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Published: Thursday, Dec. 18 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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"Cougar fans said Utah was cooked when Urban left."

Cougar fans were right. Utah tanked for 3 years after Urban left.

1st & goal

Bring in Chico Canales. Kyle & Chico are old friends from their days as G.A.'s at BYU.

Chico will put up some serious numbers and wins!!

for the record

Its all Good!

I have all the faith in Kyle. He will pick a great OC as well as a great DC. Utah will be faster, stronger and smarter than the team down south.

We have great kids with great heart. They play a complete 60 min. game and never give up regardless of how hard the battle is.

I think the fans are great and are in the game for better or worse unlike those blue fans down south who boo their own QB when he makes a couple of mistakes due great defence presure.

Well Be Just Fine its BYU I worry about, Utah needs someone to push us, I am not sure now that the quest failed that BYU will ever be able to come back, it was such a blow to their program to fail!

Go Utes!!!!!

Bitter and Angry

It's what Utah fans do best.


"Utah tanked for 3 years after Urban left"

Due mostly to injuries and youth. Also there were far more drastic changes in coaching staff that year. I don't think Utah will have an '04 or '08 caliber team next year. But hey might the year after...and they will continue to be the benchmark for MWC Football.


Bitter and angry? LOL really? Im grateful and excited. I love my Utes.

All the comments seemingly from Y fans about how bad they think the utes will be next year...and its Utah fans that are bitter and angry?!?

hmmm...doesn't add up.


This just shows how ridiculous the BCS "Big Money" system is. The Utes are clearly the better program, but money talks. Money power created by the BCS.


Yewts will have as many quality BCS wins as the cougars do. - NONE. Pitt does not count and Bama will be embarrasing. So keep the trash coming, but at least I can wear my byu hat the day after the game- y'all will need to go into seclusion.

Re: Cooked

Utah tanked? Wins of 7, 8, and 9 in consecutive years and top 1/3 of conference and you're calling it tanked?


finally!!! good ridence!


Ludwig haters got their wish. The man who coached the Ute offense to an undefeated season will be working at K-State next year.

Smart for Ludwig

It's a great move for Ludwig if HC is what he wants. Snyder may not be there long. If he can return them to prominence then it could be Ludwig's job for the taking once he leaves again.


"Yewts will have as many quality BCS wins as the cougars do. - NONE. Pitt does not count and Bama will be embarrasing. So keep the trash coming, but at least I can wear my byu hat the day after the game- y'all will need to go into seclusion."

I will still be wearing my ute hat, but not while I'm in Provo...I tried that a few weeks ago but I kept getting hit right in the chest with footballs. I guess max was at practice.

True red

How about raiding one of the co-OC's at Tulsa to replace Ludwig. Now they know how to run a spread offense!


I like a lot of names which have been mentioned.

Chico Canales
Brandon Doman
Steve Greatwood
Brandon Gregg
Brian Johnson

Yes, Brian Johnson. He understands the Ute offense and in my opinion, did a better job when he was allowed to call his own plays.

My top choices, however, would be Greatwood or Gregg. However, any of them will likely be a better coordinator than Ludwig was. A lot of Andy's calls just didn't make any sense.


1st & goal | 6:02 p.m. Dec. 17, 2008

Are you out of your mind...Mike Canales? He was the U of A OC for about 3 years and their offense was HORRIBLE for most of it!

Ludwig was either hot or cold with his offensive play calling. Never consistent that is for sure! Good luck to him at K-State.

Ludwig Leaving

Xmas did come early this year.

Next year we'll put 60+ on BYU...no wonder so many Zoobs are on here posting.

K-State Fan

Bill Snyder invented the spread and taught Urban Meyer. Florida's offense is Bill Snyder's offense. Snyder will call all plays and Ludwig will learn.

Big Balla -- Shot Calla

Bring back ex-Ute O-Line Coach-- Keith Uperesa


Get Boylen to do this. Him or any of a large number of BYU football players, heck more than half our staff is from BYU. Raid the Y! Promote Boylen! Go Southern Baptist!

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