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Published: Saturday, Jan. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Typical Politician

Funny that I don't recall these staunchly supportive types of remarks toward Mormons whilst the Huckster had evangelical audiences....

I guess it all depends on who the audience is.


Thank you for this article. I think a lot of things are taken out of context during a presidential campaign. My opinion of Gov Huckabee has risen by reading this.


Someone is posturing for his next run eh?


And Huck claimed that Mitt Romney was dishonest. This some of the biggest political pandering dishonesty that I have ever heard.

Double talk

Let the 2012 Double talk begin from the huckster. Next he will be telling us that there is nothing wrong with the economy and that pigs can fly.

The Huckster

Well, it's good to see that Mr. Huckabee is still a good, old fashioned politician who talks out of both sides of his mouth.

Doug S

Oh, thanks, Huck. So we're not heretics; we're just hicks who throw eggs and rotten vegetables at people we don't like.

Though I must say, Huck's comments about Romney are spot-on.


I can't stand this Huckleberry guy. He makes his jabs at Mormons and acts like the kid with his hand in the cookie jar, "What? I didn't do anything?!" "I like Mormons." It reminds me of a guy who makes an ethnic slur and in trying to defend himself says that he has many black friends; or says I don't care if people are black, brown, yellow, or green.

This guy is a chump and I hold him responsible that the GOP nominee wasn't Romney. Instead we nominated Bob Dole's twin brother.

first steps

With all the Mormon bashing being so popular recently it's good to see he may be dropping off that band wagon even though he had a hand in starting it during the campaign. If he went national with comments like this, it would mean a lot more than what he says for 12 minutes to a specific audience in Utah.

If you really do care about the "Mormon vote" Huckabee, you've still got a lot more work to do.


Huckabee's surrogates in South Carolina presidential primary were openly anti-LDS in the newspapers here. Including local elected officials. Same for McCain surrogates. His comment about Mormons on national TV were nothing less than cunning on his part.

Baptist ministers (Huckabee is a former Baptist minister) love to attack the LDS church every chance they get. Anti-LDS literature is underwritten in large part by Baptist organizations (think Bob Jones Univeristy for example)....

Huckabee has not and will denounce the anti-LDS rhetoric his base loves to spout off about.

Huckabee is just another slick politician, currently pandering to the LSD community.

not impressed

Unfortunately, this is the Huckabee I thought I knew - defiant, still holding a grudge against Mitt Romney (even if everything he says about the man is true, he desperately needs to Get Over It), still rallying his Huck's Army behind the scenes to undermine his fellow Republicans far beyond just Romney. From the moment he hired Ed Rollins, the pit bull of politics, Huckabee's nastier side emerged.

The stories from his governor days reveal the same person: using religion to divide ("Shi'ite Republicans"), an unrelenting nastiness towards those of whom he disapproves.

Huckabee is where he belongs: on a talk show. He can be entertaining, but as a politician the man is poison.

Sandra, St George

I am always grateful when a person is allowed to clarify their words. Thank you! Too many times we get words taken out of context that change "white to black", so to speak. All that ever does is create contention and hostilities. If we want peace in this land we need fair reporting and personal patience and forgiving.


Where's the story? I remember him saying things about how someone that believed in the Mormon God was unfit and irrational to be a legitimate presidential candidate.

Do a little research and find the unkind things he DID say. C'mon stir up a little controversy.....Isn't that your job??

Re: Mike Huckabee

Please don't get me started on Mike Huckabee. He is just like Bill Clinton....a pompous, self-serving politician, who only thinks of himself. Doug Wright is also of the same ilk, and too opinionated on many issues near and dear to conservatives....there are very few true conservatives in Utah...certainly Doug is not one. Mike Huckabee's attacks on Mitt were his true attitude, and his apology was the usual political double speak. He meant was he said about Mitt; his apology was an indicator of his hypocrisy. As a Baptist, he has no understanding of the Latter-day Saint doctrines versus his. And he is still a preacher. Doug, please don't try to sell Huckabee as any friend of the Church....he hates and despizes it.


Active Mormon here who agrees that Romney ran a lousy campaign. Unfortunately everything any Mormon public figure does it is transposed onto the church membership in general. I like Huckabee (don't think he would be a good President - but is a fabulous speaker, radio/TV personality, etc.) and hope Mormons will not be so sensitive that he gets an unfair label for not liking Romney (millions didn't like Romney's style during the campaign - including some Mormons).

Huckabee is still the Huckster

You've got to be kidding. We can thank Mr. Huckabee's "plausible deniability" for his "innocent" comment about the beliefs of Latter-day Saints along with his continual dealing the religious bigot card off the bottom of the deck for knocking Mitt out of the race and thereby giving us McCain and thus Obama. It's not for no reason that many Romney supporters in Utah and elsewhere are no fans of the Huckster.

Oklahoma Mormon

No matter how much Huckabee says that he likes Mormons, I still don't believe in Baptists. By the way, I USED to be a Baptist.

Verla Swords

I think some of the things Huckabee said about the Mormons and Mitt Romney are almost unforgiveable. Have Huckabee look up evangilists in the dictionary He will find out what a true Christian is.If he was a true Cristian he would not say such hurtfull things. Mormons are much more Christinn like than Huckabee ever will be.He will say almost any thing for a laugh.My opinion along with several thousand others.

with collie gone

who will hall throw too. THis is going to be a runaway joke next season. Especially with teams like OU and FSU on the schedule. Collie was like the only good weapon they had last and this year.


Haven't you seen a LDS person get into politics? they act different and sometimes shady. That's politics.

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