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Published: Saturday, Jan. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Re- John

Toughen up! The ignorance you see is your own.

Marcus Hansen

Joseph Smith worship does not constitute Christianity. When will you ever get that?

Re: Alma

You are one twisted feller.

My $.02

Still a member - I agree very much with you, and I believe you are sincere in your comments. I am also a member, but find myself becoming disaffected with the church.

To church members - please try to be a little less reactionary. I am not an 'anti.' Satan does not 'rage in my heart.' If you judge me to be 'swine', well, good for you. I love the teachings of Jesus and desire to do good.

I have tried to make comments on this forum as well that have not been allowed to post, and so I may be typing in vain.

I have never been comfortable in the temple. I am happy for you that have wonderful spiritual experiences there, but that has never been the case for me. The rituals and watching the same film over and over and over again just is not uplifting and I find it to be a frivolous exercise. I am sorry if this offends, but I am just trying to be honest.

I feel the spirit much more strongly when I am simply (of my own volition) helping a friend in need.

Positive Thinker

It amazes me how anti Mormons go out of their way to attack our church. I thought the purpose of belonging to a church was to work to be a better person. As a Christian, isn't it your goal to love everyone, even if you don't agree with them? Why go out of your way to attack my beliefs? I don't attack yours. As for baptisms for the dead - IF our church isn't true, what difference does it make?


Light noise, car noise, car traffic, foot traffic. It is a bad location with inadequate public infrastructure and purely a choice to project power strength and growth. It is clear the LDS Church is no more environmentally friendly then the developers who chose to take away some of the last open space in the slc valley. It is a little sad.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints does not worship any of its prior Presidents or the current President of the Church. In every thing we do is in reverence to the Lord Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. The Book of Mormon another testament of Jesus Christ testifies along with the Bible the divinity of Jesus Christ and his mission here on earth.

Temples are where spiritual healing, learning and life saving ordinances take place. They are beautiful to the eye. THe Church reaches out to others all around the world. We were the first ones to assist with the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast after Katrina. We were the first with aid and assistance to the Tsuami affected countries. We have assist in riding Africa of a measles epidemic. We are working consistantly in trying to solve the poverty of Africa through constant aid. You don't see us jumping up and down telling the world what we are doing because it is nobody's business. We assist our own who are homeless and in need every time it comes up.

The Bible says you will know them by their works. Look at the Church as a whole.


To "Z" Thank you for the excellent quote from Brother Maxwell. I would appreciate the reference for that quote.


LDS worship Jesus the Christ, and God the Eternal Father. We revere Joseph Smith, Jr. for the wonderful restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it was established by Jesus Christ and the original Twelve Apostles. ( Orthodox Christians follow the teachings of a committee organized by a non-Christian (Constantine) who just wanted to end the squabbles over the various church leaders in the 4th century AD.)

We revere Joseph Smith as a true prophet, not as a god. There is a huge difference. It is not worship. We do not pray to him, nor Mary. We pray to our Father in Heaven, through his anointed Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is our Intercessor with the Father. And I'm grateful every day of my life for the Atonement. I'm grateful for the added blessings of the Temple.


I want to know more about the rituals? If they are masonic rituals, and everyone who is knows of them, ...then what's the big secret?


Anonymous, thank you for your last comment. We welcome you to tour "our" beautiful temple.


Re:: Anonymous 12:21, I bet you are one LDS who treats everyone with courtesy and kindness rather active or a non member-right? That is the most important part of Mormonism is how we live our lives and treat other human beings no matter who they are, right?

Been There Done That

I've been through the temple and frankly thought it was just plain weird. It was NOT a spiritual experience for me. Too many oaths and covenants that were downright freaky (although I have been told they have been discontinued). If I want ritual, I will visit a Catholic church. If I want spirituality, I will meditate and pray by myself in the woods.

Re: Anonymous | 12:21

By your own teachings Joseph Smith is now a god. So hmmm where would the allegiance lay? From many perspectives worshiping Joseph Smith would be more correct.


I meant to say inactive members included. Sometimes they get pounced upon by active member who think they and their non-member friends are all a bunch of heathens.


Are masons allowed to enter LDS Temples for worship?


I ocassionally look at a few comments on news articles. Those concerning the LDS Church seem to draw them most, negative and positive. What is amazing is that people have time to waste on things they don't like. Like the "full-time" texters, why not use the minutes that turn into hours to study, read something worthwhile, do service in your communities or learn to play an instrument? Anything but the continual harping and back-biting on something you are not interested in.

Temple blessings ...

I look forward to traveling to Utah and visit the temple.


PS: I don't know if the Angel Moroni is of fiberglass, but wouldn't it provide a pletheria of comments if it was real gold? The naysayers would really have a "cause to sponsor".


Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. God is love. He is full of peace, kindness, joy, and happiness. Christ is the Savior of ALL mankind. "For God so loved the world that he gave his Only Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

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