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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 16 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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This is 3 years ago all over again. you ask me he's trade bait. I'll take Paul and a servicable big to spell him over this injury prone guy who does what us normal people don't do.

I think that

my knee never was hurt. It feels great, but I figure I'll watch my teammates play and lose without me, so when I get back and we make a huge run I will be rewarded with one huge contract in Miami. I'm not dumb, I'm pretty smart DON'T YOU THINK?

Season Ticket Holder

I find it rather ironic that Paul Pierce injures his knee and says he'll be ready to go for the next game. Then you have Boozer who says his knee feels great, yet he is still sitting out.

fantasy player

He is really killing my stats by being a wimp


I'll take Milsap over Boozer any day. Gone are the iron man days of Stockton and Malone. OUCH! I think I just broke a nail, I think I'll take sick leave the rest of the year.

bb fan

Can anyone help me here? Since Boozer's arrival in Utah, does anyone know the number of potential games he could have played, versus the number he has actually played? Just wondering.

Milsap's a stud

Actually, Carlos is killing us in two ways. First by being out and hurting the Jazz' front court depth. Second, by allowing Milsap more time to post 12 consecutive double doubles. Wouldn't you want to be Paul's agent right now! Milsap's price tag is going up the longer Carlos is out. Thanks Carlos! I think I will follow your example and call in sick for work today!!

Millsap's new backup

When Boozer finally does return, Sloan should make him back up Millsap. That would be AWESOME. :)

Good Riddance!

I can't wait to see Boozer in another team's uniform. If a knee is feeling great, you should play. That's what professionals do, Carlos! Hopefully the Jazz will get rid of him before the end of the season, then they will have a real shot at making a playoff run.

did anyone see the injury

I am suprised he didnt tear an ACL. It is a strained tendon people. Of course Boozer is going to down play it. That is one thing he needs to do is quite saying "every thing is ok, my knee feels great". Behind the scenes he probably has a tough time with it. I would rather he wait til he is as close to 100% than play hurt like D Will and let Rondo wipe the floor with him. Once they both get healthy watch out Western Conference!


Milsap is proving he's just as good at Boozer. No lies, hard work, and less tattoos.

Boozer Is Corrupt

He has corrupted D-Will ever since day one. This crap about D-Will and me was bad to begin with. This is no ones team, its everyones team. When he does return all your going to see is the same old two man game, high pick and roll, after high pick and roll. Another thing is how often do you see skinny players excell in this league? A few sure but its really about strength, agilty and heart. We have too many skinny wanna-bees, A.K., C.J., Brewer, Korver ect. Couple that with heartless big guys and you have what we got, a soft team. There are only 3 players with any heart on this team- Harpring, Milsap and D-Will.


Didn't you all listen to Boozer!! It doesn't matter how long he sits out because when he comes back the Jazz are going to "Run away" with the Division. He'll just sit out as long as he wants but when he comes back the Jazz are going to "be a beast!"
Boozer is overly confident and always content with how things are going. That's why he's reached his peak and will never get better. It's sad for a guy that could dominate if he only had a little more drive!


want the Jazz to be healthy again we need to fire briggs and get a trainer who can do their job. Briggs cant get these guys healthy the only thing he seems capable of doing is spraying a can on things and watching his gut get bigger. Get a trainer who can get our guys on the court.

by booz!

we wont see boozer in a jazz jersey again!!!


Trade him!!!! Send Booze and Harp to Miami for Marion and change or send Booze and Collins to Sacramnto for Brad Miller & M Moore. Either way everybody gets what they want!! Win Win type of stuff!!


haha brad miller is hurt more than booz!!! but i agree get rid of harpering he is the worst player on the jazz roster


Can we trade Boozer for Phoenix's trainer?

L.A. Jazz Fan

Tim had me confused for a few seconds at the start of this article; it is now Tuesday morning in L.A. In the Mountain Time Zone it is early afternoon as I write this comment. Here is what Tim wrote to start this article...

BOSTON "He (Boozer) rode a bike while the Jazz held their shootaround Tuesday morning, and he didn't play when they lost 100-91 (to?) the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night."

Is it Groundhog Day? Are the Jazz going to play Boston again tonight? That would be three games in three nights (they play NJ Wednesday). I think that's against NBA rules. And is tonight's game fixed? (Tim already knows the outcome of the game on Tuesday morning/afternoon).

Anyways, it would be great to see Boozer play for the team soon. This is such a strange set of circumstances. Because of the contract situation (Boozer having the option to get out of it) it feels as though he's just sitting out indefinitely. Does anyone know if another player has suffered a similar injury or the same one? And how long did it take for them to return? Just curious.

Go Jazz!!! And the daily calendar!!!


I have been floating ideas for moving Boozer but I think I am going to change my tune. I have always thought that Boozer was a great player who played marginal defense and withought a doubt the Jazz are better with him than without him. So I don't think the Jazz should trade him, or even talk about trading him, right now.

I am actually really exited to see what this Jazz team is like at full strength with a set rotation.

I mean think about it.


2nd Unit

Miles need to give a more consistent effort but I think he is a great fit on the first unit and AK has been palying great off the bench. Williams is getting back to form, he will be his old self as soon as Boozer is back in the lineup.

I think the 4 man front court rotation of Okur Boozer Millsap and AK is solid and if Boozer will commit to give just a little bit more effort I think they can actually be good defensively.

So, I'm not going to do any more trade talk until Febuary.

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