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Published: Friday, Jan. 2 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Black, SUV w/22 on it, Out of State, there his red flag. Oh ya speeding. and she told him no u can't go search the car' another red flag. but what did he see in plan sight for his PC.And he had K9 there and the dog didn't find any thing but he still searched. hum sure get the word out don't come thru Utah with drugs we will catch you. Because we check everyone speeding in the state. Sorry for are guess. But UHP keep checking. sooner or later they will get you.


Hey funny, are you a victim of the Utah Education System? Too bad spell check doesn't check grammar as well. Sheesh. What exactly is the point you are trying to make? Your comment is so broken up that it's hard to make heads or tails of it...


Every few years, I'll get pulled over for a speed violation. On the last one, I was asked if the vehicle could be searched and I consented. I had nothing to hide and nothing was found.

I'm an older guy driving a small truck. Of course I was PO'd. I couldn't figure out why they chose to search the truck. I couldn't fall back on racial profiling because I'm at the bottom of the racial food chain. I'm an upper middle aged white guy.

Sometimes things happen that you just wish you could get even for. Then sometimes you just have to take it and walk away.

If she had given consent for the search, it's possible the trooper would have dropped it right there.

Life stinks sometimes.

Where's the proof?

Where's the 'Proof' racial profiling was involved?

Are you saying the police can't pull over or search a black driver in Utah without it being "Racial Profiling"? How ludicrus!

My suspicions would be activated too if I pulled over a mom who said she was driving her kids all the way from San Diego to see a Wyoming-CSU game. That just sounds crazy!

Hint to driver...
-If you want to be on your way ASAP don't say "no" if they get suspicious and asked if they can search. That just means you get to wait for the K-9 unit to arrive and of course by then you will have a more grumpy officer on your hands, one that really wants to find the REASON you didn't want him searching your car.

This MAY have been racially motivated, I don't know, I can't read the officer's mind. I don't know what made him suspicious. Only he knows. But I think your going to have a hard time PROVING it was racial-profiling (especially when there are hundreds of cars with racially diverse families passing through the state every day without profiling problems). If racial-profiling were UHP-protocol it would happen more often.


Sounds like another power-hungry cop. If I was ever asked if I could be searched, I think I'd certainly say no. A police office has no right to search you, unless he can articulate probable cause or facts justifying a reasonable suspicion that criminal activity is afoot. The Supreme Court said that. Any simply denying permission to search does not give an officer reasonable suspicion. Citizens in this country are NOT subject to arbitrary search and detention at the whim of a government official.

And when a K9 officer takes two hours to search a vehicle on the side of the road, it's clear that he has nothing and at that point he's just on a power trip. This is legitimate harassment, regardless of race, and should not be tolerated.

our rights

Have you all forgot we have rights? Doesn't matter if we have nothing to hide or not. The BIG point here is we have the right to say no. When you have nothing to hide you have every right to say NO!!!


I would say this case has two components: "lack of probable cause" and "racial profiling." Even if a cop is a complete racist, he can still search a vehicle on probable cause. If he doesn't have probable cause, he shouldn't search regardless of his motives. But if he searches without probable cause because of racial motives, then that's doubly bad.

Sadly, the case will be resolved in court and not here in these comments.


The US constitution says the officer has to have probable cause. A black lady, two black guys, Rims, and an out of state license plate is not probable cause. The fact that she verbally stated the officer had no permission to search her vehicle says to me the officer had to have enormous amounts of probable cause.

A failed sobriety test, visual evidence of a felony in progress, or similiar sign. Without any such evidence, you bet that search is unlawful.

If we don't take an infraction seriously, our rights will be trampled. Give an inch, they'll take a mile. very important we remember that. If we don't we'll end up with a lot more than searched cars.

From here

I think this is ridiculas. I believe that it was just when they came to utah. I think that everywhere else has different races/ethnicities, but here. Out here people just aren't used to it unless they're from salt lake and even thats a stretch. I'm sorry they had to go through this. Hopefully everything works out.

For the record

Racial profiling is not illegal.

The lawsuit seeks damages for violation of the 4th amendment, which relates to search and seizure. And it alleges a physical injury by being required to stand for long periods.

Ms. Felders and her lawyer may indeed be claiming she is a victim of racial profiling. But that's only to add notoriety to the case and increase their settlement posture.

Rude Officer

Pointing to his medals saying "This gives me permission?" Arrogant thing to say. 2 hour search. Thanks officer hillbilly for putting Utah back another 10 years. Use a dog, be fast courteous and efficient. Obviously this officer was not a boy scout.

Without Rims

Do they make suv's without rims? Where would you put the tires?

2 uncannygunman | 1:31 p.m.

uncannygunman | 1:31 p.m.

Don't assume you know all the details of what happened just from reading an article in the Des News. They tend to just give you enough salacious details to get the juices flowing. There's usually more to the story than what gets reported in the news (especially when all the details reported were comming from one side). There's usually 2 sides to any story. Did you hear any quotes from the officer? Nope, just stuff from the lady sueing. Of course she's going to tell a good story (and that doesn't neccessarily mean she's lieing, it just means you're only getting one side of the story in this article).


. . . the case will be resolved in court and not here . . . ?

Doesn't seem sad to me. Not one of the dolts commenting here has even heard the officer's side of the story.

I'm glad the DesNews comments page is not the ultimate arbiter of whether he was right or wrong.


until you have been pulled over for D.W.B. (driving while black, brown) you have no reason to post your childish comments here. i have been pulled over for no other reason just bc i drive a nice car with RIMs and dress nice i must be dealing drugs!


Relax everybody! I'm putting down the sarcasm and stepping away with my hands up!


UHP officers are racist. Consider the state of Utah, where Republicans are in control, and local businesses, sometimes, hire illegels. The end result is that this officer will be cleared. Internal investigation & Utah courts will let him off the hook. Just cooperate next time; then you won't have so much trouble.


Two hours on the roadside?
That's enough to make me boil.

Flex your rights

Denying a law enforcement officer permission to search your vehicle does not create probable cause that you have committed a crime.

Ms. Felders, you're one of my heroes for standing up for your right against unreasonable searches and seizures, and bringing this civil rights lawsuit.

Good luck in your quest for justice (you'll need it in Utah).


Let all the speeders of color go. Stopping them would not be politically correct. As a middle aged white guy I've been searched at the airport many times to even out the color-white ratio. Life's not that tough, get over it.

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