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Published: Saturday, Jan. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Jean Luc

Paris would not be the same without Notre-Dame, London without Westminster abbey and St Paul cathedral, Vaticano without Saint Peter, Rome without the Latran, Moscow without St Basil, Istambul without St Sophia and the Meteora without the Orthodox monastery of Rousanou, Tibet without it's Deprung monatery, Bangkok without the Choti-Naram, The Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji) in Kyoto and Salt lake without it's Mormon temple...

Gifts of time, talent and money--among others things--by beleivers as act of faith and devotion to God. A testament of what they perceived as being essential to good living, a needed part of human inner growth.

I so glad that Draper has joined the great historic community of temple builders. God bless them and all those that comes within.


Re: Still a member,
I agree with you. You made an excellent comment.

To Catholic

Thank you. I have visited the Cathedral in Salt Lake City, and it is a beautiful building with a peaceful feeling inside. I have attended meetings with friends in other faiths and have appreciated the different styles of buildings, but always the same friendly loving greeting from the members of those faiths.

As a European who emigrated to the US I had many occasions to visit some beautiful Cathedrals in England, France, Germany etc., and loved the architecture, the art contained inside, the reverence displayed, and would always reflect on the hundreds of years of faithful worship by so many thousands of people. I attended christenings, weddings and funerals of family and friends in many Churches, and always respected that I was in a place sacred to those of different religions to mine.

I hope that if you attend an open house of a temple, you will also appreciate the beauty, the workmanship, and that others less tolerant or understanding as you, will see it is a place for people to practice their faith, as they believe, just as it would be for those of any other religion to practice in their buildings.

arizona native

I can't understand all of the negitivity towards the church in Utah. If some people aren't happy with the state they should move and live somewhere else or learn to live in peace with everyone. Aren't we all striving to live in a more peaceful world? Hasn't Christ said to love thy neighbor as thyself? If anyone is truly a Christian believer then you shouldn't be acting this way!

VBC in Draper

The Savior said "Love one another" What simple but meaningful counsel whether you are a believer in Christ or not. There is good in all people. We all need to do away with mean spirited ways of any kind. Ignore those that say such things. Do not allow it to cause you to lash out, we know better than that. We need to put our arm around all people. The Temple is a place of love for all, it's the Lords house and he welcomes ALL to come and visit.


I would love to be able to go to this open house. Although I will be able to attend the temple when I do come to Utah, an open house is also wonderful. The Lord will continue to bless the faithful. And he continues to love the unfaithful.


Are all Mormons as naive as the ones who are posting here?


I've lived in Utah for several years and understand the hostility. I've been told that if I'm not LDS that I shouldn't live here, that I shouldn't drink coffee or wine, had people simply turn away from me when they found out that I wasn't LDS.

The response to these is 'people are not perfect but the church is'. But every person is a missionary and if a person treats me badly w/r to religion then I assume that represents the church's mission.

I know lots of wonderful people that are LDS. There are also lots of wonderful people in Utah that are not LDS. It's unfortunate that one negative comment harms the opinion of the whole group but that's human nature.

Not Surprised

Re: Please Explain

There have been temples and work done in them from the times of Christ and by those who belonged to the Church of Christ so if this is not that very same Church and Gospel restored in latter days as members believe it to be, please point us all in the direction of that Church that exists today that does have the same temples that do the same work as in the time of Chirst. Oh and that Church must also have a Prophet and 12 Apostles just as in the time of Christ. For the Anti's and their negative sentiments that they post, please don't be so jaded from whatever experience you've had with whichever members you've had them with. The members are not perfect but the Church itself IS and trust me that the sooner you figure that out and stop speaking evil of it, the better it will be for everyone involved and especially for you.


As I have traveled to some of the great cities of the world, I have enjoyed visiting places of worship, most of which belong to other faiths (I'm LDS). How great it is to be in places such as Cologne Cathedral, Umayyad Mosque, etc. and experience the devotion of people who believe differently from me.

I hope that even those who have made caustic comments on this board will visit the new temple during the open house, and instead of 'throwing darts' will be glad that there are beautiful places of worship that inspire people to be better, even if those people believe differently from themselves.

Re: Still a Member

You know, unlike the charity orgs. like Red Cross, the Church gives 100% of its money to charity. Other charity orgs. pay for the transportation, the staff salaries, and a bunch of other nonsense before giving it to those in need. So really, you are paying someone else to give them your money.

Yes and No

Beautiful building...yes
Should be respected ...yes
Uplifting to LDS...Yes
Copy of what Jesus did when he was on the earth...I don't think so.
HE spent His time with the poor, the afflicted, healing and teaching...not building multi-million $ temples all over the place.


People tend to be down on what they are not up on.


There are countless architectural wonders by the earlier mormons, but somehwere along the line quantity usurped quality. I can't think of an LDS structure in recent past that has an original timeless look. All wardhouses have the same vibe as a Walmart- bigbox construction and a sea of asphalt. All recent temples look the same to me (howevr this one has more of a Stalinist/prison vibe than most.) The church has an endless cash supply, why not really build something beautiful for the Lords house? He already has one like the Draper temple. We know you can do it- Salt Lake, Logan, San Diego are proof.


Thanks you Des-News for letting outsiders comment on this post, I enjoy reading the different opinions of others on here. It's not just one sided LDS, and that makes it more interesting. I like knowing what others are thinking about us, it toughens us up just a bit to know.

I'm not sure yet that we will have a chance to view the open house on the new temple, but we certainly hope to do so.

Seminary Teacher

We live 6 hrs from the Salt Lake Valley and can hardly wait to bring a car-full of youth to go through the temple. These kids are clean and pure and strive to live God's commandments and are anxious to do temple work for our kindred dead and all others. There is such a feeling of peace and joy in the temple that can not be achieved outside the temple. I am very thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a place where we can come closer to diety.
We would gladly drive 12 hours to visit the temple. I would hope more youth could become worthy to attend the temple and strive for high and noble things. Yes, you have to be worthy and have a recommendation to attend the temple, other than the openhouse.
I see a major difference in the youth who hold on to those values as opposed to those who give in to their physical appetites. They are truly the youth who will be our righteous leaders of tomorrow.

Re: Re: Still a Member |

NONSENSE RE: "the Church gives 100% of its money to charity. Other charity orgs. pay for the transportation, the staff salaries, and a bunch of other nonsense before giving it to those in need."

And just who do you suppose pays the salaries of the General Authorities? (Yes, Virginia, they ARE paid, unlike bishops and stake presidents.)

Who pays all their travel and administrative expenses? Who pays for the flowers and the pretty lights on Temple Square?

The LDS church is no different from other charitable organizations when it comes to expenses.


I am thrilled with the completion of another beautiful LDS Temple. These sacred buildings are a great blessing to all who enter. Thanks to all who make such blessings possible.

@who knew

Mormons believe that God listens to everyone no matter how they're dressed, or where they are.

We also believe that not everyone listens to God and that those who do - mormons included, don't listen often enough.

Special clothes and special buildings help us focus our attention on the divine. It's TOTALLY worth the trouble.

Want to attend

The temples have always intrigued me, tho I honestly do not conceive the necessity.

Will they show any of the Masonic rituals?

Why are the temple marriages so restrictive on who can attend? It seems to be anti-family to not allow non-member family and friends to attend.

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