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Published: Thursday, Jan. 8 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Yeah, he never was much of a place kicker....


I just remember him immediately removing his helmet after kicking. This was before it became a penalty to do so. I always thought that was pretty vain of him.


BYU isn't really known for their place kickers. Sounds like a funny segment.

Mike Ridgway

Haven't seen the show yet but I will say that anyone who's willing to risk a studio encounter with Stephen Colbert deserves credit for the same.

Herb Gravy

Wasn't he actually using someone else's helmet who had a much smaller head? I believe it was removed not because of vanity, but due to the excruciating pain resulting from the extremely tight fit.

D Bone Sam

It was a tight fit because of his big head.

Da Kicka is a joke--

Why would a grown man that has been elected to the United States Congress challenge anyone, let alone a comedian obviously much smarter that Mr. Chaffetz, to a leg wrestle?
On top of that the entire district should be ashamed that they allowed a Congressman with seniority to be ousted by an immature carpet bagger. I guess thats what happens when you close your primarys and no one votes.

Embarrassed in Logan

As a conservative Republican, even I am ashamed by Chaffetz. Way to go Dist. 3.

To Embarrassed in Logan

As a fellow Republican, you really don't need to be embarrased. We both live in the 1st Congressional District, unless you are also embarrased by Rob Bishop. :-)

Embarrassed in Logan

Oh, Rob Bishop is the absolute cream of the crop. I am extremely proud to have him as a Rep.

I should have clarified that I am embarrassed for the Republicans in the 3rd that voted for Chaffetz.


Wow, I think some people need to freakin relax! give the guy a little time to show what he can do.

Easy...Easy Now

It's nice to see that Chaffetz can laugh at himself. There's a million good reasons to criticize Chaffetz but this isn't one of them. Anyone who steps in the ring with Colbert has at least a portion of my respect. Besides, this just might his largest contribution as a congressman.


Well, I watched the segment, and it was funny. I moved here a year ago, and can't believe how uptight my fellow Mormons can be. I think Chaffetz deserves the credit for appearing on the show and having a sense of humor! Geesh. Lighten up people!

Who's the Embarassment?

At least Chaffetz can laugh at himself and know what is comedy and what isn't, as opposed to the likes of Harry Reid, who IS comedy, and doesn't even know it. Ponder that for a while....


Living in the 3rd district, I couldn't bring myself to vote for Jason, even though hid did make 49 PATs in a row. I didn't feel it was enough of an accomplishment to warrent my vote. I did think the segment was pretty funny though so if we vote him out of office in 2 years (please let's do!) at least we know he could have a career being the straight man for a good comedian.

The comments

Wow, I guess the trolls were out in force today. Nothing good to say about Chaffetz, just rehashing his playing days. Which btw, was never mentioned in the segment.

Dan M

I have yet to watch this segment but I'm a big fan of the Colbert Report and watch it as often as I get a chance.

I have yet to see anyone out-do Colbert and from what was quoted in this article it would appear that Chaffetz faired as well as anyone


Thanks, reporter, for adding the link to the article so we could watch for ourselves.


At least Chaffetz is not so uptight as to refuse to have some fun, even if Colbert's character has a way to embarrass nearly everyone he interviews.


While Rome burns, Chaffetz fiddles.

Chaffetz is not a policy guy. He is a marketing guru. Obama is out pushing a $1 trillion bailout, and all Chaffetz can tell the people is how wonderful he is.

This is like State Senator Curt Bramble. It is Chaffetz all the time on everything possible. And did Chaffetz not all but admit he supports tents to deport all Hispanics? Again, he embarrasses Utah with his radical xeonophobia and anti-Hispanic polite rants.

He is also support T Boone Picken's plan to have government spend hundreds of billions on windmills, literally. Almost no serious person in DC is supporting it, but Chaffetz is. Of course T Boone Picken's is a billionair oilman. How many know he has sunk almost $2 billion into windmills? He has and if he can get Washington DC to bailout his industry he will make amazing profits. He managed to get Chaffetz to sign up for the windmill bailout. Doesn't that make our own Chaffetz a rube? I think that's what they call it in DC circles.

By all means, go about promoting yourself Mr Chaffetz. Last thing we need is leadership.

I can't wait for the next election!!!!

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