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Published: Thursday, Dec. 18 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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they should hire John Beck, he'll need a job next year.

re: Rebuilding

Don't forget another BCS Bowl too. That would make Utah: 3
BYU: 0


Who is everyone going to complain about next season when Ludwig is gone?


That's funny but what excuse does the y have for NEVER making it to a BCS Bowl game? Zero, Zilch, None etc... GO WILDCATS! GO UTES!

Brandon Gregg

I agree, bring in Brandon Gregg. He has ties to the state of Utah as he coached at Utah State and Weber State early in his career. Seems like he would be a great fit and bring back some of the spark Meyer gave to the spread.


How many points did Utah's defense score to help the offensive statistics? Cougar fans said Utah was cooked when Urban left. Keep hoping and enjoy the Las Vegas Bowl.

Thank you for leaving Andy Ludwig!


Andy is a great coach and will be missed by the team.


Is this why Roderick stayed?

I agree with having Johnson on the staff down the road. He won't do it right away...he'll have a chance somewhere. He's a good drop back passer. Probably land 3rd string somewhere.


More Zoobies commenting on a Ute coaching change. Still jealous that you don't know what it feels like to be a BCS buster? Still living in the 80's when you last had an undefeated team?

So we lose a great defensive coordinator and an average offensive coordinator?? Anderson's a bigger loss than Ludwig is. Neither will have a huge impact upon leaving.

No players? Spoken like a true BYU fan who knows little about the Utes. Most of the top ranked defense is returning. Many offensive players returning. No team? What?

Get ready for another blowout next year - this time on your home field...


It's about time!!! Now spend some of that BCS money and get an OC with some imagination


Brandon Doman should be the first call that Whittingham makes. We would take a great offensive mind from our biggest recruiting rival and the individual primed to the next OC at BY-Who. Great up and coming young coach.


Maybe bring in Alex Smith-Then he can at least earn him money

Utes Rule

Bring in Boylen.

He's worked wonders with the Utah basketball program, and with a record of 5-4, he won't get upset if the Utes fall back into mediocrity and end up 5-7. He's used to it, and the fanbase seems happy with him.

2009 record

Utah 1-11
BYU 12-0


Bring in Lou Holtz as OC.

The Utes are so awesome, he would be thrilled and probably coach for free.

Ute Coaches

Like rats on a sinking ship.

re:2009 record | 4:44 p.m.

Who are you calling the 1 in 1-11?

Does SBU have a football team?


Thank goodness Utah got rid of Andy Ludwig. If it weren't for his incompetence, Utah would have found a way to be 14-0 by now.

Utah Man, Sir? NOT!

Funny, first you Coug trolls belittle Utah for not beating teams by larger margins, and now that the reason those games stayed close is going to leave, you think we're going to go 5-7 next year?! Hah!

With our defense coming back essentially intact, I don't see Utah going anything less than 8-4 next year (mainly due to the road games at TCU and BYU), but if we get a half-fast O-coord, that could easily be 10-2 or better.

If I were looking at Utah's roster as a potential O-coord candidate, I'd be foaming at the mouth with all the talent we have next year: Asiata, Louks (or some of the younger kids who haven't played much), Reed, Key, Wesson, 4 of 5 O-linemen, etc. etc. etc.



"More Zoobies commenting on a Ute coaching change."

How do you know they are "zoobs"? Classless still?

I see most negativity coming from Utah fans, and rightfully so.

A little self absorbed, self important today? You are like the 9th grade cheerleader thinking everyone is jealous and talking about her, when in reality, they really don't know she exists.

BTW, I have season tickets to Utah, and am sick of the arrogance of my fellow Utah fans.

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