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Published: Saturday, Jan. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Matthias H.

The cool art is, that we as members have financed the temple through our tithes and therefore it doesnt really matter what others think how that money is used but what we as members think.

An quite honest, i would rather wear my old clothes, eat a little less fancy, skip vacation, dont have a brand new car, walk to work, even go without TV or even electricity for that matter. I think a temple of the lord is much more worth to a meber of the church then many conveniences of life and even most necessities.

Greetings from Germany


Many of you feel "obligated" to share with pride opening of this new temple.
I'm sorry, it's design is a mess. It is a very ugly building.
It's also 2 too many temples along the Wasatch Front. The other two are working at about 30% capacity as it is. This is a financial ruse to make the world think the church is actually growing.

Swamp Fox

The church actually does more charity work than most even begin to know about. They use items stored at distributed storehouses which is collected during times of calamity and is usually first at the scene of any tragedy (hurricane, flood, earthquake, famine, etc). It is done as it should be, with quiet dignity and without bragging or press releases.

This is also used on a daily basis to feed those who have lost their jobs or are otherwise in need. Dr. Laura and others have done reports on the quality and efficiency of this process. The church doesn't do what other churches do because they are already doing it. They are filling another need behind the scenes and without much credit (obviously).


Departed from the Church Joseph set up? I think not. Both Joseph Smith and Thomas Monson are working together on the same project. Building the kingdom of God on the earth. We need to be involved in the same work. Much of that work is done in the temples. This Draper Temple will greatly advance the work Joseph still wants to go forward. If you've left the church, then leave. If you still need to be here, then welcome back. We miss you. BE NICE OR BE GONE!


Since this is "news" in the utah section of the forum I will respond. I do not respond as a Christian to the things in the Mormon news section as it is none of my business to comment there.

Mormon temples look like Stalin-styled buildings. Monoliths, not uplifting architecture. They look like fortresses. The first time I saw the one in Boise I thought it was part of a theme park.

Really. It must be function because it sure isn't pretty. No glass, no curves, etc. Architecturally, Stalinesque.

Step back now, and look. Not with the eyes of believers, but as a human coming across the building. Looks like something out of Prince Valiant.

As to why people should come and see, etc., there is a primary difference in visiting Christian churches and Mormon temples. You can only visit the temples when they are not consecrated, dedicated, and not during "business." In Christian churches the services are open to everyone, sinners if you wish. Thus the two choices are not equal. In one you get what the public relations dept. wants, in the other you get to see if as it operates, weddings, funerals, etc.

Fundamental, critical, significant difference.

AZ Reader

re: Z | 9:39 p.m. Jan. 9, 2009

Thanks so much for sharing Elder Maxwell's quote. From that I was able to find the talk on LDS.org ("Becometh as a Child"). That alone made the effort to read through these comments (even the negative ones) worthwhile.

RE: Still a member

the church contributes a great deal to with homeless and those who have lost jobs. There are employment centers all over the world to help people get basic training and find jobs. As for soup kitchens, anyone can get any amount of food that they stand in need of by talking with their local bishop. So not just a single lunch or dinner but a two weeks supply of food if they are going hungry. And for medical clinics the church is constantly donating money to provide medical care around the world. They donate $3 million just for measles and since then have continued to donate to help with medical problems all over the world and donated more large sums in 2005 and 2006 to help vaccinate the Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Tanzania. All those things you mentioned are currently being donated to in great numbers via monetary funds and/or volunteer hours, locally and all over the world.


It's been fun reading the "Good, Bad and the Ugly."

I'm smarter than everyone else

I think I'm smarter than everyone else including leaders of the church. I know better how they should spend their money and build their buildings. I certainly know better than they do about how to defend the family. Because everyone knows its better to not hurt the feelings of deviants than to uphold the right of children to have a mother and father.

Just kidding. I love temples. They constitute the final and full fulfillment of the covenant with Abraham made 5000 years ago. It is a blessing to live in a time when the Lord's long promised blessings are being fulfilled. There is no better blessing offered than the blessings and protection of temple covenants. They're even better than the benefits of soup kitchens.


