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Jazzman clarifies remarks about his opting out

Published: Friday, Dec. 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Obviously your a Jazzman? A jazz man wouldnt still be sitting out, look at Milsap. You gonna be riding the pine buddy.

Makes sense to me

I know the feelings for Boozer are somewhat polarized. I have been following the Jazz for 25 years now. This is a great squad(if everyone gets healthy and they get their confidence back). I would love to see Boozer stay and see this squad get better and better.

Obviously, opting out is the smart thing to do. Who wouldn't do that!?! He can definitely resign with the Jazz if it makes sense for both parties. I don't know financially how they do that and bring the other crucial pieces back(i.e. Okur, Korver, and especially Millsap the man), but I hope they find a way to do it. Will be tough......but I will watch with great anticipation.

bob marley

trade him to new york for david lee or to detroit for jason maxiell. millsap is the future. -roll one for the jazz-

concerned fan

the Jazz need Boozer, before he was injured, the Jazz were on top 3 or 4 in the west, now were in the bottom, I think not even on the eight spot in the west..the Jazz were 8-7 without Boozer, so it really affects the team as a whole, I admired Millsap for his performance when Boozer was out.. the way I see it when D-Will was out, the Jazz were just fine, but not when Boozer was out..the Jazz need D-Will also, he is great player, but not when he is playing in pain, he is not 100%, he should be in the injured list, i'm talking here long term plan at least to make the playoffs, if D-Will decides to just rest his ankle and sit a few games, i'm sure he can comeback 100% healthy at least for the 2nd half of the season



Hope he stays

I do think Boozer is an integral piece for this team. This team really has a solid roster. It would be great to keep this squad for a while. I realize that will be tough to do, but I hope they find a way. Someone may have to go, but I am not sure Boozer is that guy.......(I realize it will be costly to keep him).

I agree his defense is a bit soft, but it has definitely been better this year. And his offense is tough to replace. Too bad he got hurt so we haven't been able to see the continued improvement. When this team is healthy they really can be dangerous!


His talk sounds so familiar...wait, didn't he talk about the same things a few years back in Cleveland?

On The Fence

Booz is so wishy washy he needs to step it up and be a franchise player, whenever he starts talking about how he is so committed to Utah he never makes it seem like he loves it here. Either he's in or he's out and right now he is leaning the wrong way.

Grain of Salt

At the end of the day, the Jazz need to do what's best for the team, and I just don't see how they can afford to sign him to more years while still being able to sign Okur and Millsap. And it's best to trade him and get something in return rather than losing him to free agency at the end of the season.

On another note, Cleveland was under the impression that Boozer wanted to stay with them too. I know Deron want's him to stay and may think that his opinion pulls some weight with Booz, but Lebron thought the same thing.

And do we really want to sign Boozer to a long term contract anyway? If my memory serves me, he's played around half of the games that he's been contracted to play with the Jazz. He sat on the bench a lot those first few years and is at it again. I'm just not sure he's worth the money since he's injured so much and sometimes fails to make an effort at defense.


If I were the Jazz, I would trade BOozer in a heartbeat for several draft picks. Boozer is a great athlete, but I think the Jazz can do better with someone else. 12 million dollars this year, and he wants a raise? Wow!?

Re What?

Sucked in by a hack. Sheridan adds his own twist to an iterview with Carlos and you take it for gospel truth. You don't hear real well. Boozer just told the Salt Lake Tribune that he didn't say that at all.


I have been watching the jazz for over 20 years I dont believe it matters one way or the other if we keep Boozer or not, this team as the ones in the past do not know what it takes as a TEAM ! like the celtics,lakers, bulls,etc to put there differences aside and win a championship. So ship boozer to another team and move on and hope one day the jazz as a TEAM! can win a championship in this century.


Boozer wants a raise for what. He sits out of games hurt because the wimps hurt more than he plays.


There is no TEAM in "I'm opting out. No matter what, I'm going to get a raise regardless." This country is in deep economic trouble and this guy says this???

We Jazz fans have had great players in the past and great players now who play through injury. Your gonna make 12 Million and you think your better to opt out??

Ask the 2 million that have lost their jobs in the last 6 months what they think of this guy. I I I I I I I ... no I in Team Carlos.

RE: GMan

Hahahaha did I just read that correctly? Did you just put the Chicago Bulls in the same sentence as Boston and L.A. as far as title contenders? So I'm assuming you haven't watched basketball in about 10 years? Oh man thank you, I needed a good laugh.

go jazz

I love boozer. I believe this story more than the story from the national reporter Sheridan. That is how espn works. They want to make a stir. I hope the jazz can keep all the pieces in place and within the next couple years I can see them bringing home a championship.
Give Boozer a break. He is the only one that knows his body. As long as he is back for the playoffs that is when we really need him. Lets play ball and get all of this behind us.

Go jazz.


Boozer has never been a great player. His defense has always been suspect. Yes, he has had good offensive numbers, but at what defensive cost?

Boozer is a very poor "pressure" player. When the going gets tough, he gets lost. He did NOTHING for the Jazz in the last playoffs. He was MIA.

Boozer is injury prone. He has missed a lot of games due to injuries and he tends to take VERY long to heal.

Boozer appears to be more concerned with not bruising his precious body and making a ton of money. Yes, he claims it's just "business", but his attitude seems to be to play as little as possible and take as few risks as possible and earn as much money as possible.

Philosophically speaking, Boozer's about the direct opposite of what John Stockton and Karl Malone stood for.

Do we really want a player such as that on a Jazz team? Let's be real here.

I hate Boozer

You love him, I hate him. He's a freeloader, doing only what's in his best interest without giving the kind of effort we've come to love and respect in a Utah Jazz player. All that's happened here, the only thing worthy of being classified as "news" is that he opened his mouth and telegraphed his true intentions. Trust me, they don't include Utah in his future because he thinks he's so valuable. Well maybe, but let it be some other team.

He's expendable

I'd prefer the Jazz invest in Millsap than Boozer. In fact, I say they start working on a trade to get some value out of Boozer before he's gone.

The best team possible

The Jazz are best with Boozer. Sorry, the record shows it and on-the-court play shows it. Better, depth, better go-to guy, better spacing on the floor - just better. He is hurt. The Jazz believe he is hurt. Financially it makes all the sense in the world to PLAY, not sit. Those who talk don't know, including all of us. The Jazz know more and know basketball better than a bunch of people leaving message on a TBuck story.

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