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Published: Thursday, Dec. 18 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Let's hear all the unsatisfied Ute fans shouting their praises to the football gods.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Kyle should bring in Brian Johnson to run the offense.


At least Utah fans will have plenty of excuses why their team tanked in 2009. No coaches. No players. No teams. Maybe in another 5 years, they'll have another 10-win ranked team.


Ludwig is smart to leave, probably a lot more money and then after the Utes get clobbered by Bama, KSU would change their mind.

Sell Out

Nuff Said

Ute fans should be happy

I can't count how many times I've read them complaining about his play-calling.


As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for, because it might come true.

Ute Fan

Best news I have heard all year. He is too inconsistent in his play calling and I don't trust him. Yes, I know, we are undefeated this year and all is good but we had some very close games because of his play calling. I only wonder/worry who we will pick up???

The Veg

Utah should hire Brandon Doman as OC.

San Diego Ute Fan

Best wishes to Mr Ludwig. Let's see if we can trade up on this one. Seems to me the Ute offense was best when BJ was running the show on his own.
Go Utes!

Careful what you wish for

because you just might get it. Ludwig has gotten no love at utah. I would have left too. I'm sure his replacement will be more than capable. If a QB emerges in 2009 the utes will be even better than this year, thats a big if though.

Ute Man

Maybe now we can get someone in there who doesn't call a halfback pass on a 3rd and 1 when we are running the ball effectively.

Fresh Start Time

I can't say I am horribly upset by this announcement. Even though the Utes offense was tops in the conference in scoring, there were times they looked completely out of sync and some of the play calls were unbelievably wierd. I think Ludwig is a good O-cooridinator but he just out thinks himself sometimes. If Kansas State runs a more simple offense he will do well there. Hopefully whoever Coach Whit replaces him with can either run the spread offense better or taylor an offense to the strengths of whichever QB wins the starting job next year. I for one hope that either Christopher or Wynn gets QB. I'd love to get a freshman in there that can play for a while.

Thank you

Who will they replace him with? I would suggest Brian Johnson since it is highly unlikely he will play at the next level or Brandon Gregg - former OC at Bowling Green. He was OC there under Urban Meyer and was promoted to Head Coach when Meyer left for the Utes. Seems like a natural fit with the spread.

Utah Man, Sir!!!

Looks like most Utah coaches see an opportune time to bail in a program.

Before the Sugar Bowl Beatdown, and before a 5-7 season next year.

Good luck Ludwig!

Christmas comes early for the Univ. of Utah.


It's about time he left!

bye bye

Finally I didn't think that this day would come.Now maybe we can get someone that can actually call some decent plays.


It's a Festivus Miracle!!

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