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Published: Thursday, Jan. 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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As an active firearms enthusiast with a knowledge of semi-auto handguns, I seriously find it hard to believe a KAHR pistol could fire a round after being dropped, the trigger and striker mechanism aren't capable of firing if the double action trigger is not pulled. This story is very suspicious.

Little Rock Rick

Have you ever tried Carl's Jr. gut bombs? I'm surprised there's an intact porcelein bowl left in the place!

Hey, has anyone thought of substituting toilet bowls for those expensive clay pigeons they have at the range? Just about every restaurant has AT LEAST 6-8 "targets" in the men's room! Might be fun to do a little shooting after dinner!

Proudly CCW

I have to agree with Variac et. al. If this guy was carrying a revolver made in 1938 and dropped it, yeah it could go off, but a Kahr?

As for the deluge of propaganda against CCWs I can only remit a statement that I confess is blatantly plagiarized from another gun forum on the internet. I wish I could take credit for this wisdom but I can't.

"When seconds mean the difference between life or death, the police are only minutes away".


Wouldn't have happened with a Glock.


Trust me, the only way that gun fired was due to a jack-ass putting his finger on the trigger when he wasn't supposed to. I carry a Kahr P9 (same exact gun-different caliber), and it's a true double action-only pistol with a 15-20lb trigger pull. The only way that gun will go off is if you deliberately put that amount of pressure on the trigger. In the 1 in 100000000 chance that the pistol did fire by being dropped, and it can be duplicated and documented, this kid will be a VERY rich person by the end of the year. I've investigated numerous "accidental" discharges, and they ALL turned out to be user negligence...i.e. NEGLIGENT discharges!


having a CCW in arkansas. i can state the majority of my neighbors are armed. while i carry a sig p220 i have dropped the gun numerous times. (mostly during a training excerise. and it has never fired. for those who think gun was not loaded, it was locked and loaded.) i am police officer, and at time were are required to "drop and shop" drop our current weapon and change to a different weapon, and through out all that if has never fired. for those who think all gun owners are "unsafe, stupid, etc..." need to think next time you are in need of the cops.

What are you talking about?

I will not use blanket statements however, I will say that when I was in the military, I carried with one in the pipe. While off-duty and in civies (with my CHL) - one in the pipe. And now that I am retired from the military ... one in the pipe.
Most (not all but most) people that carry, either concealed or in the open, have one in the pipe. Why? Because you may not have both hands available to rack the slide to chamber a round...or you may not have TIME to chamber a round. And to repeat a post from earlier..."better to keep your mouth shut and be thought of as an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." It is OK to not know something...if you don't know, SHUT UP AND YOU MAY LEARN SOMETHING!!!


I have no experience with guns myself, but to all those commenting on how irresponsible it is to ever have one in the chamber... I thought the point of a concealed carry license was so that you have the training to carry a loaded gun. There may be some instances where you'd have a minute to load it before disaster strikes, but I don't know many violent offenders who wait patiently while you load your gun. Concealed carry is so you can responsibly carry a loaded weapon, on safety and in a quality holster, and with a lot of caution. Am I being unreasonable here?

Edumacated Virginian....

This truly is the funniest thing I've seen all week...but something isn't being told to us here. The majority of modern firearms have drop safeties. I could pound on my Sig Sauer from 1979 with a sledge hammer or throw it off a building and it still wouldn't go off.

3 time Iraq Vet

I am really trying to figure out why all these "Civilians" are figuring he was "Dumb" for keeping a round in the chamber!? That is how the GUN WORKS idiots!!! We Conceal Carry for Self Defense, round has to be in the chamber.. If you Tax Payers are worried about "Your Safety" try Driving with BOTH HANDS, not talking on your CELL PHONES!! Hell trying EATING PROPERLY. Most of the Anti Gun/Carry yokels are probably obese and will die from a Heart Attack before some one ACCIDENTALLY SHOOTS THEM... BTW, I am happy to serve your country

Wait & see

For all you anti gun freaks out there,more people are killed by Doctors every year than by guns.
Check it out...


