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Published: Saturday, Jan. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Maybe this blog seems like an angry post to some of you folks out there, but it's quite mild in comparison to some of the other blogs on LDS on the internet. However, we have some pretty mouthy LDS members on here as well. I think everyone just needs to calm down.


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to say to each one of you that I have thoroughly enjoyed the comments form both LDS and from non LDS. It really lets me know where we need to work hard as good LDS to help those who are less fortunate. We are such a blessed people and need to open our hearts to those who are angry and need our blessings. It would be nice if we LDS people could learn to try to hold our tongues and always keep a smile, with good behavior, and our composer while writing verses while blogging.

Good day and goodnight. God bless us with patience.


The number of the temple refers to how many there actually are, not how it ranks among the others.

The size and services/ammenities offered in the Temple are of great importance. For instance renting Temple items aren't available. If you traveled a distance expecting to be able to purchase something to eat while you are there, you are going to be disappointed. I would think Temples built in different locations would vary in size based on the population.

I'm Catholic and it makes perfect sense to me why those points were made in the article.

Another building for practicing one's faith is a good thing.

I am no where near an Open House of a new LDS Temple. I wonder how long your open houses are? I know you want to use the facility but a bit of time to allow those normally not permitted would be nice.

Sincere question. What happens at a wedding where your sister is getting married and you come and your kids can't go in? I've seen the wedding shots of the family outside the building and they often include pictures of kids, but they aren't old enough to go inside?

Re: K

When my sister-in-law and her husband were married in the temple, my wife and I went in and our kids stayed with my sister (who was a teenager) during the ceremony. Temple ceremonies are not very long. The kids waited in the waiting area and were able to be part of the photos.

As for your question on Open Houses - usually 3 or 4 weeks as I recall before the temple is dedicated.

Still a member

I would feel better if i saw the LDS church building some shelters for the homeless or opening up soup kitchens or having medical clinics for those who've lost jobs like some other churches do. Yeah, the LDS church says they contribute a lot to charity, but compared to how much they take in, it is nothing. We wouldn't need as many missionaries if we were more engaged to doing good to all mankind, not just members. Sorry, just don't have the same feeling since i saw the Prop 8 campaign was waged with lies, distortions and fear mongering.

Re: Still a Member

The LDS Church is a MAJOR supporter of the St Vincent de Paul soup kitchen in downtown Salt Lake. The church also makes MAJOR contributions to the homeless shelters in the city and state. Sounds like you need to follow the news more, and complain less. And the missionary program is designed to help all mankind, not just members!


I would not enter the temple because it means nothing to me. I do not cannot will not accept Mormonism. Going there would be depressing for me and I do not want to be depressed.


I would like to respond to Still a member. The LDS are always the First to respond to any Emergency. They give far more in charity then any other Church. No other then God himself condemed Homosexuality. All Great Civilizations were distroyed by immorality and sin.
Greece and Rome come to mind. Will we be Next?


I feel bad about the comment I wrote and would like to repent...I really just wanted to say that the draper temple is so Glorious and cant wait to tour it..I live in Logan and have the privelge of having a temple here..I moved form Twin Falls Idaho and they just recently dedicated that one and I had the oppurtunity to attend the open house... AWesome the spirit is so strong...those who are negative...I challenge you to attend the open house..I challege you my friends...I love you all...haters or not...GOD bless..."Forgive me for I am a Sinner"


I dunno, but I wouldn't be surprised if the LDS church does a lot more in-the-trenches work than most of us realize.

Not from around here

I saw a couple of comments made about location and traffic and it made me sad. I went inactive when I lived in Salt Lake and never gave myself the chance to be grateful for the number of temples there were. Now I have to drive 2 hours to get to the closest temple and before it was built had to drive 5 hours. Be grateful for the blessing of having so many temples available to you and stop whining about traffic patterns.

Jan from South Africa

As the scriptures say " there must needs be opposition in all things" Let the demons rage. Until the light of truth strikes these comments will be made. I have been a member since 1956 and rejoiced when a temple was built in Johannesburg. Controversy also raged in the area but is now a well known landmark in the ciry. Rage on Toper and cohorts your day of reckoning will come. The gospel is on the earth and will endure no matter what you say. I as an individual when I read these things am reminded of the words of the Saviour when He hung on the Cross. Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing

Robert - St. George

I welcome another Mormon Temple to Utah, to anywhere. I am not LDS. I am originally from Arizona. I have always loved the Mormon Temple in Mesa. I just wished the city would improve the area around it. I am excited to know the Mormons are building other temples in Arizona. They will improve Phoenix and Gilbert. I too don't understand the negative talk about Mormons. I have always found them to be wonderful friends and neighbors. And now living in ST. George I am surrounded by them and love it.

Leone K. Hatch

Another awesome House of the Lord and beautiful tribute to our Father in heaven and His son Jesus Christ. I appreciate their love for all of us, their children on earth, for restoring the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in building temples that we may be families together forever. I love them for their love and for caring about us so much.


Still a member;;;
Really? I know of no other church that contributes more to the wellbeing of others and especially non members than the LDS church. Why are you making this a $$ issue? The church looks after the spiritual well being of people as well as the temporal. When was the last time you checked the church news or the Ensign and saw how much humanitarian aid the church does? Or doesn't fresh water, education, glasses, wheelchairs, homes, immediate disaster aid, etc count? As for your last comment. Goodness. Take a closer look at what happened before and esp. after the vote and i think you can see who were out of line. I don't believe there was any lies, or distortions, but if there were, does it compare the the violence, destruction, and vandilism that took place by those you apparently support?

Word up Jess

Amen to Jess's comment. N'uf said. Christ always did* have a way with words. *(does have)

Re: Still a member

Lies? Distortions? That you believe the church doesn't have shelters, food kitchens, or medical clinics for the needy is "the" distortion. You write as though you've seen the accounting ledgers, but I'll put it in simple terms for you: The LDS church has one of the LARGEST and most COMPREHENSIVE humaitarian aid programs in the ENTIRE world. They actually provide aid to foreign governments during disaters, war, and other crisis situations. Millions and millions of dollars in goods, time/service, and infrastructure improvement are spent freely by the LDS church on behalf of needy people across the world. But as you will unwittingly attest, they can't save everybody.

about: Still a member

remember: 5 were foolish, and 5 were wise.
oh, and also remember: he never came back out and opened the door unto the 5 foolish

Member from FL.

All I can say is love it or leave. You will answer for your actions later. The Temple is the most sacred building ever built on the earth. Things you know nothing about should be kept to yourself. If you love God and his Son Jesus Christ you will keep your comments to yourself.
Just remember we pay for every little thing we do here on earth and for every hurtful and hateful remark that we make.
We will all be judged at a later date and that date is not far off so if I were a lot of you I would repent and ask for forgivness from the Lord so that you can stand before him and be humbled before him and be forgiven for your sins.

LDS Texan

It's a beautiful House of the Lord. I'm in Houston and grateful for our Temple.

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