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Published: Thursday, Dec. 18 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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I like the Doman idea. Utah would be unstoppable with former Cougars running the offense, defense and not to mention the head coach.

I like all the mixing that goes on between the U and the Y. It should be a lesson to all us fans that it's just a game.

I am a Y fan, but I think the Sugar Bowl will be close. I do think Alabama will win, but they will be surprised at how good the U's defense plays.

Utah on the other hand hasn't played a team with the combination of speed and size that 'Bama possesses. We all know how the Utes struggled against TCU's speed.


Kyle is forcing out all of his coaches.

He must have a plan.

Big Rock

Good for Andy, we wish him well. This is a step up to a bigger conferenece and a huge pay raise. I'd rather have some new blood from time to time rather than keeping the same coaches with the same old quest.

Re: 2009 Record...

Still on a Quest?

go utes

great maybe we can play kanas aye.

What's Alex Smith doing now?

Perhaps we'll see him next year coaching for Utah as well


I love to hear from the Cougar fans. You pop-off and hate on the Utes. 12-0 and second time to the BCS... eat your hearts out. I do hope we get a coordinator that will run Urban's offense. It sounds like all the QB's we have and are recruiting fit that system. With the defense we have returning and most of our offense back we will have another good year. I know the receivers and running backs will be exceptional... I think out O-line will be fine... find us a QB and a better O-coordinator and our offense will be good enough to have us competing at the national level again next year.

Quest for 10-3

We are nearly unbeatable.

Bear Laker

I don't hate Ludwig any more.

Here Cougie, Cougie, Cougie

Gotta love the bitter, angry, hateful Cougies running their pieholes. Jealousy surely breeds some strong hatred from Cougietown.

K-State may be hiring Ludwig for the Utes offensive production. But do they know how much they underachieved? Probably not.

This may be good news in the long run.


I agree with Fresh start.

As for the replacement, I think it will be Aaron Roderick. He has previous OC experience at SUU, knows the personnel at Utah.


Oh I bet Utah fans are loving this! They have been frustrated with the play calling all season! Good luck to him at K State!


It's Roderick. Think about it.
Andersen and Ludwig leave and neither Roderick or Sitake take flight.
It's the young guns at the helm next season for the Utes.

The Short Bus

Utah would be controlling the conference and making a bid for the BCS every year if they could keep their staff every year they do well. They need to up their salary's. What did Utah make from their football program this year, 3-4 million. That's not counting what they get from the BCS. U, do you have Allen Greenspan running your accounting department. If it werent for Ludwig's geniouse the Utes would have done nothing, because they have no one on offense except casteel and Louie sakoda.

Raid the Y for an upgrade

The U should pick up a graduate assistant from the Y. That seems to be their best chance to win.

The article said 'similar' job for Andy. He might not even be the OC.

Good luck in the Sugar Bowl. You have a good chance (NOT!!!)


If Brett Ratliff can be the Jets #3 QB, then Brian Johnson can surely stick on SOMEWHERE..
There doesn't seem to be too many OCs out there looking for work, so I guess Roderick may have to be promoted (yippee, another BYU guy)
Does anyone know about the OC at Weber? They had a decent offense

Former Ute

People! Think about it...The Utes avg. 36 points a game...over 400 yards of offense..MWC Champs, ranked 6th Nationally......Be careful what you wish for !! "Everyone" thinks that they can call the offense better than the coach. If thats the case, spend 2 years as a graduate assistant & work your way into that spot.

Give the guy a break !

Offensive numbers

We had good offensive numbers because we had an experienced offense, not because of the playcalling.

I would contact Steve Greatwood, the offensive line coach at Oregon. He's been phenomenal the past couple of years, and the offense is similar.

Hero of Canton

I guess when you take care of things off the field sometimes the Lord blesses you and miracles happen on the field.

Thank goodness Ludwig is gone, the defense is the sole reason we are 12-0 this year. Without an incredible defense we are 7-5, 8-4 easy.


Yeah we're 12-0 INSPITE of Ludwig, not because of him. Living in Oregon and seeing the magic he worked at the UO (not) made me leary of this hire in the first place. Several of our games this season were won by the D rather than by the O.

You TDS fans are a hoot. Can't keep your eye off (or keep your mouths from running about) your "little brother" can you? Just a tad jealous that we've had success this year when it was supposed to be YOUR big year right? Enjoy the Vegas Bowl and quite possibly your win.

Win or lose I'm going to enjoy January 2nd sitting with a bowl of popcorn. Hopefully I'll be eating it rather than throwing it at the TV because of Ludwig's goofy play calling. At least we're playing a meaningful game.

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