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Published: Thursday, Dec. 18 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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you will not see boozer in a jazz uniform again


Well, at least there need be no more speculation. If Booze's asking price for the next few years can be met, I would keep him here. To all you guys who would rather have another big time player rather than Booze, which player will want to come to Utah and play here? Booze is already here and loves the system. As long as he starts at the PF position, he'll be fine. And no matter what how good you think Millsap is or is going to be (and I think it will be pretty good), you can never have enough proven but not yet old players. Would we have scored just 7 points last night in the first quarter if Booze was playing? Of course not, but we should still hold his injury against him. It certainly is a chance paying him a big contract, but one in which I believe it is worth it if we want to be a lock for the atleast the playoffs for the next 5 years.

This means letting Okur and Korver leave if he opts out. It will be sad b/c they gave a lot to the Jazz (especially Okur), but it happens.


So that's it then. Boozer is opting out.

We all new it was comming but I honestly thought he was goign to wait untill the end of the year to talk about it.

I think this may change the attitude of Jazz management towards him a little bit, especially if they feel blindsided and a little betrayed by his announcement.

I wouldn't be surprised if the feelers start going out from our front office and the front office of other franchises to see if there is a deal worth considering.

Personally, I hope if the Jazz can't get a top shelf player for him that he will stay and play his guts out through the end of the season, he really is a great player and the Jazz still need him.

Jack London

Let the Timberwolves have at him.


Finally a honest and straight forward statement from Boozer...a change from his usual shifty and elusive comments. Hey unlike Cleveland fans, we Jazz fans are getting a heads up. Remember the last time the word "peculiar" was used by a Jazz executive was by Larry Miller after Derek Fisher made his quick turn around from Jazz man with three years left on his contract to a Laker. While is hard to fault an athlete for taking their time to rehab in order to be a 100 percent ready to play, it should be noted that Williams decided to play even though he has clearly not been a 100 percent. Perhaps Boozer is resting up for a championship run...in 2010...with the Miami Heat.


Give the Knicks Boozer and Okur for Starbury and their draft pick this year and the one after the one we already have. We then buyout Marbury, who really wants this guy.

We have some top draft picks over the next few years, although a team that won't do much but make the playoffs during the next couple years. We could resign some of our other talent with money to spare.

The Knicks get cap relief they are looking for to sign Bron.


There's your Boozer. How do you like him now?


dump booz and do what ever it takes to sign Turiaf to come in and backup Millsap. You get the double double, plus a defensive presence to shut teams down while Millsap gets a blow .... at less than half the price. Plus your get a character guy from GONZAGA with Gutz.


I am sure the Jazz would like to keep Boozer, but if the bidding price gets too high, they'll no doubt let him go because admittedly they are committed to keep Millsap who is Sloan's type of player and still have Kirilenko whose best position is the PF.

If Boozer leaves, I think they'll focus on getting Chris Bosh in 2010, a guy Sloan raves about and would be great in his system; plus, he is versatile, durable, and team player.


Timberwolves will be good. Also, OKC, and LAC. How about Kings? Miami will be good too, maybe for Beasley and a first round pick? I really don't now how the salary matching thing works, so please excuse me.


"Wow! Boozer's actually going to opt out?"

No surprise there.

It didn't take a genius to figure out Carlos was going to opt out. Anyone who thought otherwise was just deceiving themselves.

Trade him now Jazz, no point in keeping someone who doesn't play defense. After all, he might get hurt and cost himself that BIG FAT contract he's after.

If Boston proved anything last year, it's that DEFENSE wins championships. 20/10 per night, doesn't do the Jazz any good if the guy Boozer guards gets 22/8.

Remember Coach Mike Krzyzewski didn't play Boozer much during the Olympics for a very good reason. The guy doesn't like to defend anyyone. If anybody understands Boozer's play it's Coach K. Why? Because he was Boozer's college coach at Duke.


O'Conner Let him go! Send him out of town. I am so sick of this guy and his fake injuries. Boozer, Don't let the door hit you on your way out.....


That is the problem with athletes today, no loyalty. However, the Jazz got what was coming to them, they should have known he wasn't a team player by his actions in Cleveland. Boozer will never be the player he is today without Deron.

Go Jazz/Go Utes/Down w/BYU :)


He's as worthless as windshield wipers on a submarine. Add Boozer to that old statement. How much money has the Jazz spent on Boozer sitting on his rump? He'll next be out of the game because of callouses on his rump. Let him go. Spend the money on a good center.

Todd, Norfolk VA

Love Millsap,when is the last time you saw Boozer up and STUFF SHAQ point blank. Millsap is more athletic and will develop into a major presence. What the Jazz need is interior defense. Lets get a serious defender in here to replace Boozer's big money, defense is the only way the Jazz get a title.

Money and Stats

is what he is all about.

He's all about the Money

No toughness. No dedication to his team. Boozer appears to be all about Boozer. Not someone I can cheer for.


Boozer is possibly the biggest patsie in the history of the NBA. Give me a break!


I'm sorry, but if Boozer goes than so be it. We can not just let several other players walk just to keep boozer when Millsap is the second coming of Charles Barkley.

Okur is more important than most fans give him credit for. He almost always plays if hurt, and is becoming a better low post player and defender. Now I am not saying he is a great low post player but improving low post player. Besides, Boozer can be a little to finesse in the post. And his defense always seems to be a step behind the better players.


Dump him - he isn't worth the money. He thinks he is a superstar, but superstars show up every night.

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