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Published: Thursday, Dec. 18 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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If you Utah fans want to join the big boys you have got to get over being CHEAP!!!


Coach Whit will be consulting with Urban Meyer on this hire. Urban is always the Utes ace in the hole. I am sure Urban knows of some great talented coaches that would love to work at Utah.

LOL get a life

I read a story about BYU, and the comments are filled with Yewt trolls running their mouths. Then I read one about Utah, and the Zoobie trolls abound. You all need to get a life, and realize your interdependence. Both would have better programs if you would save your animosity for the week of the big game, and root for each other the rest of the time. Of course, that would be a little much to ask.

Scott Mitchell

should be on the staff somewhere, maybe not as a Cordinator but at least be the QB coach.

How about Coach Dupaix at Skyline High? I think he would do well at the College level.

Frank Castle

The Utes next OC s/b Steed Lobotzke currently at Wake Forest JMO.

As for Ludwig, he can take his inconsistency & indecisiveness to Buddokhan, Kansas... I can safely say that having been to Manhattan where is KSU is.

I wonder; is Norm Chow @ UCLA? If not, he can always return to his alma mater.


WOW!!! Utah has become the new doormat of coaching!! What ever happened to loyalty?!...oh wait but we can make ourselves feel better by saying we're breeding great coaches!!...I'm so glad we were graced with that Urban Myer for 1 YEAR!

Re: Dutchman

Like a Graduate Assistant from Florida?.....LOL!


You people are amazing.
Norm Chow?
Gary Crowton?
Brandon Gregg??

All have better jobs now than this one will ever be. Why would any of them want it? Some of you have no connection with reality.

It's too bad

Whatever people's complaints about any of the coaches, it's too bad that a group that has become so successful has to disband.

I'm not a fan of Utah, but it's sad that such a great year has to be answered with big coaching questions for the next.

Queen Louie

Sorry guys it doesn't look like 'Bama is going to let you guys hang around so QUEEN Louie can come and bail you out....Your offense is actually going to have to pull its own weight because I promise "Bama's offense isn't going to turn the ball over and let you're defense score 3 or 4 times.
Utah's Hi-powered offense = the defense needs to score atleast 4 times(You guys have read the stats right, that you're defense has almost as many points as your offense...that's not a compliment). Utah doesn't have a offense and it will be great to see the boys down South stuff you guys all game. This won't be like playing PITT!
UTAH: 12 (all queen louie's)
Bama: 50

Ludwig in the Sugar Bowl

Does he have to coach in the Sugar Bowl?

As for the BYU fans commenting on next season, good luck slow guys.

Re: Dreamers

I agree that Chow and Crowton have better jobs now and would most likely not come back to Utah as OC. However, Brandon Gregg was let go as HC of Bowling Green in late November. Why do you think his name is coming up? He is also on the short list for the OC at Virginia. Get a clue buddy! He has experience with the spread and I would bet it would be more similar to Urban's style of the spread which is what was so successful in 2004.

RE:115 Posts

LOL, you can't even add at Utah? 30+70=100 for most folks. Course, you guys all know better because you've won your way to the rights to be known as reincarnation of Hawaii at this year's Sugar Bowl blowout.


I'm a BYU fan but something sticks out to me as quite telling in all this coaching hoopla. Utah's coaches are dropping like flies for better offers (At least more $$$, not so sure about the "better offer" part - Andersen) while a recent article said BYU's coaching staff is staying put for next year.

I might be wrong but I'm guessing Utah's coaches are all getting offers for more $$$ because they're not too shabby. Does that say anything about our coaches not getting better offers???

Just thinking...

Happy at last

Does this Kansas State have a mental disorder? Ludwig is a boring coach. This season when the team need to drive they went to no huddle thus removing Ludwig from the equation. BANG! Success! Perhaps he won't be calling the plays. I guess he designed a good offense, but he can't run it. I don't think he was even watching the game when he made his calls.

All that being said, best of luck to you Andy. Every time I see someone run a 2 yard out on 3rd and 18 I'll think of you.

another ksu fan

Some at KSU thought the team needed a coaching change... so out went Snyder and in came 2 years of pitful football.

Careful what you wish for Utes. You may wish you had him back some day.

Zoob Squad

Isn't it funny how much the Zoobie Patrol comes out in force when Utah has success and their coaches are truly in demand (unlike the TDS)? Utah's assistant coaches aren't poorly paid, though they can make better money elsewhere, just like BYU coaches if they were truly in high demand.

Then they run their smack about getting destroyed by Bama with no basis in reality, statistics or facts to justify such a ridiculous claim. Even most of the BCS national pundits agree that the Sugar Bowl will be very competitive.

The Zoob train, complete with hatred and envy of Utah's success, has left the sanity station and let their frustration of never getting to the BCS cloud their judgment even more than it normally is.

Utah will be very competitive in the Sugar Bowl and next season. Andy Ludwig was not a phenomenal signal caller, anyone who watched the games every week could see it. Any OC Utah hires will run the spread and have good players to run it.

Zoobland, go back to your cages and quit frothing at the mouth.

Alex Trebek

Just another sad commentary on the yewt program. It is a sinking ship and the rats are getting off of it as quickly as they can! Why would you leave the storied program of yewtah, twice the BCS busters, to go to a bottom-feeder in the Big 12 where you will virtually never have a chance at a conference title playing against the likes of OU and UT? Maybe Ludwig knows something about Whit and his program that we don't. Looks like the Titanic has hit the iceberg...

AJ Rimmer

re: Alex Trebek | 10:52 a.m. Dec. 18, 2008

>>Just another sad commentary on the yewt program. It is a sinking ship and the rats are getting off of it as quickly as they can!<<

So. Tell me Zoob? How do things look from the ocean floor @ the bottom of the Mariana Trench??

Re: Queen Louie

Get a life zoobie. Did you happen to notice that Utah's offense averages 405 yards per game? FYI, the defense doesn't contribute to those numbers.

Ludwig is a terrific offensive coordinator that has had excellent success throughout his career. Andersen has had the same success. Congrats to both!

Utah will represent the MWC just fine. The game will be close and the Utes defense will match up very well with the Tide offense. Anyone that thinks it will be a blowout is probably a Utes hater from the bubble.

SEC teams sit home during non-conference part of schedule playing 7 or 8 home games. Put them on the road for half their games like other conferences and they wouldn't be sitting so firmly on top of the bcs world. I'd like to see college football require every team to play six games at home and six games on the road.

I'm tired of seeing bitter Cougar fans jumping on the "Tide" bandwagon. I've had season tickets at Utah for over 20 years (both football and basketball). I have NEVER cheered against BYU when they play in bowl games, NCAA basketball tourney or against BCS teams.


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