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Published: Thursday, Dec. 18 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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"I will still be wearing my ute hat, but not while I'm in Provo...I tried that a few weeks ago but I kept getting hit right in the chest with footballs. I guess max was at practice."

Probably the funniest comment I have ever read.

On a real note, Whit and staff take over a team that graduated a bunch of guys, so basically they start fresh...They go from 7 wins, to 8, to 9, and now 12 with another BCS busting game...Call it coaching, call it experienced players, call it what you will...but when all is said and done, Utah coaches should be thanked for their part in helping to build the program back up again...

Whether we win or lose come Jan. 2, it will be great being there cheering on my Utes...

10-2 every year is good from our "big brothers" down south, but maybe something should be done about the coaching that hasn't improved the team at all...BYU has just as good players as the U (I would say better the last 3 years, and Utah was the better team this year) but they never seem to live up to the potential...

Support The Family???

I am not sad to lose Ludwig. The O seemed to only play well for more than a half 3 times this season. The Utes dodged a bullet the way the inconsistent O did not bite them.

However, saying that he took the job to enable him to take care of his family is ridiculous. Wasn't he pushing 200K at the U? I'm thinking I could manage to take care of the family on that.

See ya, Andy. Feel free not to get overly conservative with the lead on Bama. Peddle to the metal for 60!! 28 on the Tide and it could be game over.

Chill Out!

Who are all these hateful cougar fans? I guess I'm missing something. Bitter? Don't think so. Angry? What about? Jealous? Don't think so. Three 11 win seasons in a row. I'll take that any time. Next year is looking really promising. I can't wait for the fall.

Good luck to the Utes next year!

Should be interesting how BYU and Utah rebuild next year. By the way, The Quest for Perfection had nothing to do with going undefeated, but a quest for the players to perfect their position mastery.


Good riddance, although in a business where building relationships through your coaching network I find it hard that Kyle can call on the services of a talented Off Coord. Who does he know?! All of his coaching career in Idaho and Utah does not give me confidence that we are going to get a winner. I'm sorry Kyle, but you were lucky to have talented kids even though underachieved played through the offensive mess that Ludwig taught.


To all the cougs fans commenting on the board, you should just be satisfies with your las vegas bowl and leave the real talk to the big boys. AND FYI when your a successful program like the U it creates jobs for other coaches. The truth is no one wants any Y coaches because they are all terrible starting with Bronco

Yners live in a time Machine

To all those Yner fans who seem to live in a time Machine that moves back and forth from 1984 to "next year". . . get a life. After a strong 3rd place finish and a combined LOSING score of 80 to 31 vs. Utah and TCU it seems that you'd have more to yap about than any Ludwig. GOOD LUCK Andy and Thanks!

Good luck

Good luck to him. Utah was never know for a consistent offense, it was their defense that won them so many games, so hopefully the Utes can get even better on offense next year? Does not sound like he will be greatly missed by Utah fans, so no wonder he left. I think he left Oregon before they threw him out of town also.

re: cougs

Yeah kinda funny how your coach was a Y coach and your new d-coordinator.


And the Trolls catch a couple of fish. It is amazing that some of us continue to take the stink bait.

Lavell Edwards

should be called on a humanitarian mission to be OC and the Utes won't even need to pay him......LOL!


I'm glad Ludwig is going. The points per game were a result of a dominant defense, not explosive offense. The PPG stats are misleading. Kyle didn't give Ludwig a raise before this year and he did give Anderson an increase. I think that speaks volumes about the lack of confidence in Andy's system.

In the long run, we'll end up with a better OC who runs the spread the way it was intended, not the schizophrenic hybrid Ludwig has been running the last few years.

I wish Andy well and hope he has success. He is a great guy and a decent coach, but expectations will be lower at K State and he has a chance to move into the HC position there.

As for all you TDS fans displaying your Ute envy once again, I don't see too many teams raiding your coaching staff. I guess Max's 6 turnovers didn't impress too many schools looking for an OC.

former Ute

It is unbelievable to me how critical some are of Andy Ludwig. He has a great track record as an OC (dominant at Fresno State and CONSISTENTLY good throughout his career). I am sick and tired of reading all of this negative stuff about him. The Utes haven't had a really talented offense since Ludwig has been here, yet the Utes have always had a formidable offense. Didn't this article say that they led the league in scoring? Who do you guys suppose that falls on? I read someone on this board say that the Utes are better when Brian Johnson is calling the plays. How do you know when he is calling the plays? A college qb may audible a few times a game, but those are pre-determined audibles, set up by the OC in advance- that the qb is supposed to make when he sees a certain look from the defense. So, essentially, BJ is never calling the plays. I'm sure that you assumed BJ was calling the plays in the "no-huddle," that's not true. The Utes go into each game with designated two-minute-game plays that they can flash to BJ from the sideline.,,

Common Sense

Ute and cougar fans are both hilarious. You guys both talk like the mountain west is big time football (what a joke). BYU has beaten no one and utah beat a completely overhyped oregon state team at home who was 2 and 3 at the time. TCU is vastly overrated and it cracks me up. Remember people we play in the Mountain West a 2nd tier conference, lets get some perspective. TCU has played 1 quality opponent this year and was down 28 to 0 before i could blink. Just be grateful that the utes got a gift invitation and they have the rule you can't take 3 teams from the same conference to a BCS game.

Former Ute

You guys don't know what you're talking about when you say that BJ calls better plays by himself. Those calls are still coming from the booth, they are just hand signaled in. Ludwig is a good OC and was never appreciated. It reminds me of the Norm Chow situation. I'm not saying that Ludwig is Chow, I'm just saying that he is under-appreciated.


He clearly cared only about $$ and not Utah. The only reason Utah succeeded was because of veteran players. Losing big time coaches and big time players will equal a bad season next year. The DC is totally distracted doing something he appears to want to do more. With all these coaches going everywhere, no one will be focused. Sorry, but Utah will not even get close to beating 'Bama.


A stagnant offense will become worse!

To Common Sense

You're a singular voice of reason in a vast, barren wilderness.


I'm happy to see Mr. Ludwig come to K-State. By the sounds of the fans here he was underappreciated at Utah. He will finally get the pay he deserves at a BCS school with potential to play the big-boys. Looking forward to seeing him under Coach Snyder. Go Cats!

115 posts

30 by BYU trolls, and 70 by arrogant Utah fans complaining about the trolls. Have we finally sunk that low, Utah Brothers.

I do not feel comfortable going into a BCS Bowl game with an OC and DC who are coaches at other schools.

It's like the year Steve Fisher took over at Michigan and won the NCAA's on an interim HC basis, because Bo Schemblecher, then the AD wanted a Michigan Man coaching his team.

Sure they want to finish what they started, but bring up a hungry Assistant and let them prove themselves. They know the system.

I really dont want our BCS ruined by the OC at Kansas and the HC of Utah State. Letting them coach is a real mistake.


The coordinators leaving Utah will have little effect on the outcome of the Sugar Bowl. The same game plan will be instituted, the players will play with the same fire and basically the same plays will be called. If it were the head coach leaving it would be different. When a program succeeds and the coordinators get raises, promotions, or better job offers it makes them easier to replace than if they are fired. I look forward to seeing the Utes clash with the Crimson Tide.

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