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Published: Saturday, Jan. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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The catholics and others have build great cathedrals through out the world and now the mormons are populating the world with temples and what good has it done: the poor are still poor and the rich more rich and no one the wiser improved, or better off; just more talk, preaching and no results or action. Would not a good library make more sense.



The world will always have poor people. Christ commanded feed my sheep for a reason. It would always be applicable to every generation.

As to the no one improved or better off because of religion I tend to disagree. The poor countries are much more faithful, whatever the religion. Our Pope has talked about the loss of faith in US and richer Eurpean countries. Spritual apathy. Mother Theresa talked about a different kind of poverty in richer nations as well. I would argue that the people of America and Europe need places to worship in as desperately as the people in Haiti need food and security.


do you stay in Utah if each piece of news about The Church makes you so unhappy. I live outside of Utah far away and am struck each time I read the newspaper by the number of negative comments in at least one article every day.

If you are not happy, why do you stay in Utah? There must be something that keeps you there. If not, find another place where you can be happy and go there where the news won't make you miserable. Life is too short. There is much good to be gained and to give wherever you live. So much wasted time and effort. Go to school, volunteer, put some of your negative energy into doing something good rather than spending so much time on the computer criticizing those who are do gooders. Here's the first step . . .turn off the computer . . . ready? . . . push start, click on "shut down" . . . . Good, now don't you feel better?! Now go outside and smell the snow, look at the mountains, go sledding, visit a museum, smile at someone!

To: K 12:28

I guess that is a fine and good if you are not one of the poor, are you; if so I hope you can find help through learning at your library or other services, I doubt your church will do much for you long term, good luck.


Why should my church help me long term? God helps those who help themselves. I have more of an obligation that to receive help for life from my Church or anyone else's. There is no shame is being rich, there is no shame in being poor. The only shame is not sharing.

Totally agree about the library being helpful. I was a librarian. So I'm hardly rich, hardly poor either. But even the library can only do so much. It's one piece of the puzzle.

If you needed emergency help where would you turn. St Vincent DePaul, your local food bank which is in large supply due to donations from churches or people who attend services somewhere. You would not get quick assistance from the government as you have to prove need, which is as it should be for more regular assistance. A company's HR department would be of help by eventually hiring perhaps but it even if you were hired on the spot it would takes weeks to get your first check. So for quick assistance, immediate assistance I'll call the nearest place of worship first.

To "I am going to the temple"

I'm sure it will be pretty. I've been to many temples and they are beautiful. But I'm sure the Catholic cathedrals are too and I would like to visit those in a variety of places in the world. That's what they are...beautiful buildings. I am no longer a Mormon and I am very happy to be free of all your confining "dogmas". You need to learn that there are a variety of people in the world and many of us are as close to "God" as you!

Re: outreach eternity

Each time a temple is built and is working for our
members my heart swells with humility. This is a
sign that more people in our world will be able to
make sacred covenants with our Heavely Father. We
are striving to be better people, better members of
the church, and learning to love others as ourselves. We are trying to be what our Heavenly
Father wants us to be. Hip Hip Huray!

Get a life

"It's beautiful for everyone to share their comments and beliefs, but PLEASE if you want your statements to be credible: be sure to spell check and use proper grammar."

Kind of like either wear a white shirt to church or don't come at all?

PLEASE if you want your statements to be small-minded: concentrate on the spelling and grammar. Don't bother with the idea behind the words.......

To To "I am going | 5:05

Um . . . it would seem that anyone that puts quotes around the word God in describing what he's close to, isn't close to God.

That is because what

Mormons consider as the words of "God" and what many other people do is different. That is what I've been amazed at with the the Mormons. A number of them can be so educated and yet when it comes to religion and the variety of beliefs they often don't have a clue. Don't like the quotes? Ok. My God and the billions of other people's God is equal to your beliefs in God.


Actually, we have a whole lot recorded of what Jesus did. Jesus' NOT building or instructing others to build temples is contrary to Mormons' claim that Temple worship is essential to the "true," original Church.

As for tithing, you can say anything is "voluntary". Giving your money to the robber who has a knife to your throat is "voluntary". Are you saying I could worship in an LDS Temple if I did not pay tithing?

You claim "the evidence of temples in Jesus' life and ministry is everywhere." But you have not shown that there is ANY evidence that Temple worship is part (or the pinnacle!) of true Christian worship as established by Jesus.

The Old Testament (Covenant) involved very limited Temple ritual. Jesus clearly taught that the old covenant was fulfilled and no longer needed. The Temple-based Passover was replaced by the Lord's Supper in a common home, not at the Jewish Temple.

I still don't see any Biblical support for Christian Temple worship. You have failed to provide any. I would like to understand why Mormons think these temples are "restored" Christianity.


Perhaps you you need to find another place to check peoples grammar and whatnot instead of DES/NEW. It's nothing to get irritated over. Most blogs have one mistake after another on them. People really don't care that much. Maybe you need to go pray about it.

Excuse my typos, because I really don't care-- blah, blah blah.

You must be a Troll?


It is very clear from the New Testament as well as legitimate history that Jesus was persecuted and killed because he taught against temple worship. It was the chief priests of the TEMPLE, and the "captains" of the TEMPLE, and the elders of the TEMPLE who accused Jesus, captured him, and took him to his death. The only thing they needed help with was a Roman court so they could try him for a capital offense.

