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Published: Thursday, Dec. 18 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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re: Alex Trebek

Kansas State was one of the best programs in the country just a few short years ago. Remember the team that BYU fans always brag about beating in the Cotton Bowl under Stevie Sark? K State

Ludwig wants an opportunity to coach in a BCS conference and Snyder will only be there 1-3 years at the most. AL might have a shot at replacing him as the head coach.

That Titanic you refer to is about to dock in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl while your storied program plays the Arizona (yes we lost to New Mexico)Wildcats in the Who Cares bowl. I'll stay aboard that ship any day; you can have your beloved Cougar 10 win seasons and no still no BCS.

Coaches leave good programs because they are in demand. Dan Mullen from Florida and your beloved Sark leaving USC for Washington are just 2 examples.

Keep trying kitties, your arguments are sounding more desperate all the time.

Mike R.

The idiot Yewt fans have trashed Ludwig for so long, it's a wonder he didn't leave before this.

Re: Alex Trebek

"Why would you leave the storied program of yewtah, twice the BCS busters, to go to a bottom-feeder in the Big 12 where you will virtually never have a chance at a conference title playing against the likes of OU and UT?"

Alex, it might do you well to actually watch more than college football team...or at the very least, do a little research. I thought you were supposed to be trivia smart.

Kansas State's shots at a Big XII championship:

1998: #10 Texas A&M rallies from a 27-12 deficit to edge top-ranked Kansas State 36-33 in DOUBLE OVERTIME.

2000: #1 Oklahoma edged #7 Kansas State, 27-24.

2003: Kansas State upset #1 Oklahoma 35-7 for 1st Big XII Conference Championship.

Since 1998, Kansas St. has played for 3 Big XII conference championships, going 1-2. Their 2 losses were by a combined 6-pts. All those championships occurred under Coach Bill Snyder. Now that Snyder has decided to come back out from retirement, it is conceivable they may be competitive again shortly.

On behalf of 115 posts

@:RE:115 Posts | 10:04 a.m. Dec. 18, 2008
"LOL, you can't even add at Utah? 30+70=100 for most folks."

Take the 100 that you came up with, now subtract that from 115.

15 posts actually on-topic.

I'll help you with math.

Happy at last

To all those who are defending Ludwig: We aren't saying he is a bad coach. He has designed a good system. He CALLS a bad boring game. He plays are well designed but used at the wrong time. We run when we should pass, pass when we should run. Really, I think he has decided what play to run two days before the game. He is a classic example of one that fails to adapt to changing situations.

re: Mike R.

Kind of like the idiot Cougar fans who trashed Norm Chow for so long? Norm went on to have quite a bit of success after leaving the Zooblanders didn't he Mike.

Ludwig drives most of us season ticket holders crazy because there is no continuity or consistency in the play calling. There were so may 2 or 3 down and 1 calls that were halfback passes or throws down the field that should have been "get the first down" plays.

Mike, give it a rest, Cougar fans were even calling for Lavell's head in his last few years, or maybe you are too young to remember that.


Andersen just recieved commitments from two players at USU.

Ludwig and Andersen have their new schools best inerest at heart.

Shouldn't Andersen be working on the Sugar Bowl?

Why are they even involved with the Sugar Bowl? Let's bring up some Utah Men coaches to take over now!!!


3 mediocre years of Ute whining and 1 great year,
Another 3 mediocre years of Ute whining and 1 great year,

Hey Ute fans, do you see a trend devloping here?

re: SJ

Yeah, I see a trend. We get to the BCS every 4th year and BYU continues its quest for bowl mediocrity every year. I'll take winning 7 straight bowl games and 2 BCS bowl appearances in 4 years any day.

Bad logic there dude.

Get a clue

1) If Kyle wanted him that bad he would not have been the only coach on the staff who did not get a raise.
2) Anderson left because he was given an opportunity to be a head coach (who would not do that)
3) "Sinking Ship that is why coaches are leaving". 12-0 is not a sinking ship!!!!! It is good news for Utah because it indicates the Head coach is planning on staying for a while.
4) There are pleanty of OC who would like to coach at Utah. Kyle will find a decent replacement with or without the help of Urban.

Sideline Stevrosteinskinamabamaj

See, I have been watching BYU/Utah for the past 50 years. Utah was so very mediocre for so long, that they finally have something to be proud about, why not let them.

With the Utah fans, it never was about the Utes, it has always been about BYU, and how they match up.

