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Published: Saturday, Jan. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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John Pack Lambert

Actually this building respresents a very efficient use of money, by only having the needed items in the temple, and not the extras that help in many ways but are not actually needed for the temple to operate.
I am looking forward to all the other temples getting finished and many more being announced.


Re: Matthew, Somehow I think Jesus needs to come and do a service of the same kind people living today and to some of the money hungry Morm0ns.

Re: I believe Part 2

Yeah, all Mormons are stupid and all the freethinkers are smart. Uh-huh. So why do Mormons have the highest % of members with college degrees?

BTW, I've got 3 in case you want to borrow one!

Freethinker? Yeah right.

Ernie Hemple

The closer you get to God the more order, harmony, joy, knowledge, intelligence, purpose, beauty, understanding, intimacy, charity, patience, kindness, wisdom, charity the more you move to the other side, the more chaos, pain, frustration, fear, poverty, hate, selfishness, violence, confusion, darkness, greed, lust, ignorance, lonliness, grief, and misery. God is perfect love, perfect reason, omnipotent, Satan is perfectly dark, perfectly lost, forever alone, perfectly miserable. The more you move in either direction the more you take on the attributes of God (good) or Satan (evil). I have worked in temples as an ordinance worker for many years and every ordinance that is preformed for both the living that dead is for good. Seek God with all your heart. Take this opportunity to visit a temple and listen with your heart and feel God's love towards you and your family.


I hope we have a different architect for the mall. Not so good.


It's beautiful for everyone to share their comments and beliefs, but PLEASE if you want your statements to be credible: be sure to spell check and use proper grammar.


I have read the negative comments and those by members who have had their names removed from the records. Is it really important to us that you had your names removed. I know several who have requested the same and yet when told how to do it they balk at doing it. Why, is that? A Bishop a few years ago agonized over such a letter for several months before taking action on it. Why, because he needed the membershipm NO. Because we needed the money this member would give, NO. It was all because of the persons eternal perspective.

You don't have to believe anything that is given to you but every room in the temple basically is explained and what goes on there without mention of the particular ordinances done. You get to see the baptismal font, the small chapel inside, the endowment rooms, the celetial room and even the sealing rooms with the mirrors and all. Come and see. Enjoy the spirit that is within the walls of the temple. For those that ridicule maybe if you really knew what the spirit felt like you would understand. Come and see to feel of the spirit of God.

Ignore the trolls

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone to find trolls on any LDS-oriented story. What's surprising is that anyone wastes their time responding. Expend your energy in positive comments, not useless responses.

Re: remember 3 ne 3:16

remember 3 nephi 6:13 thank you so much, you took the words right out of my mouth. would the lord want us insulting and accusing others ever? not even in defense of his church has he ever insulted or asked others to. we should be happy and excited for the opening of another temple. also MoJules i attend the bountiful temple and there is never a lot of traffic going through those streets.

re: Yawners

I had a negative post ready to send when I noticed the post below yours. They are so right. We should not turn and rail just because you did it. So, may I politely suggest that if this article bores you, perhaps you could choose not to read things about Mormons.

Its a beautiful building

it's a beautiful building and should be appreciated for that if nothing else.

if there was a story about a new beautiful catholic cathedral no one would say they were mad it was built... it would be a blessing to have a new edifice to color our surroundings.

Hate Mongers vs LDS

Are always present at Temple Dedications and Open Houses. Satan rages in their hearts. Read 1 Nephi chapter 14 in the Book of Mormon. It is all explained there long before any Latter Day Saint temples were built. Remember, our Savior died for these unworthy individuals as well as for good, dedicated Latter Day Saints so that they may also stand before the judgment seat of God and make an accounting of themselves. Glory be to God in the Highest, Peace on earth good will to men....is our creed.

Great Story

With all the trouble and challenges our world is going through right now, I find peace in the attending the temple. I look forward to the day our children choose to go and feel the same way my wife and I do.

I look forward to moving within walking distance...


We are a blessed people indeed.


With all the nonsense going on with the economy and the rest of the world. It's nice to see this wonderful Church growing and giving aide to millions around the World. It's always a blessing when the Church adds another Temple! Nice to see!


Believe me, the ridicule here is nothing in comparison to the unadulterated rage that occurs on the trib comment boards. However, it's worth noting the instructive words of Bro Maxwell. I quote:

"Some eager individuals lecture the rest of us about Church doctrines in which they no longer believe. They criticize the use of Church resources to which they no longer contribute. They condescendingly seek to counsel the Brethren whom they no longer sustain. Confrontive, except of themselves, of course, they leave the Church, but they cannot leave the Church alone. Perhaps in their mockings and beneath the stir are repressed doubts of their doubts. In any case, given the perils of popularity, Brigham Young advised that this people must be kept where the finger of scorn can be pointed at them.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, quiet goodness must persevere, even when, as prophesied, a few actually rage in their anger against that which is good. Likewise, the arrogance of critics must be met by the meekness and articulateness of believers."


Fools mock, but they shall mourn.


It appalls me that so many people are saying such terrible things about this LDS Temple. I am, and forever will be , Catholic. I love my Faith, I believe in the precepts of my Faith. But I would never heap the ridicule on anyone, that is being being done to the LDS people on this board. I have LDS friends who WANT to come to Mass to see "what everybody is talking about". They have no intention , nor would I seek to convert them. The same holds true of any LDS Temple. I would like to visit one, prior to dedication, just to see what they are like inside. I am quite sure the LDS have more class and dignity than to try to use this visitor period as a proselytisng tool. I congratulate the LDS people on their new Temple. Please come visit the Cathedral de Madeleine when you can. Peace to All.


What a beautiful temple! I can't wait till it opens!


Striking, modest edifice. Just wish it was in more modest location. With the surrounding mansions, I can see why some feel it gives an appearance of materialism.

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