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Attorney general proceeding with BCS antitrust inquiry

Published: Monday, Jan. 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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RE: First things first

I think we are capable of working on more than one problem at a time.


AG Mark Shurtleff should conduct the probe and pursue any antitrust or other violations uncovered. He should accept any assistance offered by other State AGs and assure that only appropriate litigation or other action is taken on behalf of the State of Utah.

The Utah UTES (13-0) have performed and conducted themselves as National Champions. Coach Whittingham has demonstrated that "action speaks far louder than mere words," and that when words are used, they should be used in a positive and professional manner.

Let us proceed by action and words that will repair the unfairness of the BCS system but without all the negative hyperbole.


Shamless oppertunist
2.5 Million with the same problems
He is not interested in listening to one man telling him the problem
Shurleff has disgraced the office of Attorney General
He is not interested in hearing we have Judges making criminals out of honest people
The Judges are actually insane men on the bench
Prosecutors are failing to do a proper investigation to reach a conclusion, Over agressive Attorneys that failed to make it on their own
The Legal System is to expensive
The Attorneys are not properly trained as well
We are a Nation Of Laws


As a BYU alumni I have lots of stories of why I dislike the Utes. However, without a doubt. Utah is #1 this year. The bcs needs to be stopped. I support the AG 100%.

Hey Won't Happen

Thanks for once again showing how uneducated Cougar fans are about sports.....bet you were one of the BYU to BCS fans before your game with TCU. Utah beat 2 top 7 teams and 4 teams in the top 25....they are desrving and you are not very bright

Think bigger

To all concerned about wasting money pursuing this, consider how much money comes to the state and university with the #1 title not just for football but in sales, tourism, etc. This is an "investment" well worth spending time on and I'm not even a sports fan. It would be different if Utah were alone on this appearing like a bitter loser, but do others are joining in on this. Do a news search, it's being picked up all over the place. The opportunity for an underdog to prevail is the only thing that catches my attention in sports and that's what makes NCAA basketball playoffs exciting.

re: Wrong Priorities

It's not about ensuring sports is played fairly...it's about money. Last I checked the U was a state school. The BCS system ensured no chance for recognition as National Champions translates to restricting $$$ from coming into the U.


Whether or not college football is "fair" should not be the subject of litigation. Utah had a classy season and can be proud of its accomplishments regardless of what the BCS says. Filing a lawsuit will only make us look like whiny rubes.

to uncannygunman

that's what lawsuits are generally for. to determine whether something is fair.


I'm not a lawyer, but I bet if this goes to court, BCS will win because MWC, WAC, MAC, C-USA, and SBC actually signed off on the most recent contract. Swofford has already spun that this week, as "all 11 conferences like the current system."

Years ago when suits were brought up, and people were wondering why the NCAA doesn't assert control, rumors surfaced that it was being held hostage by several BCS schools that threatened to leave the NCAA altogether and form some kind of semi-pro league if it tried to take over. You never know what is going on behind closed doors.

Waste of Money?

As Shurtleff said, his job is to ensure laws are enforced, regardless of what those laws are. To those whining about the state budget and their 401(k)s, don't worry about it. Shurtleff's suit won't affect anything else. It's already in the budget. The last thing I would want is an attorney general who choses which laws should be enforced and which shouldn't be.

For once

Utah is in the national news spotlight on something that's not embarassing to the state. Most folks would like to see a playoff for the entertainment value and even President-elect O is weighing in. So the publicity certainly might benefit Shurtleff but this is a battle many Americans see worth fighting for.


MWC whiners have to get in line behind a lot of other folks in hating BCS.
However, having said that, if it is about money what makes you think nonBCS schools (which are in small markets) deserve more money? If you can't sell your tickets to BCS bowls and don't have any TV ad revenue what entitles you to money raised from other fans and in other markets?


So starkville mississippi is a big tv market? What about pullman washington? And fans in other markets didnt raise the bcs money. Why should doormat sec and acc schools get bcs money every year even though they are terrible? You make it sound like fan quality wins championships. A team deserves a chance to win a championship no matter how small. I bet utah would give up the money if it meant a chance to play for a championship.

Sam in Sacramento

Everyone who thinks that Shurtleff should spend his time dealing with more important issues, first needs to realize that he is an attorney general, not a legislator. Second, you need to understand that the focus of the suit is a legitimate antitrust violation by the BCS that results in the lost revenue to Utah schools in the amounts of millions of dollars per year. Yes, I said per year. True, these types of claims have been made in the past, but in order to prevail in such a suit, evidence of the violation must be persuasive. Utah's exclusion from the Championship game provides a very persuasive piece of evidence that may be enough to prove that there is some contract or conspiracy amongst the BCS that puts an unreasonable restraint on trade. I commend the AG and wish him luck in his efforts.


NCAA sports branded merchandise is big business. Who is # 1 influences sales and hence we have trade restraint. Is it worth Utah taxes $$s, probably not. Is it illegal, I think there is a chance that it is.


"Shurtleff is offered support in BSC probe"

Uh, I'm familiar with the BCS, but not the BSC...

sports fan

Everybody that complains about this being a waste of money should think about all the money that is involed in all sports...the nation is going broke, but all the athletes and coaches are getting richer! It makes perfect sense for Shurtlef to show what a monoploy the BCS is, and perhaps we as citizens will not keep paying the outragous prices to watch these people play. We are giving our hard earned money to these wealthy athletes.

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