I always thought that most BYU fans took the wins with class, but there were a few obnoxious, arrogant BYU fans, but they were just people with simple minds.

Watching the Ute fans over the past few months, it's become quite obvious that the Utah Fans have deep seeded emotional issues. I have never read so many classless arrogant posts, even on the BYU boards.

I sure hope the basketball season mellows you Ute fans out, because you have all become unsufferable.

You should have learned from BYU. You won't be on top forever, and when you come down, don't start whining again about BYU fans.

You Utah fans have earned a huge slice of humble pie, and I am guessing that the BYU fans are ready and waiting to serv it to you.

For your sake, I hope Bama doesn't ROLL like I think they will.


Don't slam the door on your way out.

So what?

it is a job people and there is nothing wrong with moving on for more money. The best of luck to him at Kansas State.

re: humble pie

Ummm, deep seeded would be putting seeds in your garden. Try deep seated emotional issues.

Try going back through all the posts on this thread and reading ALL the nasty Cougar fan drivel.

If you have been watching Utah & BYU for 50 years, most of that 50 (other than in the 70's & 80's) was complete domination by Utah or very even (as the series has been since the early 90's).

Imagine this - if you think the Crimson Tide will "ROLL" Utah, then what would they do to the kitties? Scary to think based on your logic. BTW, how did you arrive at that logic that Bama will "ROLL." Oh, right, like every bitter beer face Cougar fan it is an emotional reaction, not based on any objective assessment.

The only team being served humble pie right now are the Cougars and their fans. They were on top for a long time and had gotten very arrogant. I've been watching this series for over 30 years myself as a Ute fan, and I've seen BYU rub it in Utah's face on countless occasions during that time (BYU's 70-21 drubbing of Utah in Jim Fassel's last game).

Ute Man in Logan

To all of the cougette fans out there who are predicting the demise of the Utes next year, National Champs.net has come out with their 2009 college football pre season rankings. Let me see here, the Utes are ranked #17. Let me look at the top 25 again, because i am just not seeing the y in there. oh yeah, because they are not in it! Utes will be fine without Ludwig, we are not going to miss anyone who would call a fumblerooski in the 4th quarter of a tight game (TCU). Not worried about the y and their speedy (4.8 40) secondary either! The closest thing the cougies will ever get to the BCS is the checks that they get from the Utes. Go Utes!!!


Alex Smith is looking for a new gig.

Utah losing players?

So at QB utah has a huge log jam, with the new juco they just signed they have six eligble QB prospects.

Corbin Louks
Chad Manis
Jordan Wynn
Griffin Robles
Devonte Christopher
Terrance Cain.

Cain is a 4 star, Robles and Wynn are three star QB prospects.

Running back they have Asiata returning, plus Stowers got an extra year.

WR they still have Aiona Key and Jeremy Brooks.

And nearly the entire Defense is returning. Kruger, Misi.. plus the five star recruit James Aiono.

Let's look at BYU.. 4 new offensive line guys who haven't played a snap in two years. Collie may leave for the NFL (then he can join Staley).


Played 3 teams with winning records this year. They lost to 2 of them by 25 points and then 24 points.
Now they are laughing at the Utes?
Utah will earn more money in the Sugar bowl for BYU than BYU will earn for themselves in the Vegas Bowl.

BYU 1-20 vs ranked teams in last 9 seasons.

How about

Jim Fassel? I'm sure he won't mind becoming an OC for a while.

deluded Ute

"most of that 50 (other than in the 70's & 80's) was complete domination by Utah"

Sorry to burst your misinformed bubble, but Utah hasn't dominated since Utah won the Liberty Bowl in 1964.

After that, Utah all but disappeared for the next 28 years, until 1992. (That alone is more than half of the last 50 years.) No conference championships. No national rankings. No bowl games. No 10+ win seasons. And 6-22 versus BYU. In fact, Utah had a losing record overall for that entire 28-year period. From 1972 to 1992 (21 years), Utah only won TWO games against BYU.

In the last 20 meetings, BYU and Utah are 10-10. Since 1993, BYU still has a better overall record, more conference titles, more 10+ win seasons, and more top 25 finishes than Utah.

BYU won a national championship and individual players have won numerous national honors, including the Heisman Trophy. A Utah player has never won a national honor.

Utah has a couple of BCS games and a string of bowl wins over mediocre teams, average record 8-4, the same as Air Force this season. That's it!

Please explain how Utah has "dominated" most of the last 50 years.

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