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Published: Friday, Jan. 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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ut driver



80 mph (130 km/h) is legal on similar highways of most European countries including Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and even tiny Luxembourg. Thus, Utah's new speed zones should not be seen as unusual. Also, countless studies of the actual speeds at which motorists choose to drive demonstrate "everyone" will not "go 90" as claimed by "ut driver."


What,we are bring treated like adults?? I always felt speeding tickets were bogus if the driver was not impaired,vehicle is in sound mechanical condition to travel the speeds it was at,you were not weaving in and out of traffic causing others to yield to you,where's the fou?The officer pulls you over,scopes the situation out,if all is good,he says something like "Hey, lets keep it safe and have a nice day" No problem officer, you have a nice day to.Thats all it should be,not some victimless crime you get charged with and pay and pay for. So I now have more appreciation for our law makers making mature decisions for me. GO UTES!!

re: ut driver

I don't think so. From what I understand the state troopers have the option of throwing the book at you if they catch you going one mile over 80.


are you trying to kill off the youth of utah ? they
can't controll their vehicle's at 65.

re: ut driver

you're an idiot. the only ones going 90 are the ones from california on their way to the ski resorts. Ut drivers always go slow and block the fast lanes.


Now I'll plan on being passed at 90 by some idiot that doesn't have the NASCAR skills to drive that fast while talking on their cell phone.
We all need to slow down and learn to leave early enough to get where you're going without risking your families life. Life would be more pleasant.

Be Considerate

Please don't force me off the road and kill me when you're speeding past my car! 80 is fine if people actually drive it, but if people will go 90 now then please leave it at 75.

Our legislature at work

How stupid! Of course they allow 60 MPH on HI 111 in western Salt Lake Valley in residential areas. I guess the highway death toll is too low for them.


Although I agree that it's good to get through Juab County as fast as possible, what is the reasoning for raising the speed limit?


I think it is stupid, because all the drunk drivers out there will get a little more slack when they drink and drive! They pull them over for speeding, and then they find that they're drunk. Now, with an increased speed limit, they don't have to worry as much!


gas anyone? wasting gas at high speeds..... and we say this state is conservative, and that we are concerned about our use of God's resources.

are we a joke or what.

Zoo Mom

I don't think upping the speed limit was a smart move. I agree with "STUPID"s 5:41 comment. Those of us who choose to drive 65 - 75 will irritate the faster drivers and before you know it, a wreck will occur with fatalities.


New line by the Tire Guys in Beaver who try to scam you into buying tires while you fill up at gas station connected to their store...

"Welp, I don't know if I'd go through those 80 mph patches on those. I think I might be saving you a big headache if we could slap the spare on it. Bring it on over and we'll pop er up on the rack..."

Love it!

Great Idea! I love the speed limit change! I drive the points frequently and enjoy the OPTION to go faster. If you are upset with it get in the right lane and drive whatever speed you want. Faster has not been proven to be more dangerous! Auto Bahn ect! Happy Driving!


90 really isn't that fast. One almost NEEDS to drive 90 across certain parts of Wyoming, Utah, and other flat areas of the country. And who can stay awake driving so slowly otherwise. Driving at the edge of one's ability to keep the car on the road helps keep the adrenaline pumping, which is essential on long trips. --Ray


Speeds like that are wasteful - they burn more gas, cost us more money, and make the roads more dangerous. We should be heading the other direction... 65 mph tops, everywhere. We have to stop wasting our limited resources; who wants to support the middle-east oil companies more?


Interstate 10 from about Kerrville to El Paso is 80 mph in Texas. When I drive it, most people stick to the limit, and it's great. Speed limit for trucks is still 70. Even if it was 70 mph for cars, there are always some who will do 90 mph anyway. Let the law of evolution decide their fate.


This is a good idea. Traveling through rural Utah at 75mph is ok but I usually set the cruise at 83 anyway.


How nice. 80 as a limit and many won't hit it but when the limit goes down to 65 they speed up to 80.

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