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Published: Thursday, Dec. 11 2008 10:34 a.m. MST

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This is an honor but it really doesnt matter a hill of beans. Brother bott is a great teacher, however, it says in the article that he knows he is not the best in the country. He isnt arguing or saying he is the best. So what is everybody getting all huffy about? Its hilarious to see so many get upset about it. and to come on this board and start arguing about the validity of the recognition of this man. Is it really that important to you that we prove he doesnt deserve it? What a waste of effort. Go do something good with your time.

Jennifer Mounteer

Bro. Bott is a wonderful man! I agree with many of you that he deserves the recognition he has received. What in inspirational teacher, and among the very best at BYU. I was prepared for my mission to Washington D.C. because of the things he taught in his missionary prep course. What a great man!

Cheryl Cannell Burgess

My love for Brother Randy Bott goes back 26 years to 1981 at Sky View High School in Smithfield, Utah where I was fortunate to be in his seminary class. He was phenomenal then too and impacted my life. That was my junior year and Brother Bott's classes were so in demand that the seminary had to limit enrollment. They made a rule that students could only take his class once so that others could have a turn. However, my senior year came and I tried another teacher -- all of 2 days -- and just couldn't take it anymore. I HAD to get back into Brother Bott's class. I couldn't imagine my senior year without him in it. I was fortunate -- they let me switch back to his class. Now fast forward 26 years. I teach high school and university classes, and I quoted Brother Bott just the other day in my Economics class (if you're wondering how that fit, it's a story for another time), but I have to tell you, I love Randy Bott! Brother Bott, if you are reading this, you may not remember me, but there are plenty of us who remember you.

Misunderstanding BYU Rel courses

People who are posting about the university/academic value of BYU Religion courses don't understand the system. Before you can critique and judge a class as unworthy in some way (ie. not a valid university class because of lack of difficulty), you have to figure out what the standard is.
These courses aren't there to validate my engineering degree...they are there in addition to my normal course load. BYU, as a private religious university, has added religion course requirements, beyond the standard accredited coursework for general education and whatever degree you're in. As such, it doesn't make sense to hold them up to some perceived standard for university courses...academic rigor doesn't have to exist here (although it definitely does for some religion teachers) and that's just fine. It can still be fulfilling, achieve the school's aims in providing the class, and provide what the student wants from the course.
Heaven forbid we learn something in college that useful in everyday life...


Bott is a great. I have great respect for him. however, the reason why students love him so much is because he;s very easy. I took from him. All his tests are take home. There are many professors at BYU that are equal in teaching skills, just not willing to give out A's.


I have had Brother Bott as a Teacher and as a neighbor....He is 100% real, down to earth, encouraging and inspiratinal. Does he deserve this honor??? Absolutely! He instructs, educates, and inspires others to make their lives here upon this Earth better. Do people respect him and remember him? Absolutely! Do they remember his lessons years later and pass on his wisdom??? Absolutely! He is a great teacher! In this over analyzed, pessimistic, depressing world....thank goodness there is a Randy Bott!


None of these comments are going to retract this award from brother Bott. Just stop being obnoxious and accept the fact that he is an amazing man who changes lives.


I love Brother Bott's missionary prep class. I wish we would have had more time in class to hear everything he wasn't able to share in the time allotted.
Bro. Bott is ranked highly because his lessons change lives. I feel more motivated in everything I do, more empowered from knowledge, and I felt the spirit in his class.
It IS easy to get an A in his class, but that's what made it easier to focus on what he was really trying to teach us.

What's really amazing is that he didn't have to give us a grade to get us to study, instead he gave us more. "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." In this analogy, Brother Bott has not only taught us how to fish, but he has given us the desire to want to fish. Bro. Bott has given us the tools we need in knowledge as well as the desire to study and the love of it. My testimony and my excitement for life has grown since his class.


Professor er... Brother er.... President Bott was my Mission President while I served in the California Fresno Mission. I was his secretary and some of the most important things I have ever learned I learned from him. He is an amazing man. But I wonder if I get an award for being the lowest rated teacher on that site?


Unbelievable. Randy Bott was the absolute worst teacher I had at BYU, hands down. I can only conclude that something funny is going on with that ratings website.


I came to try out BYU for a summer session and had Brother Bott for mission prep. He was part of the reason I transferred to BYU. It was the feeling I felt in class that I had never had in an academic setting. I loved it! I actually looked forward to going to his class every time! The setting is relaxed, yet studious.


I thought Bro Bott was pretty good. Except that he is so anti-science and completely slanders the biology department at BYU. It was really dissappointing the first or second day of class that he would give his opinion as doctrine and say that science basically is blaspheme.

I did not enjoy another one of his lectures after that. Sad, but true.

To: clg22

I would like to hear your reasoning.

I took Brother Bott's class. Was it entertaining? Yes. Of course it was. But the concepts that he teaches aren't always simple. BUT he helps his students understand the concepts. He is a good teacher because he helps us understand and learn. I had never had an easier class, was it because of the curriculum or because he was just THAT good. I learned more in that class than so many other classes i have taken. He is not just entertaining. He just knows how to teach, get his points across, without making his students feel like they are in a class. To me, that can be the best way to learn, the best way to teach.


I have never taken a class from Prof. Bott but I have sure heard a lot about him.

I agree with the final comment made by one student "it does not have to be a hard class in order to be a good class."

Let it be a lesson to all faculty members out there reading this article (especially all those proud and brilliant individuals in the BYU Math Department).

Elvin Jackson

Served a mission in Samoa. I got to know Bro Bott. He was a great missionary, and a great Bro. in the gospel. Bro Bott would do a great job in any thing he does.
May God bless you old friend.

Mikaele Foley

Elder Randy "Lama" Bott and I were "soa" [companions] in the Samoa Mission: He was great then, and has obviously gotten better over the years. Soifua fualoa!

Salt Lake City, UT

Brother Bott was quoted in a 2/29/12 Washington Post article claiming that the LDS ChurchÂs historic ban on priesthood for black people was a "blessing to them because they were not Âready for priesthood. He also compared black LDS members with a young child prematurely asking for the keys to her fatherÂs car.

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