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Published: Thursday, Jan. 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Conspiracy theory?

Does anyone think that shooting a toilet at Carl's Junior could be a coded message from the under world for shooting a man named John?


Wasn't this one of the scenes that Tarantino edited out of "Pulp Fiction?"

Dear what A Moron

Couldn't agree with you more. A quality gun won't fire when dropped. Also he should have a much better holster, that won't let this happen. Thankfully no one was killed.


Nice shot. If it would have been a few inches to the left or right?

to sid

sid your right wouldnt have happened with a glock
would hav had to pull the triger like 10 times to get one of those bricks to go off


We do not have the whole story I have heard many stories that say the gun went off. The gun fires when the trigger is pulled! someone or something pulled the trigger.


Kahr warns that a chambered round COULD go off if the gun is dropped. Most manufacturers do. Kahr also warns to check the position of the firing pin for safety before using the pistol and periodically thereafter. An incorrectly and protruding firing pin (aka striker) could have easily been the cause of the firing. Chambering a round in a weapon that has no external safety is a high risk practice. Be smart when you carry, that's what all manufacturers preach. Cheap holsters aren't being smart either. Too bad this all comes down to political viewpoints every time something like this happens.


A man's got to know his limitations

liberal refuter

From the Kahr Manual -

Warning: The Kahr pistol has several design features and internal mechanical safeties designed to prevent accidental discharges in the even the pistol is dropped or receives a hard blow.

Keep it in the holster. Problem solved.


That is why a keeper strap should always be used on the gun. Dont purchase a holster without a strap to keep the gun in place until YOU take it out of its holder.

All holsters are not safe for all circumstances, you must be aware of your holsters shortcomings at all times.


I don't know of too many inside the waist band good quality holsters which use a thumbbreak or keeper strap as you call it. The holster was probably a cheap brand not form fitted to the weapon. I could do somersaults with my inside the waist band holster and retain my sidearm.


@goforit: | " statistics show that for ever one time a gun is unsed for abona fide self defense reason there are 120 incidents of acciential shootings, suicides, shooting of another family member, etc."

These "statistics" are as totally bogus as your ability to spell -- the anti-gun activists who published them only counted KILLING someone in self-defense as a "bona-fide self-defensive" use of a gun. The vast majority of defensive uses of guns don't even involve discharging the gun, as anyone can easily find out, if they are marginally smarter than a box of rocks. (This might be a steep requirement for the committed Progressive, however.)

Law-abiding folks carry guns to defend themselves, not to kill people. Not everyone is as sick as you.


i must say it is difficult to keep a concealed weapon concealed while using an in the waistband holster. Most stalls have an open lower wall causing your weapon to be visible to all when your pants are dropped. definitely the idea is to keep your weapon holstered until its needed. The trick i use is to reach in and pull my underwear over the outside of the weapon then keep your hand on the gun holster and your pants while pulling them down and up. This works for me. This being said i suggest that what ever method you use should be rehearsed over and over and should be seen as just as important as a weekly visit to the range.


I have a concealed carry license and had a P3AT (Kel Tech) catch on my seatbelt when I was getting out of my vehicle, dropping to a concrete floor in my garage, and striking the back of the receiver. It functioned as it should and did not go off. He should get his weapon checked out. I always carry with a round in the chamber as do most people I know who carry. I don't consider myself dumb or inexperienced having spent 13 years carrying a side arm in the Armed Forces and 20 years as a healthcare provider.

SLC gal


Joe from GA

Carry a Glock! I carry a Glock 23 in a Fobus paddle holster. Frankly, any holster on the hip can be a challenge when you do #2, in a public place.

However, this is mostly to keep from spooking people who see a pistol around your ankle. Agreed, a quality weapon should not discharge from a 3-ft drop.

For the ignorant: Why would you ever carry a weapon without a round chambered?



Carrying w/o a round chambered

I have nothing against someone who carries with a round chambered. I choose not to carry without a round chambered for two reasons: (1) My state doesn't allow me to carry in all places legally, so when I must leave it in the car, I will drop the magazine and take it with me leaving the gun in the car unable to be fired. I have no desire for someone to break into my car and have ready access to a gun ready to fire, and it minimizes my handling when leaving and re-entering the car. (2) If something were to happen to me causing me to become disabled, I wouldn't be carrying a firearm that could be easily fired by a child or other novice. I practice drawing/chambering/shooting so it is second nature to me. It takes very little time and eliminates the difference between the first and second round in my semi-autos whose first shot can be double-action. This is far better than not having one at all, and much safer for me and others. But as I said, I have no problem with those who carry chambered.

The real question

The question we should be asking is what sort of person drops a deuce at a fast food restaurant? Have any of you been in a Carl's Jr.s restroom? Sitting on that toilet seat is much more life threatening than being shot.


If you don't have one in the chamber, then the gun is just about worthless in the situation where you need to act fast, without hesitation, to prevent harm. By the time you jack-off the semi, the other guy has ample time to shoot you, stab you, hit you with a ball bat, etc. A clear mind, self confifdence, ability (i.e., training/competence), mental and physical ability to really do what needs to be done, and of course a quality fire arm and holster are required of anyone who carries. If you lack any of these qualities, them maybe you need more training or maybe you should not carry. Of course accidents do happen to all of us, but like others, I am a little skeptical of the "dropping excuse" unless it the gun was defective. If it was just in his pocket and not in a holster, then this was certainly not the best way to carry.

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