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Published: Thursday, Dec. 18 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Re: YEWTopia

So by you logic The Utes have as many "quality" national championship wins as byu....none. A win over a 6th place in the conference Michigan team doesnt count. Just going off your logic there buddy.


I don't know who is posting more.

Kewgs or arrogant yewtes claiming there are kewgs posting.


it just goes to show that the Utes is a gold mine right now. The best of luck and I'm sure a replacement will be just as good or even better.

Go Utes!!

Purple Ricker

You guys need to have a reality check! It doesn't matter what school you are or what conference you are in . . . having an undefeated season is special no matter how much you may hate some of your coaches, players, mascots, cheerleaders, bus drivers, shoe strings, smell of the air, etc.

I am happy to get Ludwig to come coach for us at K-State. Even if he's as bad as y'all say he is, you're still RANKED IN THE TOP 10 so you should be happy instead of angry.

Believe me, it is so much easier to fall out of the Top 25 than it is to get back into the Top 25... not to mention the TOP TEN!

Re: 2009

You must be having a nightmare.......LOL!!

Oh I get it......Wishful thinking huh?

How about

Robbie Bosco? Kyle should give him a call.


Robbie Bosco!? NO, NO, AND, NO!!!!

guy dude

Utah...you guys are awesome!

Nutty Zoobs

You BOO-gars crack me up.

The Utes go undefeated and other schools offer money and/or promotions to lure away coaches who have contributed to the success. Ever heard of D-1 football. That's kinda how the system works.

But, no, no understanding of what's really going on leads to brilliant comments about rats jumping a sinking ship, people getting out while they can, the Utes going 1-11 next year, and my dad is bigger than you dad (or, at least, he will be next year in Provo), etc.

You guys are geniuses, for sure, that's all I can say.

Ernest T. Bass

I'm kinda mad that nobody ever wants my beloved cooger coaches.


"If it werent for Ludwig's geniouse the Utes would have done nothing, because they have no one on offense except casteel and Louie sakoda."

Now that's funny, BYU getting a beat down by a no name team just makes 48-24 even more sweet.

Ludwig is a genius OF coordinator as much as you are a genius in knowing how to use spell check.

To: YEWTopia

Oregon State counts as a "BCS win". Beating a team that beat USC has to count for something!! Educate yourself a little before popping off like that. That win was just this year.

Good luck Ludwig-- I am excited for some new blood though.

Ute fans..

Utah fans wre upset with this guy all year and he had 12-0 record. You guys will be mad he is gone next year.


I think the assistant coaches are bailing out now before the rest of the country finds out the Utes are a sham. Let's face it: the Utes will get steamrolled by Alabama.

Kyle, this is your chance!!!! GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!!!!

True Ute

Ludwig owes Johnson a big fat signing bonus because without him taking over on the two minute drills and calling the plays himself Ludwig would not have a 12-0 record.

Only in the MUSS

"Oregon State counts as a "BCS win"."

So OSU at Utah is now considered a BCS Bowl?

Ludwig wasn't great but ...

He wasn't bad either (and not nearly as bad as many Ute fans think). Good, innovative offensive coordinators are hard to come by and many excellent position coaches just don't have the overall insight and creativity to design and run the entire offense. Although much of the criticism of Ludwig is valid, don't expect his replacement to be an upgrade.

Just wondering

If Mike Sanford gets fired as UNLV's head coach would he be interested in coming back?

How about

Gary Crowton or Norm Chow?

re: Rebuilding

What do you mean a 10 win team?!? That would be BYU, we are a 12 win team. Can you count to 12? I know you didn't really need to this year, but give it a shot... I'll wait while you take your shoes off.

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