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Published: Sunday, Dec. 21 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Looz the BOOZ!!

Yeah, I caught the highlights on ESPN and they said Boozer is having a third MRI...just leave already you over-paid lazy sally!! All they need is someone with some heart that can play d that will help D-wil and Millsap! Start packing LOOZER


Gordon and Rose go for 50 tonight. Last night Iverson and Hamilton go for 68. Hummmm......And Miles plays no defense. What about DWILL, Korver and Brewer? Can our guards stop anyone from scoring?



Before New Jersey and at New Jersey CJs main focus had been offense first and has struggled defensively. Sloan even mentioned that he wanted CJ and Brewer to stay back and help rebound the ball yet CJ was off and running on opponent shots. In a Sloan system at least at SG, SF, and Center you are expected to play defense first. With a shoot first mentality in a Sloan system earns you bench time and even run off the team.(Giracek)

Tonight I think CJ finally has understood the message. His defense was great and he was thinking defense first, he had deflections and passed the ball well. His offense looked more like it flowed tonight because of what he did on defense. If he keeps the mentality he had tonight he will demand more playing time.

About your comment on guard defense. Whats new!!! Brewer, AK, DWill, always struggle against good scorers. I know People think Boozer, and Memos defense stink but most of there fouls come from fouls on trying to defend there guy as well as the guards man coming in the lane uncontested.


Not much suprise tonight, the Jazz just ran out of gas in the fourth.

I hope Boozer is fine adn the MRI is negative, I'd really like to see him back in teh lineup. The group we have now is playing pretty well but I think Boozer would be a great addition.

And how about that Paul Millsap?! I think the initial estimates of him getting mid level exception offers are looking a little low, I'm betting he gets something in the 5 year $50 mil range before next season. It will be impossible for the Jazz to sign Boozer for any more than he is making now and still be financially viable, even that would put the Jazz in Luxury Tax territory. The more I look at it though the more I think that a Championship calliber roster is going to cost around $80 Mil in todays NBA. If Miller isn't willing to spend that kind of cash then I don't think he is serious about winning a Championship.


cj just stood there as rose drove the ball around the screen and went in for the game winning lay up, he didn't even take a step towards rose, or lift an arm; you'd think the way that rose was driving and at least, with the game on the line, he'd be looking to get a steal or help on d, which he was in a position to do, but didn't; and that's what i'm critical of, and what cj needs to learn, sloan played him at the end of the game, and he made sloan look like a fool for doing it; yeah, korver or harpring might not be as quick and long, but at least those guys would've had their head in the game enough to know the situation and they would've tried to do something, instead of standing there; i thought basketball was a team game; yeah cj played better, but since i probably watch him more closely than anyone else, i notice those things, and I'm tired of these same old observations. if i watched the other players as closely i'm sure i could find something to be critical of, but this was pretty obvious.


Our small forwards and guards (all included) are not rebounding good enough right now for us to win these kind of games. Memo and Milsap can't get 20 each. The guards and small forwards need to block out and hit the boards.

Against many match ups, I think Price is the better back up at point. Knight hurts us defensively because of his size against against bigger match ups. Price usually grabs a few rebounds for his minutes, when he get minutes.

We miss alot of what Boozer brings to the court when he is on the court and it is nice to have both he and Milsap. But for even what Boozer is making now he is a huge gamble not worth taking.

Was sloan feeling generous?

Miles may have made a bit more effort at some point, but not enough to be playing down the stretch of a WINNABLE game. Not sure if Sloan was just giving him an opportunity to see what he would make of it? I understand that... but shouldn't he be trying to win the game FIRST? The team was NOT in synch late in the game, and Sloan just seemed content to stand by and watch...

standing around

my observation of cj, standing there with the game on the line, when in a position to make a play; i'm not posting again for awhile, a long time; i can't keep posting about cj standing around, i don't want to see our jazz men standing around on the court, leave that for other teams, that don't make the playoffs, other teams where every player is out for himself; not our jazz, we're one for all, if you're at a game and you're a fan, you need to let those guys know; cj needs to be reminded, every jazz fan just wants to see him be excellent, for the improvement of his game, it gets good marks, i'm not going to post about cj again until he's consistently playing good, i mean, defense, help d, rebounding, steals, blocks-he got back on a couple of plays, i remember one time he kind of jogged back and the guy blew right by him, luckily the guy missed the layup, but that jogging back wasn't consistent with the kind of effort he had at other times. the jazz can't afford to have players out there who aren't at a high level of intensity.


