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Published: Saturday, Jan. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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We're lucky

to be living at a time when there are Temples to attend. If you can go, then go; you're doing good work and you'll be a better person. If you can't, then find out what it takes to get there and do it; it will be worth any effort you have to make.


I'm very excited to take my kids through in a couple weeks!

I Believe!

What? No cafeteria? Wow, that really does make it special, doesn't it? Really strengthens my testimony. At least it still has the trademark fiberglass Moroni on top.


No thanks...this is one place I would NEVER visit


Wow!! The animus comming from the usual suspects on this blog amazes me. I say to you, get a life!

I think it is wonderful to have 4 temples in the Salt Lake Valley. Brigham Young would be proud.

Bless your hearts

It looks like the Anti's are already coming out in full force. As a practicing Mormon I have appreciated the opportunities to visit many other religious buildings of other faiths. I invite you to do the same.


Only a waste if you don't know the purpose.


Makes me sad to see such hateful remarks. The world certainly is going in the wrong direction. Temples are so beautiful. It's a shame they draw such hate from some people.


For the people of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints this is an exciting event. For those of you who aren't interested, why bother to take the time to make sarcastic comments????


These comments are horrible, any house of the lord is worthy of a visit from anyone who is worthy to visit their.

My Home Town

I grew up in Draper, as did my mother, when it was just a little farming town. Well, it has changed a lot, and I am very pleased to see a temple built up in the hills where I played as a child. I just had knee replacement surgery, but I hope to be able to tour the temple. I'm grateful for the temples all over the world. We live in Vernal, and have a beautiful little temple here, which is a blessing to us. TOPHER AND OTHERS who have made negative comments, you apparently are unaware of the beauty, both physically and spiritually, that is inside each temple. Your comments show great ignorance on your part. I'm sorry. You are missing so much, but it is your choice. Please don't make belittling comments about sacred things.

From Texas

Odd, very odd. I don't understand the negativity. The money spent employed people. It is the Church's money to spend. If you don't want to go, don't go. What ever happened to live and let live? Does a beautiful building in Draper harm you in any way?

Chris H

Beautiful!!! I love ALL things that inspire people to be better, kinder, and more enlightened to live a more responsible and caring life. I have found the temple to be the greatest place for me to feel closest to God and thereby those feelings.

I do wish people could and would allow for that with out so much hate coming from them.

Mother says:

If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all.

A Safe Haven from the world

For anyone living near a Temple how blessed you are. A Temple of God. A safe Haven from the world. A place where you can go for peace, and truly feel the strength and protection of Heaven in your life. A protection, if you but, keep the commandments and are obedient to the universal, eternal laws. A gift of blessings, that no matter how much money you have or worldly wealth, you CANNOT buy the blessings or peace that attending the Temple worthily can give. Not one thing on this earth can give you or make you feel the peace and comfort you feel in the Temple. Money cannot buy this not know not ever. As far as a waste of money, not even in the ball park Topher. It is not about Money eternal happiness cannot be bought with money. Just a thought our dollar is becoming worth a little next to nothing, if you haven't noticed. The Temple is paid for just blessings from here.

I'm Red!

I would encourage all of you to come to the open house and see the beautiful temple. I guarantee each of you that you will not be disappointed! It is an opportunity that few in the community get. Ask any neighbor that is a member of the LDS Church and they can make arrangements for you to see it. They are not built wastefully, but they are built as beautiful edifices that will last hundreds of years!


To they who've posted ridiculous comments;
If you're opposed to the LDS Church and/or having nothing positive to say about it, why are you reading LDS oriented news anyway??

It doesn't matter.....

if naysayers whine on this board about how stupid temples are. Let them whine. Let them complain. Let them grow angry and poisoned. Let them mock us.

In the end, when they stand before God and He explains to them the way things really are, not what they thought, not what they wanted things to be, not what they believed the way things were but the way things REALLY are, then they'll see.

Like the hymn says: "temples, avenues to exaltation, in a lofty splendor shine"......

The caravan moves on!


I look forward to going to see it in the next week or so.

Fluff job

A good place for the HOLIER THAN THOU.

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