry a gun?", Or "Why carry a gun in a fast food restaurant?" I say, you will never "get it". The point is to be prepared and be responsible for your own protection. Why wear a safety belt? What are the odds of you being in an accident? Yes, it is more probably then needing to use a gun, however, my point is that you do not know WHEN you will need a seat belt or a gun so why not use it? It's the responsible thing to do.

To those who DO carry and DON'T have a round chambered...why take a minimum of a second or to to chamber a round when a second is all you may have, especially when the bad guy may already have THEIR weapon out?

I think that more people should carry a handgun, either concealed OR open carry. The world would be a safer place for it.


Well, i have to say this is funny. To all of the gun-bashers on here, let me know how you feel after you are robbed at gun point and wished you would have had a way to save your wallet and jewlery or possibly your life. Face the facts, this is a very violent world today. Some people want to be in denial and sit around and think " whats the odds? it cant happen to me" well, when it does happen then maybe you will understand why there are people out there that actually fear for their lives in this everyday world and wish to protect their lives and property. People that have their CCW permit are TRAINED how to use and carry a firearm. They dont just hand you a gun and bullets and say " go at it". People that carry handguns are at a big risk, because they are responsible for their actions and that makes us all very cautious while carrying a handgun and makes us responsible. Granted there are some idiots out there that just didnt grasp the concept during their CCW class.


If he had a quality holster this would not have happened.


What makes this bad is it makes the anti-gunners say "I told you so".I'd rather have my gun in a safe mode,rather than in a place that things like this can happen.Odds are a million to one that you'll never need it.Why have it where it is off safety,and in a state that "you" will be the bad guy by "your" gun going off and killing a good guy.Keep it safe guys and gals.


I have one never carried it, but if I did, you bet it would be loaded (maybe not one in the pipe though), and if I had to, I would use it. If there were no guns, murders would use bow and arrows, knifes etc. So don't count every murder with a gun as if it was caused by one. Perp would just use something else. Knife very effective too. More than you suspect. So how about we ban those too? Its just a tool.


If he would have had a Glock, it is a known that a Glock will not discharge when dropped.


Guaglione | 11:28 a.m I can chamber a round as I draw to fire. It takes two seconds. It's better to invest two seconds of time than to bury someone. I don't have conservative values.

To Anonymous and E.S.

For the record, I'm a new poster:

Anonymous: Yeah, you can chamber as you draw. However, the point is that it takes more time that you likely won't have in a self defense situation. The guy made a mistake, it's obvious, but to say that you should carry, for all intents and purposes, an unloaded gun for self defense is ludicrous. I hope you can throw that gun pretty fast as you're going to need something when the seconds and fractions of seconds count on it. Your life may not be valuable enough, in your opinion, to accept the inherent risks of carrying a loaded firearm, but the lives of my family and friends and my own is.

E.S.: ANY gun can fail and if you go check out some of the Glock forums you'll see that Glocks fail spectacularly sometimes! There are drop safeties in pretty much all modern firearms that help prevent accidental discharges, but they don't eliminate them as they are a working machine and things fail.

In my opinion he was being stupid and shot the toilet, got hurt and then freaked out.

David a menace to society

to all the men and women in the service who protect us day and night currently serving or retired thank you for your service and advice on this story. as many posts have stated a gun is a tool it is up to the owner to use it wisely as with all tools. the truth of the matter is if someone really wants to do harm to themselves or someone else they are going to find a way to do it! even if it means doing it with their bare hands. so we could go insane and ban everything under the sun as a POTENTIAL weapon and walk around nude in a extremely vain attempt MAKE this world a safer place and it would still be just as dangerous as it is today. why is that? because its the PERSON behind the object/weapon that makes the decision to inflict the harm/damage. so to make the frightened gun haters happy I suggest that we lobotomize the entire populous so that we cant think or act on our own thus being unable to hurt each other :P. seriously people lighten up!! after all it is just a toilet.


If he had a Kel-Tec P40 it would of not went off.


Maybe he thought it was trying to run him down.

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