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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 24 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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The citizens of Utah, being true to the legionary values, have spoken out against Obama's socialism but they will line up for their share of the booty.

Utah gets $1.28 back for each dollar Utahans pay in federal taxes. Utah's 3.2 billion dollars is the gold standard for America Olympics.


Why don't we eliminate the middle-man (US Government) & go get the money directly from the sources ... Saudia Arabia, China, Dubai, Etc. ... then we can get more without the US Government taking their cut?

The barrower is (ALWAYS) slave to the lender!

Fed Up

To: :-)
You got that right- for all their whining Utahns LOVE to wallow in pork so long as someone else is paying.


Hey "Fed Up 11:48",

Do you think that roads, bridges and traffic signals are "pork?"

Do you think that wastewater treatment systems are "pork?"

Do you drive a car, or flush your toilet?

Fed Up

When you use tax money for fancy rec centers and soccer stadiums, that's pork. When you spend $200 million for an airport for a small city like St. George, that is pork. Utah builds lots of lavish vanity projects instead of the roads and things you talk about and then goes begging to the feds. That's pork guzzling behavior. Utah needs to stop the wasteful vanity projects and focus on the essentials.


Fed Up,

I do agree with you.


I don't think Utah deserves a cent from the Federal Government if we are a society that would wish away the federal government if we could. Until we consider voting for a Democrat we should get no more Federal money and see how we like it.

hey look

Let's not be hypocrits about this: we scream, we yell, we shout that we hate the fed. govt...

and then we stick out hand out for the hand out.


Be honest with yourself, Utahns, vote democrat and own up to what you are doing.

Fed Up too!

"stimulus" money is not free money from heaven. It is TAX dollars extracted forcibly from the U.S. citizens and corporations that could have been used for other projects.

Worse, in most cases it is actually BORROWED money that will will be paying interest on for decades until our grandchildren are hit with outrageous tax rates to pay it off.

Utah should know better and refuse to dine at the trough with the other hogs.

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