Reading the comments here once again shows that there are a LOT of people out there that have no clue what so ever about concealed carry. So please, to all you that fit that catagory, don't get a concealed permit.

Leave it to those of us that have the guts to pull a loaded gun (yes, with a chambered round) when it's your college kid that the psycho is aiming at and planning to kill.

Sure, there will be some people that get a permit that shouldn't, but it's the same as drivers licenses. Some dummies you see on the road should never be allowed to drive.


I proudly carry a glock 27 with a round chambered! Why? Because when seconds count..police are only minutes away


I proudly carry a glock 27 with one in the pipe! Why? Because when seconds counts the police are only minutes away!


Well, I don't know about that Kar but I could pound railroad spikes with my colt combat commander and not have to worry about it going off. (Not that I am willing to try)...I may try on an old toilet though..

Concealed Carrier

Hey folks, if you don't like or approve of weapons...don't carry one. But if you just so happen to become one of the many who gets robbed or assaulted each year in the world, don't complain when it does. Carrying a handgun has nothing to do with your level of "self-esteem"; I carry and I have plenty of it - being a Marine may have something to do with it though. We don't carry to start fights or brandish when we don't agree with the views of another. We do it for our own protection and even yours should the event ever present itself - let's hope it never does, but you (we) should at least be ready. It makes no sense to download every time we use the restroom or buy a cheeseburger and I'm pretty sure he didn't carry his into the toilet because he was afraid of the TP! If you are going to download or leave it in your vehicle then you might as well leave it at home. You can count on the bad guy's gun being loaded and ready, shouldn't yours?

Disappointed by All of You

...There is so much attention paid to this story, yet no one was killed...except the toilet. I've never read a story about the dozens of children that fall from shopping carts every day due to negligent parents that don't keep them belted in and monitor them closely. Some of these children die tragically from the short fall onto the concrete. Should we ban shopping carts or license people to be parents? Some of you think this guy should be incarcerated. Following that logic, why haven't we filled every jail with people that wrecked their car driving drunk. I remember reading back in 1995 that 45,000 people died in alcohol related car crashes in 1994. What is that number now? Listen, everyday we decide to get out of bed we are risking our lives. I carry concealed for the same reason I have fire insurance; I never want to have a fire and I practice good home fire prevention, but I still pay for insurance. Why? Because I never want to say, "If I had only..." Every person has not only the right, but the responsibility to protect his family by any means available.

I do the research..why can't you

I'm not surprised to see the "43" number again. 43 more times likely....ok, let's look at the ORIGINAL report that produced that number. Every other source is simply a quote, or reference to, the original report.

"Discredited" is a strong word, but the study in question is indeed one of the most thoroughly discredited exercises in twisted statistics of the late 20th century. It compared all deaths by gunfire in two communities of similar size; one in Canada and the other in the United States. Under "guns killing householders", it included suicides, many of which typically are the so-called "rational suicide". This is what happens when an individual diagnosed with a terminal disease that brings a long, agonizing death chooses to depart life with dignity. (In some foreign countries, this process is assiste by state-approved euthanasia, not an option in the USA.)

The latest studies, by Professor John Lott, indicate that in well over 90% of attacks on armed citizens, NO blood is shed as the criminal either flees or submits to citizens arrest until the police arrive.

Criminals have a strange habit of making sure no police are around first!


*facepalm* come on guys, do you really think this is just a guy marching around with a gun? *obviously* this is someone who works for the government. The police didnt question him? The police ALWAYS question people like that. This is not a guy that shot a toilet by letting it fall, this is a government officer that had a gunfight in a bathroom.

Fast draw?

We are all assumming that this was an accident. Thats a possibility. Another is that he was practicing his draw and shot the toilet outright. He obviously gets marks for accuracy, its the citizenship of an act like this that has me concerned.

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