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Published: Saturday, Jan. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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re; savant

the temple rituals are masonic rituals, that is where Joseph Smith got them.


I am so grateful for the new temples in the valley. I am sure they will be a great blessing to us. Our family was privileged to be able to contribute to the building of the Jordan River Temple. It wasn't very much, just what each family was asked to donate. But it has always been my favorite temple and I am grateful that I was able to help with it.

Each month I contribute a little to the Temple fund with my other donations. This is the Lord's work and it's a privilege to be a part of it.

The beauty of the temples is found in the work, not the edifice. The temples have a beautiful simplicity to them. To me, each one is glorious for the feelings I get when I am in them.

This is not naivete. I have studied things in my own mind and heart for years. I have questioned many things and have found the truth for myself.


I'm sure it is a beautiful building inside. I prefer to get my beauty from nature, you know, the places that God created, not man. Places like the red rock desert, etc. The places that the republicans all want to destroy and exploit for money, and whom all the mormons in Utah support. So you want to destroy God's beauty while simultaneously reveling in man's beauty. Think about it for a second.

re: freethinker

I don't see how you think the Church is different unless you are looking at things such as its growth. The Prophet Joseph Smith said it would fill the world. That doesn't mean everybody will join it, but that it will be a world wide Church, and that it will have millions join it.


Joseph Smith worship is truly a disturbimg item for Christians. Christians only want to help mormons and we hold our hand out to you in friendship and hope that you see were you have been led astray.


Anti-Mormon literature and comments is the work of satan to try to slow down the building up of the Kingdom of God. I pray for those who mock The Church of Jesus Christ for they mock GOD!

Shangri-la in Utah?

People living in Pittsburgh have to drive 4-5 hrs to the Washington D.C. temple. Were there long waits at the Jordan Temple/Salt Lake Temples? Seems like there are many areas in the world/country where members have to drive extraordinary distances to attend a temple.

Where Have You Been?

God is dead. It was on the cover of Time magazine back in the 1960s. Mocking "God" is no different than mocking Hercules, Zeus or Apollo. Or a fence post for that matter.

Where's Johnny?

Where is that gas bag John Pack Lambert? Why haven't we heard him pontificate and share his delusions of grandeur with us on this matter?


Re: Savant said, "Temple rituals are Masonic rituals, that is where Joseph Smith got them."

Well, sort of. The Masons got them from Kabala (sp?) - go check it out and you'll find it all over the internet with tons of sources.

Kabala is a branch of the Judaism, which continued the temple rituals through the ages.

This is pretty simple stuff.


How interesting it is to see how Joseph Smith, a successful religious entrprenure, with a few elite conspiritors build a religios ruling class that continues on into today's modern times still duping more followes into subjugation and exploitation. We need to look for God in ourselves; not in the suduction of the ruling class.

Oh, John

You are ANTI human. So quit griping! I mock your stupidly and not the church itself.

Ignorance is bliss

I invite you all on both sides of the argument to go to the Church's website and divide the total amount spent on humanitarian aid over the last 22 years by the number of church members. The amount per member per year is shockinging low.

RE: Want to attend

To those who like assert that Joseph Smith "stole" the temple ceremonies from the Masons, I would ask whether you are qualified to make such a claim. It seems to me that the only people who can legitimately make such a claim would be those who are very familiar with both LDS temple ceremonies and masonic rituals. I'm LDS, but I am not a Mason, so I can't say for sure how similar temple rituals are to masonic rituals.

For more information regarding the supposed connection between LDS temples and Masonry, Jeff Lindsay has an excellent article on his website under his FAQ section. The article does not show any disrespect to LDS ceremonies. Among many other sources, the article references current LDS members who are also Masons. The article also references early members of the church who were Masons, who later turned against the church.

A warning: Jeff Lindsay is LDS, so if you are inclined to disbelieve anything ever said, written or implied by a Mormon, don't bother looking at his site - you are already happy with your beliefs and any evidence that might contradict what you "know" to be true would probably just make you unhappy.

Comrade Dissident

Whatever it is, that is one UGLY building. Looks like Lenin's tomb with a plastic Moroni on top. Seriously, did they hire unemployed ex-Soviet architects? That ugly thing belongs in in Moscow.




Just because you are an APOSTATE Mormon doesn't make you an expert on how to treat or judge others, or whatever they may believe in. I think you need to do some repenting and some deep soul searching. I'm sure your slate has dirt all over it.


You would think that prophecies being fullfilled would send the message to one and all. Oh well, you guys are so anti and full of hate that you cannot even get over yourself to realize this if the One true and living church. Nice try anti's but you better get you facts straight and know a little bit about Jesus Christ before you attempt to tear down his Church. Your efforts are for not as even you recognize the growth of the church.

Still a member

I would love to answer the comments to my original post, but the DN will not let my posts through. My comments are not obscene, vulgar, off-topic, or misrepresentative. Why am I not allowed to answer your responses and participate in the discussion?

RE: Ignorance is bliss

Why don't you just tell us what the average amount per member is? Is it because you don't know? Is it because you never actually went to the Church's website, got the necessary information, and calculated it? If you didn't, you are a liar. If you did, then congratulations on wasting your time trying to prove that Mormons aren't donating enough, and then not actually giving any concrete results to show for it.

Maybe you could tell us how much you have donated on average over the last 22 years.

Maybe if you did tell us, we wouldn't care anyway. Some of us like to keep our nose out of other people's business.

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