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Published: Thursday, Jan. 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Well, at least no one was hurt.


That gives new definition to being shot in the head.

Thank you

This story just made my day. I love a good laugh. Glad everyone was okay.


Too funny, Observer! Really, though, this kind of an accident isn't newsworthy. I'm glad no serious harm was done to anyone, toilet notwithstanding.

if they take away guns. . .

Then toilets will run rampant and take over. . .

Johny Fairplay

^^^ Observer = funny.

Discharge of firearm is newsworthy.

Better reporting pls -

Loved the story. Headline is a bit misleading though - man shoots toilet? He didn't shoot at it - he DROPPED the gun, which then proceeded to shoot the toilet. (Was he sitting on it? Now that wd've been uhm, hilarious)

Headline should read "Toilet Shot!" because that is what happened, the man didn't shoot the toilet.

Model One

The unanswered question in most minds, "Did he wash his hands"?

truly newsworthy

This is newsworthy because of all the doofuses who defend "the right to bear arms" and never admit that most who conceal carry are as inept and potentially dangerous as the gent who iced the john. On the other hand, who hasn't felt the urge to pull out your pistol and blow the plumbing away when it leaks or is backed up. . .

What a Moron !

Having a concealed carry permit is one thing. Having a round chambered and ready to fire in the restroom of a fast food joint is unacceptable. I support the NRA and the right to carry, but come on, this guy could of killed somebody due to his carelessness. Who needs to have a round chambered and ready to fire???


I can't stop laughing. I'm glad no one one hurt, but this story just makes me smile. Truly, it represents an only in Utah sort of moment.

To truly newsworthy, I think the plural is doofi, and I hope all of them (concealed carriers) think twice as a result of this article.

Thanks to Ben Winslow for a great laugh.

Re: truly newsworthy

Where do you get, by this story, that "most who conceal carry are as inept and potentially dangerous as the gent who iced the john"? Use blanket statements often? Tell me what your political affiliation is, your race, education, religion, etc. and I bet I could throw some out there on you.


One will get you twenty that we didn't get the whole story. When you look at the mechanism of a Kahr pistol, it is pretty plain to see that the thing isn't capable of firing from being dropped! Something else must have happened. That will be the real story!


What a Moron !: You say it's unacceptable to have a round chambered in a restroom. Do you expect him to un-chamber the round when he goes into the bathroom? How about un-chambering the round when he gets into the restaurant from the parking lot? What you're proposing is making it MORE dangerous by creating unneeded instances of gun handling.

The pistol was not in a secure holster. That was the main problem here. I've carried several pistols over the last 5 years and have never had one drop out of its holster because I purchase good quality holsters, and yes, I carry with a round chambered. A criminal is not going to call you and make an appointment before he shows up, so you must carry a pistol for protection that will work the instant it's needed.

Speaking of carelessness, do you or your friends ever talk on the phone while driving? I'm willing to bet that thousands more are injured every year due to that than accidental firearm discharges.

Sadly, you don't *really* support the 2nd Amendment if that is your attitude toward self-preservation.

what is my political affiliation

Let's see, my race is swift, my education is better than yours, my religion is God's own, and my political affiliation is Straight Party. But thank heavens that there are brave concealed carry holders to protect us from marauding loos. . .

Guns don't kill...

Toilets do.


Maybe the whole not chambering a bullet is a good idea. I mean, fire extinguishers have the separate nozzle that you have to attach before you use them. And fire alarms have all those codes you have to enter before you can pull the lever. And of course, everyone knows that brake pedals in cars have that lever you have to move to the side before you can press the brake. Makes perfect sense.

Dear "what is my....."

(putting Karnac hat on)
(end Karnac)

Only in Utah, for sure. Who needs a 40mm just to use the john at a fast-food restaurant, except a right-wing paranoid gun-nut? (Probably all depressed because he lost his life savings to The Free Capitalist scammer.)

Why I don't live in Utah

Another example as to why the happiest day of my life was when I saw the sign "Leaving Utah". One of these days someone should add to the sign "Re-entering the World".

Common sense says...

Seems like civilians should empty the chamber of their legally carried firearms in all those places that the police do.

Hmmm... ever seen an officer unload a gun to go to he restroom?

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