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Published: Thursday, Dec. 11 2008 10:34 a.m. MST

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The only A I have ever gotten in a religion course was in Bro. Bott's mission prep class. And I honestly remember the most from his. I've had other religion professors try to make it more academic, which translates into memorizing how many miles Lehi's family's journey in the wilderness was, etc. Bro. Bott is not necessarily my favorite professor I've ever had, but I do think he's a good teacher and deserves some recognition. And who cares, anyways? It's the rankings on ratemyprofessor.com--not Businessweek or something.


I just took a class from Brother Bott this past semester and he was DEFINITELY one of my favorite teachers i have EVER had! As a recent convert, he taught me SO much about the gospel and for that i am eternally grateful. you can ask this man any question you want and his teachings by the spirit truly inspire you and give you a completely different understanding on things!
i think that it is RIDICULOUS that people are on here bashing him and saying this and that about popularity and all that and how its ridiculous we are recognizing him. i think this article and the ratings are just students expressing their gratitude for what he has done personally in their lives and the lessons he has taught them!! What is wrong with an attitude of gratitude! isnt that a good thing?! Why should a religion class have to be hard to be good? Brother Bott is more worried about his students learning by the spirit each and everyday rather than having his students stress about a grade. Remarkable! I have learned more from him than i EVER have from any other teacher!


I took a mission prep class from him and he was such a great teacher. I learned so much from. He is my favorite religious professor thus far.


I have never met anyone as inspirational as Brother Bott. He is an incrediblle human being and a role model to everyone. I think aftr this semester i`ll drop into all of his classes just to hear his stories again =)


Okay, it's just weird to me that a university professor is "Brother Bott" and not PROFESSOR Bott. Doesn't have anything really to do with whether he's a good teacher or not, I know. But still...


He is my hero! I love his classes and have learned so much!


Student rankings = popularity ratings. A lot of people are making a very big deal about nothing. If all professors gave open book exams and spent class time telling mission stories and other anecdotes their ratings would vastly improve, too.

Gerald Eliason

We first met Randy and his family when they moved into our ward in Raleigh NC in the early 1970's. What a dynamic loving caring sharing family! Randy fired up the youth and as our High Priest's group leader livened them up too! He's been a great role model to me and my family ever since. A great example of humble righteousness aggressiveness!

Otis from Mayberry

It never ceases to amaze me that regardless of how nice the comment there's always some poor soul that wants to share his misery. Some articles should just stand as they are without the ability to comment on them. This is one of them.

If you hate BYU, the church, the Desnews, just go away. Go find some anti good news forum and gripe all you want elsewhere. Please?

Sharjah - BYU Provo grad

I don't think one should be embarassed that student evaluations rated a religion professor higher than any other professor on campus. This rating system is not a competition between disciplines. I am confident that there were highly ranked professors in Accounting (Norm Nemrow for example) and other disiciplines. The fact that many hundreds of students thought that their religion professor had done a terrific job does not diminish their appreciation for professors in other disciplines. While some may be ashamed of such student ratings, I see them as a ratification that BYU Provo is fulfilling one part of their mission with excellence. I would be more embarassed if our religion teachers were being rated as having done a poor job.

re: Professor @6:56 Dec. 12

Not necessarily-- making your class a cakewalk and telling stories without actually teaching anything could just as likely lose your students' respect. I've known teachers that fall into that camp as well.

Note how many commenters emphasize what they have learned and how their lives have been improved from Prof. Bott's classes. Have you been to one of his classes? Give it a try, you might be surprised at what you see from the students.


I have taken both mission prep and D&C from Brother Bott. He has the highest rating because he teaches with energy, passion, and true devotion. He teaches because he cares about the students and who they will become and influence in their lives. He knows how to answer the most perplexing questions students have in a way thats easy for them to understand. I believe that Brother Bott realizes that the more As he gives, the more popular he will become. The more popular he becomes, the more lives he will be able to influence. He has influenced many lives for the better.

Mighty P

I have been to one of Bott's class and as far as entertainment goes, he is sure the best! His style makes you cry, makes you laugh, makes you think. Too sad for me, I attended his class after my mission; so his teachings made me also uncomfortable! He teaches a lot of doctrine that is not evidenced any where in the scriptures or G.A.'s talk and articles -just like every religion professor that did not get a graduate degree in Religion-related topic. No wonder kids like him - easy "A", first time exposure to thought-religion, and the need of get prepared to serve a mission.

No merits taken away from Bott, but I do think there are many other quality professors in any department at BYU that will be at the same level than Bott (I would personnaly grade higher!)

If you never read the Scriptures prior to this class, and due to this class you now have a testimony, Kudos to you and Bott!


What sets professor Bott apart from other professors is his love for his students. His love for his students far surpasses any desire he has to be the "best teacher". Ironically, this is what makes him the best Professor.

I know. I had him.


Ironically, Brother Wood and Brother Bott are in the same home ward (my home ward), along with several other great professors (including my mother who teaches at UVU). I've had the privilege of taking courses from both Randy and Steve. They were two of the best courses I've taken at BYU.


Do we go to a university or college or any school just for a grade? (whether hard or easy?) I would hope that we all are trying to gain an education so that we can apply the things we learn to better the quality of our life in some way or another. Bro. Botts influence has done that for me. He has improved my knowledge about things secular and spiritual, and has been of much greater worth than the tuition I paid the university to give me an education. In fact a price cannot be put on it. I realize that maybe it didn't do that for all, not saying it has to, but it did it for me and I am grateful.


My question is what criteria, standards, requirements, qualifications, and methodology was used to place Brother Bott in this position? How was this poll run and conducted? Was it based off of who got the most votes? I remember several years ago when church members wanted to have President Hinckley voted in as the Time Magazine Man of the Year and encouraged all church members to vote for him.

I am sure Brother Bott is a great and well liked Teacher, but where did all of these votes come from? Were they just from his students alone? Was any type of credible national survey and questionnaire conducted and performed? Or was his nomination based on all of his students deciding to vote him in as the best teacher at BYU? How many of them voted several times for the same person? How do we know that the survey was conducted fairly, and what standards and measurements were used? I bet these same students could have also voted for Alfred E. Newman as the best teacher, or Joseph Smith, or Brigham Young. Again was this a popularity contest on a website and whoever got the most votes won? Please clarify!


BRO BOTT IS THE BEEEEESSSSSTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that man!! I'm in his class now and I have learned more in that class than in my whole life!! Seriously!!


I think that some people here are missing the meaning of this article..... This teacher has not been voted the highest teacher at BYU but Of AMERICA!

Thank you Randy Bott

I know Randy Bott doesn't like to be bragged about... but I have since graduated and moved away and still send him emails and questions about things I wonder about or struggle with. He has really helped me find my way through life and I hope others can benefit from his counsel and wisdom. Some may think the "class" is easy which is why he gets the high ratings but the lessons learned from Randy go so far beyond the classroom. I personally gave him high ratings because I loved learning in his class and hoped that others would experience the same.

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