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Published: Thursday, Dec. 25 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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the SLC guy

Attention writers

The schedule makers are listening.

Alta and Bingham both play each other AND Cottonwood AND Timpview.

Break out the popcorn, I'll be all over those games.

But one question. IF cottonwood and Tiumpview both show well against Alta and Bingham does that mean that 4A really HAS been the best classification the last 2 years?


is only scheduled to play Alta and that might change.. the bingham game had to be cancelled because UHSSA changed the regions again and added provo back in the region.

but for now, Alta vs. Timpview is on...

UT County

It doesnt matter because PG will beat you both next year and you are both on schedule. Returning 16 starters from a 10-2 team. Should be a good year and a new, tough 5A Region!!! Anyway Alta, TV, Cottonwood, Bingham and PG will be strong. Getting ready for a great year in football. Congrats again TV and Alta. You are the favorites until beaten.

RE UT County

Please tell me you're joking... I had to listen to smack from PG all season. "Were going to own 5A" "were the darkhorse and we well take state", "We barely lost to TV so were going to dominate, at the end TV and PG will be holding trophies", "PG is going to roll Alta then take out Bingham for state". Honestly when will you learn? PG is good in Utah county and that's it. You lost to a team that Alta straight up hammered the following week. You didn't make it to state. You didn't make it to the semis even. Deal with it! You're not as good as you think! You might be returning a bunch of starters but guess what, it doesn't matter! Syracuse returned THEIR WHOLE TEAM! Plus Alta's JV got to play almost half the season so were returning plenty too. I'm glad you're proud of your team and you should be. They had an awesome record and an awesome season but not good enough and it'll be the same next year.


How about Utah prep wrestling? Jason Chamberlain from Springville was the no. 1 high school wrestler in America. Several other Utah wrestlers were all-americans. Mountain Crest High finished a three-peat, Viewmont won its 5th title in 7 years, Wasatch won state again and Millard proved to be as good as anyone. Wrestling is one of the top Utah sports and yet the local newspapers snub it for the typical basketball and football stories. Wow! Haws is going to BYU. How about Ethan Lofthouse of MTN Crest signing with Iowa? Now that's big sports news.


I agree with the well stated wrestling fan. I have been a part of high school wrestling for the past 7 or 8 years and rarely if ever do these young men get the credit that they deserve. All of that goes to basketball and football as previously stated. Our sport is by far the toughest of them all. Congrats to Jason Chamberlain, Ethan Lofthouse and many other great wrestlers for the pay off of their hardwork and dedication. Too bad nobody really knows about it because of the lack of coverage given to the sport of wrestling. What a shame that such great talent is overlooked by the general public.


no one cares about wrestling..

if you want people to notice, move to Iowa or Heber, otherwise don't worry about it-

it people ACTUALLY cared, then people would want to hear about it more..

Wrestling Fan

To: Anonymous -- First of all, please write properly, spell words correctly and make sense with what you write. Now---

Being involved with wrestling for over 30 years, I believe many people 'do care'. To say "no one cares about wrestling" is totally incorrect. There are many people who care and enjoy reading about wrestling. I enjoy reading about any high school sports. It just would be nice to read more about sports other than football and basketball.

Utah does quite well nationally in wrestling. We have had some of the best wrestlers in the country in the past years and Utah is represented well. An article on some of those outstanding individuals would be great. (Like the one on Ethan Lofthouse)

Congrats to all those high school football and basketball players who have received mention in the Trib and let's hope more articles will be coming on other sports and their athletes.

And, hopefully, comments on this site will be positive and upbeat toward ALL high school sports and get fewer comments from those who either don't know what they are talking about or those who love to see their negative comments in print.


no you don't get it - if the general public CARED about wrestling then the Dnews would write about it..

but guess what the GENERAL public doesn't care about wresting, they don't care about Ethan Lofthouse or some kid from Springville.

that is not to take anything any way from those kids..

I use to ski race. there are a lot of great ski racers in Utah - does Dnews talk about them - no - should they - no - because the GENERAL public doesn't care.

RE: Anonymous

well actually your not paying a lot of attention the article you're commenting on just mentioned how park city resident's put Utah skiing on the map and for your information the "kid from Springville" is Jason Chamberlain he's one of the best high school wrestlers ever he lost two matches his entire high school carer so obviously you don't know a lot


jason who??

never heard of him...


So I guess the DNews should just print football and boys basketball games from Salt Lake and Utah counties since that is what you think the "GENERAL" public wants. Utah is a great high school wrestling state and it deserves more coverage.


What about girls basketball?

Alta Alum

Update to all Alta football unbelievers:

Alta's only loss this year was to Grant High School out of Sacremento, CA. Grant just won the open division state high school football championship over previously top ranked Cal Poly from Long Beach. Not a bad loss for the Hawks!

With the football season now in the books, Alta has finished the season being ranked 31st in the nation by Max Preps. The next closest Utah team to Alta is Timpview who finished the season being ranked 63rd in the nation. That's right, Alta is the BEST high school football team from the state of Utah!!!

Way to go Alta for finishing a near perfect season!


ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Rivals, USA today and Scout have Timpview ranked in the Top 25 in the country (which is ahead of Alta).

Alta players/coaches/fans need to get over this INFERIORITY complex and just MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

who cares if people think Timpview is the best/top program in Utah






I'm not going to say that one program is better then the other. I would love to see it decided on the field. When I talked to Les Hamilton at the state game he said TV refused to play yet again so hopefully the posts at the top of this page are correct. That being said, can you really blame the hawks? All year for the last two years TV fans have been running their mouths about how they're ranked higher and how they would roll us yet continue to refuse to play. Lots of smack with no action is going to get people riled up. It's the nature of the beast. We just want to see some action behind the words. Play an out of state team once in a while. Play a good 5A team once in a while. Beating one or two weak 5A teams doesn't mean you own the state. A little humility will go a long ways. TV should be proud of what they've done as should Alta. Until they actually play each other this will never end.

Hey Anonymous!

Have you ever heard of that thing called the Olympics? Five Utah wrestlers competed in the Olympic Trials in wrestling (Nathaniel Holt, Talon Knox, Bo Beckman, Cheney Haight and Justin Ruiz). I was also wondering if you have heard of Cael Sanderson, even made a wheaties box--best wrestler college wrestler ever, won 159 matches without a loss, even won of those ESPY things--I'm sure you have heard of ESPN--right! Educate yourself and learn to write!

And just because our newspapers don't have a clue doesn't mean the sport doesn't exist or that the sport turns out more nationally recognized athletes from out state in one year than basketball has in a generation.

sports lover

I'd love to hear more about Wrestling, Track, and Swimming. The good thing about these sports are the kids participate for the love of the game. There are no coaches deciding who gets what spots on any politics, just kids gutting it out winning or losing. It's a real fair equalizer. Do your best for your individual competition and help the team in the long run. Great individual accomplishments adding to team effort. Hats off to the lesser published sports and the great athletes competing.


Wasatch front area schools fill up their gyms for wrestling matches ..... then the newspapers will not cover wrestling until the region & state meets. And then will they only post the winners.

Newspapers have limited space and limited resources. It can not be all things to all people.

It's a life lesson, please learn it.

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