"Then Jesus said unto the chief priests, and captains of the temple, and the elders, which were come to him, Be ye come out, as against a thief, with swords and staves?

When I was daily with you in the temple, ye stretched forth no hands against me: but this is your hour, and the power of darkness.

Then took they him, and led him, and brought him into the high priests house. And Peter followed afar off." Luke 22:52-54

Can't anyone show any evidence that Jesus' original church included the rituals and buildings Mormons claim are "restored" Christianity?

re: Anonymous @ 8:26

Why would Christ command his disciples to build temples while Herod's Temple was still standing? And arguing from silence on the matter doesn't further your point. If you want to only go by the fragmentary and second hand accounts of what's said (or isn't) in the Bible, good for you. The LDS believe that Christ has commanded temple construction today, so we do it.

Nice conflation of tithing with assault and robbery. If you're such a strict biblical constructionist, why don't you believe in tithing?

As to temples in Christian thought, spend some time researching it. You'll undoubtedly ignore the material from LDS scholars as apologetic propaganda, but there's plenty of non-LDS scholarship out there to support LDS claims that the importance of temple worship and ritual was not lessened for Christians in the immediate aftermath Christ's resurrection. For both early Christians and modern LDS, temple ritual is fundamentally about creating sacred space in which to commune with God.


Christ also was specific about giving to God and giving to Caesar.Tithing is specifically spelled out both in the old testament and from the words of Christ in the new testament.

Your not finding evidence of Christ asking for religious structures doesn't negate your obligation to support financially any church, if you are christian.

My church encourages more giving to other charities than the LDS, but asks for a good percentage as they also do humanitarian efforts. But honestly the LDS are such a small percentage of the population. If all their 10% and fast offerings went to the poor, it wouldn't be enough. Instead of being critical of religious followers giving to their churches and how churches spend the money, how about going after those who don't practice any faith? They got so much money lying around since they don't have a weekly envelope to contribute to.

Remember the loaves and the fish, when 2 or 3 are gathered? Christ meant for people to gather together. Religious building are vital. Particularly in harsher climates.

If you aren't making an income, you aren't required to contribute to the weekly envelope. Any % of $0 is $0.


umm, a fine congregation on here.

Memorial forever

The poster 1:26 p.m. Jan. 12, 2009 said:

guess that is a fine and good if you are not one of the poor, are you; if so I hope you can find help through learning at your library or other services, I doubt your church will do much for you long term, good luck.

If everyone in the world were to follow the example of the LDS Church by fasting once a month and donate the cost of two meals as a fast offering to help the poor, poverty would vanish.

Judas criticized the women for anointing Christ with expensive oil saying she should have sold the oil and gave the money that was paid for it to the poor. How did Christ reply? He said to leave the woman alone, that she had done it to honor him; that the poor would always be with us. Then he blessed the woman and said her deed to him would be a memorial to her forever. You are pointing your criticisms in the wrong direction.

Re: Anonymous 9:14 pm

"Can't anyone show any evidence that Jesus' original church included the rituals and buildings Mormons claim are "restored" Christianity?"

There are at least ten different sources from early Christian scholars, Justin Martyr, Josephus, Irenaeus, St. Ambrose, the Pastor of Hermas, and others, all documented that the very early Christian church (first and second centuries) baptized people for the dead, just as the Mormons do in their temples. It was documentated as late as the 5th century by Epiphanius. Synod the Hippo, when recording the events of the Nicene counsels, wrote that down as one of the practices the counsels voted to do away with in the 4th century. There is also an apostalic parchment sheet, only in scraps, that historians have been studying for years. In 1895, a Coptic papyrus sheet matching those scraps of parchment was found, and it details a whole list of work for the dead that those first and second century Christians were performing - including baptisms and marriages. Just like LDS temple ordinances. And these were all found more than 50 years AFTER Joseph Smith reinstituted the practices. There was no possible way he could have known about them. Go figure.

Yes, there might be

a fine "congregation on here"...we don't know. And this is a clue; the world is full of many different kinds of people. Not all people will ever be the same and not all people (not even a small majority) will ever qualify as members of the Mormon church. So please enjoy the beautiful structures and know that some others might think the buildngs are pretty, but they will never be able to attend them.


To re: Anonymous @ 8:26 | 10:21 a.m.

First, perhaps you should take a chill pill. You are WAY too defensive and only drive people away from investigating your Church. Is that your intent?

"Why would Christ command his disciples to build temples while Herod's Temple was still standing?"

Isn't that like asking why build the Draper Temple while the Salt Lake Temple is still standing?

How am I "arguing from silence"? What exactly do you think my "point" is?

You LDS are the ones with the "point". You are trying to tell me you have the original, "true" Christianity restored. If that is true, then I would expect to see evidence in the New Testament of the kind of Temple worship Mormons do today.

Nobody "conflated tithing with assault and robbery." Tithing us used to build temples. Right? Why so rude and defensive?

Perhaps instead of YOU replying in a rude and unhelpful way, there is an LDS person who knows what they are talking about who can answer my questions in a kind and intelligent way?

I think the question is clear: Where is the New Testament evidence that Temple worship was ever part of original/true Christianity?

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