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Published: Thursday, Dec. 11 2008 10:34 a.m. MST

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Current Student

I just finished taking Bro. Bott's class this semester. All I can say is what a great man he is. Not only does he give you incredibly useful information, he is more than willing to help anyone who needs it. His support and care is what has impressed me most about Bro. Bott.


To the Article entitlied "For My Friendly Professor"
written Dec. 11th at 4:38 p.m. I think that you have to much time on your hands, You must have alot of time tho sit and think things up if you can do a whol article when it all rhymes, Get a Life.

BYU student

I personally don't equate "easy teacher" with my "favorite" or even "well-liked" teacher. My favorite teachers are the ones who have a passion for their subject, genuinely care about the student's learning and progression, and do all they can to make sure everyone has a positive and productive learning experience. A sense of humor doesn't hurt, either. I've had easy teachers that I've hated because they were too easy!

My favorite teacher by far is one in the physics department here at BYU. There aren't many classes that I've taken in which I've had more work assigned, but the way she has her class structured, I was able to go over all of the material numerous times, and enjoyed every minute of it, even though I am not a strong math or physics person. I know I will remember what I learned in that class because she is a _great teacher_, not because she was "easy" or "hard" or because the subject itself was any "easier" or "harder" comparatively. I say kudos to Professor Bott for being able to encorporate learning with life, and wish that I could take a class from him. He sounds amazing.


In the article it clarifies where the rating came from. It is from a website called ratemyprofessors.com. At that website, the students rate their professors so that other students can decided who they would want to take a class from.


I've personally taken a class from Brother Bott (note: religion professors are usually called Brother/Sister at BYU while other professors are more often called Professor) and I loved it. I would agree with the rating that he is one of the best because he makes his students WANT to learn. For me, that is what makes a great professor. A great teacher not only teaches the material well, but makes the student love it. Some of my favorite teachers from High School and earlier years were those kinds who have also continued to influence me today. It didn't matter what grade I got in the class, what mattered was that I WANTED to go to class, I ENJOYED being there, and because of that, I actually LEARNED. That's what Brother Bott does. His enthusiasm and love of his subject is passed on to the students. That is why he consistently gets high scores. It is not just the ease of his class or the material, it is the way he presents it and influences a person even years after taking the class.


The best teacher I have ever had period! He cares so much about the success of his students not in his class but in life. He is willing to do anything for your. I have a great love for this man and everything he has done. Congratulations Brother Bott. Keep it up!


I regret not taking a class from him. I loved his books. He even found my wallet once and called me up to return it. A real honest decent guy.


As a convert, I took a weekly CES class on the Pearl of Great Price from Bro. Bott 30 years ago. No one every taught me as much as he did about the gospel as I learned in that one class. Years of study and experience confirm all he taught. I sent him an email after being excommunicated after not communicating for years. He took a lot of time to write a long, well documented response that has more positive influence than any other thing pertaining to a difficult situation than that said by any others including General Authorities. Now with baptism and blessings restored, that email is still a beacon of hope and light. I know why he is ranked #1. He truly knows how to always teach by the spirit and desires to share his testimony in a way that will lead his students to have the blessings of the gospel. He may or may not be "the best" in normal terms but the power of his love for Heavenly Father and each individual student eternally changes their lives in a profound way and leaves each one closer to Jesus Christ.

Ashley Call

It's all true! I'm in the Monday night class, and Brother Bott is incredible. I go to great extremes to be in his class every week! I plan on taking his Doctrine and Covenants class. He really is an amazing guy!


Bro. Bott is the man!Hey was a great instrument in a great transformation in my life!He deserves this honor...man of real Christlike character!I loved his class,my best class by far!!!


A lot of people knock the idea of getting course credit for religion classes at BYU. First of all, it's a private religion school, of course religion classes will be required. Secondly, they're definitely NOT fluff classes. Even if they are easier than other classes, they're still challenging and require a lot whether it be through testing and homework or otherwise. There's really no such thing as an "easy" class at BYU. Don't believe the silly BYU stereotypes; it's a very difficult university.

The idea of the easy professors always being the most popular is also wrong. Some of my hardest professors have ended up being my favorite. It's the teaching quality of the person, not the difficulty of the class.


Come on, he doesn't teach a real subject and is therefore not a real professor

Bro, Bott is the man!

A phenomenal teacher with a phenomenal testimony, and phenomenal knowledge of the gospel. His intimate knowledge of the particular trials that trip up young missionaries, coupled with his profound mastery of finding quick scripture references ensures his class is always relevant and "researchable". What a fantastic class!

To George

What's a real subject...American History? Maybe physical education? They teach a class about Tupac Shakur at Harvard...but Harvard isn't known for teaching real classes, huh.

Trust me, George. His class is far more important than most classes taught in universities. In fact, if you go back to the earliest ancestors of the modern university (apparently you didn't pay attention in your GE history or philosophy classes), you would see that they taught subjects closer to Bott's classes than to our modern obsession with reading, writing, and arithmatic. They taught to enrich the individual, and not the pocketbook.


My worst fear for the future of this nation and it's future leaders is the continued cynicism that we portray in life. Brother Bott teaches a class that inspires students to live a better life and help others in their own lives. It might not be a vigorous course and it might be an easy A, but I no means does it mean that it is not important. So don't put down those that try to lift up. And be nice, on the both sides. 1,000+ people cannot be wrong, but one cynical person can bring the spirits of thousands down within minutes. Which is worse?


As one who served in the Fresno Mission after President Bott's tenure, let me say how grateful I am for his service. By all accounts, he did a great deal in really turning the mission around in terms of work and obedience, which really began to pay off in later years as mission stats steadily climbed.


Putting Alfred E Newman in the same sentence with Joseph Smith or Brigham Young was a statement on your own personal character and biases. While your questions may have merit, your manner leaves much to be desired!


i took mission prep from brother Bott in the summer, that was the most amazing class i have ever had the opportunity to experience. if you knew what the class was like and what you can learn from it you wouldn't question it.

James Costello

The truths I ingested through professor Bott's mission prep lectures were indispensable to me throughout my entire mission. I found myself quoting him, and quoting his quotations, to countless Elders and members of the churches where I served. Truth is carried to and planted in the heart. Professor Bott knows this and shares the down-to-earth truth in a way in which it speaks for itself. Never do I recall even feeling the notion that he wanted to "sell" a concept or idea, nor, on the other hand, did I ever doubt that 100% of his heart was behind everything he taught. I love the man.

Hannah Kent-Johnston

I took three classes from Brother Bott. They were the BEST classes I have ever taken...EVER! He is an amazing professor and has so much wonderful advice, I would consider his Mission Prep. class more of a "Life prep. class," because what he teaches you can be applied to all the different stages of your life. He is AMAZING!!

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