Ya I enjoyed making the stain glass windows with Tom Holdman, mainly because they were easier then Rexbourg, lol, but i stilled enjoyed building windows for rexbourg

Saul's vs Paul's

Once, the Apostle Peter questioned the wisdom of Jesus when the Savior allowed a woman to bathe his feet in her tears and then anoint them with expensive oil. He thought greater good would have come from selling the oil and giving to the poor. He said, "To what PURPOSE is this WASTE." Christ then proceeded to teach him that you will always have the poor with you but only for a short time will they be with Him. The woman, in fact, "hath wrought a good work upon me" Jesus declared.

Many can't see the purpose of the temple but we know it to be a house of the Lord where we draw nearer to him. Others may think the money would be better spent elsewhere but we know that good works are wrought in the temple.

Also, if you are curious about why we must pay for or rent clothing or "god won't listen to us", read about the ceremonial clothing made for the tabernacle of Moses's time. The priest had to wear some specific clothing to approach the Lord in the Holy of Holies or to offer any sacrifice. Pray always. In the temple, observe the ceremony.

to Catholic

Thanks for your comment! I think you are spot on. I am active LDS living in Arizona, but I lived in Provo and Salt Lake both. I actually chose my apartment in SLC one block south of the cathedral because I loved the sound of the bells. I've been to mass, to amazing concerts there, and I was delighted to tour it when there was restoration work being done in the early 90's. I remember gathering with some friends who taught at the MTC with me adn driving up to see the restoration work - I knew one of them would love climbing up the scaffolding and seeing things up close. I hope you will likewise enjoy visiting our temple and that you will feel the friendship I have always felt at the catheral.


You both are wrong, don't quote scriptures if you don't know them:
Matt. 7: 6
6 aGive not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.
3 Ne. 14: 6
6 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.
D&C 41: 6
6 For it is not meet that the things which belong to the children of the kingdom should be given to them that are not worthy, or to dogs, or the pearls to be cast before swine


When the temple in Portland, OR was built there was a great deal of angst over parking and whether the neighborhood would be able to handle a building of that size, etc. Instead it has become a beautiful landmark in the city. The neighborhood is amazing, and has become a wonderful place to live and work. Yet the temple site remains one of the most peaceful and lovely, with those who are not Mormon coming to enjoy the landscape and spirit of the area. We are looking forward to getting a temple where I live now, Philadelphia, and I look forward to what this blessing will do for the area that has been selected for the temple. The temple is for all who are members and non-members, it is our choice whether to enjoy the benefits.


I have read all the comments and am saddend by what I have read. The Temple is wonderful place to go to get away from all this negativity. It is our choice to be a part of it or not. I have not been a member all my life so I know both sides. I would always choose to partake of something that has made me a better person and brought my family closer together over all the horrific goings on in this world. But it is my choice and only my choice. That is the beauty of it. I will travel to see this new beautiful place that will be home to so many faithful saints in Draper.

Ticky Tacky

All of the temples built since the 1970s have either looked like World Fair pavilions or Soviet era monuments. They all seem to be from the same cookie-cutter mold. Enough of the same! Its hard for me to get excited when they have become so commonplace. The earlier comment about the fiberglass Moroni statues on top of them all is right on.

To: Still a member

If you put your efforts into finding out about all the humanitarian aid the church gives you would feel differently. Also you could join "Mormon Hands" a volunteer group that goes to areas that need help and gives of their time to help those in need. My son this last summer went to Peru with AYS. They with 23 other teenagers worked to rebuild an orphanage. Roof, septic tank and cement sidewalks. The church gives help to all in need. It isn't just for our church members, but those of all faiths. So before you are quick to judge, put on a pair of old jeans and get a shovel and HELP!


Three of the most sacred experiences I have ever had have taken place in the temple. These are feelings that cannot be replicated or conjured from my mind. I've asked for repeats and the memory grows brighter. They are not the imaginations of my mind, but truly beautiful and impressive experiences when the Lord has manifested to me that what is done in the temple is true, eternal, and of Him. Thank you Father for thy temples.

So Formulaic

Is it just me, or does this monstrosity look like the Idaho Falls temple sitting on top of the Mesa temple? Aren't there ANY Mormon architects who can design something new?


WOW! I didn't realize hate was so strong in Utah!
We've been warned that "in the last days" Utah would become a hated,corrupt and evil place. Are there more non members and apostates in Utah now?
Brothers and Sisters in the Gospel....you are wasting your time argueing with these non believers! You are only feeding into their evil designs.
Please remain focused!
Prophecy is only being fulfilled.

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