Sloan is complaining about 3 point shots. With less than two minutes and down six, you don't win ball games with the pick and roll. Utah has one, D Will, that drives for the basket with any success. Yet he does not do it enough. Look at the paint points. Great high point players drive for the basket, make it, get fouled or both. We lose too many games because of the lack of 3 pointers, but Sloan will never promote 3 pointers. He's the one who needs to take a hike.

CJ ...still watching...

The most frustrating thing about miles is that he has the talent and physical ability to play defense and rebound a bunch better than he does,not a bad kid,just no desire/heart


IDJazz...... I agree with you that opponents guards are scoring way to easily especially on DWill, and putting other players in foul positions. Could somebody please go to the deep corners and contest the three. Three guys on the weak side and one on ball side, shooters around the league lick their chops when the Jazz come to town. I'd like to see a better play to set up our three point shooters. Frustrating GO JAZZ

CJ "the stander" Miles

34 minutes,10 points,2 rebounds,1 assist,another typical night

No production...

from the 2/3`s,it`s like playing 3 against 5,Brewer started out strong but is fading,Miles....what can you say....plug Almond in at the 2 or 3 give him a shot,then give Korver a shot,amongst the 4,(Brewer,Almond,Miles,Korver)one NEEDS to step up...PLEASE,or send them all to Milwaukee for Redd


I guess I'm some what different than most of you but I thought the effort and intensity was there last night. I don't like to whine but there was a couple of calls that really hurt, or no calls. We just got beat. Chicago played a great game. You are going to get beat in this league sometimes even with a good effort, it's just the NBA. This Derrick Rose is already a top 5 point guard in this league. What a rookie! Chicago is going to be a real good team come playoff time if injuries don't hit them. So overall I'm happy with the Jazz and their effort last night. Nice game guys.


Nice job of editing the stats. Whats your purpose in leaving out the 2 steals, one block and only 1 turn over in 34 min. Here is the "un edited" version of C.J. and Korvers stats for last night.

Min. Fg 3pt. ft. re. as.stl. blk. to. pts.
Korver: 17 2-5 0-0 1-1 0 1 0 0 1 5
Miles: 34 4-6 0-1 2-2 2 1 2 1 1 10

Keith Suds..... @CJ

Phenominal Athlete
Bubble Gum
Three Pointer
Vidio Games
Standing around
Silly Business

Ad Hoc

The Jazz can't keep perimeter players from getting to the basket. Defense is a test of will, and the Jazz don't have the will to play both ends of the floor the entire game. That's why they're OK, not good. On their best days, that's why they're good, not great. In the twenty years I've watched the Jazz, this is the most talented group they've had top to bottom. If the grittier (Millsap has true grit by the way) Stockton/Malone era alums had this level of talent to go with their will, the Jazz would have more than one championship banner hanging in the rafters. "We'll get 'em next time" is too often the rallying cry of this group.

Re : Miles the Stander..

Spin the stats anyway you wish....botom line...MILES= no effort==no heart

Guard Combo's

When it comes to guards in the NBA and the starting 2 guards on various teams I think we are at the lower end. When I say that I mean the point guard and #2 guard. We just don't measure up with most of the good teams. Yes we do with part of the combo in D-Will, but the other half is lacking. Ben Gordon who also lit us up last night, is an unrestricted free agent this next year and I for one would love to see him playing for the Jazz. He can do it all. Score, pass, rebound, and play the point if needed.


If the playoffs started today the Jazz would not be in them. You people better get on board and do some rooting or you will have another early summer vacation.

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