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Published: Thursday, Dec. 11 2008 10:34 a.m. MST

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Some of you say that entertainment is the reason we took his classes... it is true. There are other religion teachers whose teaching styles are dry and uninviting. What's wrong with taking a class from a teacher who presents a subject in such an endearing, meaningful, yet truthful way? I loved Brother Bott's classes. I always wanted to be in class because it was interesting.

Emily Bingham

I loved Bro Bott's class! He knows so much and has a great way of teaching that isn't showy of austere at all. His humility it truly admirable.

For my friendly proffessor...

Bro Bott
Has Taught!
And Got
Us Caught
in learning alot!
We treasure what's sought.
He says he's not
attractively hot,
but that's a tittle and jot,
compared to his life's plot.
For he has fought
for what he aught!
And when he takes a trot
back to his yought
lies in his cot,
he gives a thought:
"Do I care to be attractively hot?"
He thinks for a second..."maybe.."
for in the end its not how much you've bought
or if you know exactly where to place the dot
All those things they got to rot
And are for naught,
Cuz in the end it's the love you've wrought!
Thanks Brother Bott!!! :)


Are we voting?! On the Institute Teacher All Star
Ballot, think about it?

not cynical

Good job to Brother Bott! For those of you who think this isn't a real class, it is, with real life teachings. Sure, someone in physics or science might be a better teacher of secular knowledge, but it truly is difficult to find someone that has the ability to take gospel principles, and really teach you had to apply them, and in turn, change your life. Stop diminishing his accomplishments, because he has changed lives. If you don't agree, then just start giving your physics and math teachers better ratings...

Embarrassed for BYU

As an alumnus with two degrees from BYU (engineering/MBA), I am embarrassed by this. The most popular professors at other universities are in business, mathematics and philosophy. Picking a religion professor as the best BYU has to offer reinforces the opinion that some have of BYU as a glorified seminary (which, in my experience, it was not).

It seems that there is always a touchy-feely religion professor at BYU will some type of following. Back in the day, it was Pace and Benson. These professors are short on academics and long on "feel good". They have no place in an institution of higher learning.

Not Embarrassed for BYU

Wow Embarrassed for BYU missed to whole point of his educations. I am just pretty sure you are bitter about something else in you life and you can fathom why the rest of the world can see some thing you can't. BYU is not just a glorified institute it is a school that aims its education at rounding individuals so that they can go into the world and be not only up standing citizens with a good education but go forth in there communities as religious and civic leaders.
Brother Bott does focus on a lot feel good subjects but i can honestly say that as an individual i have developed through his classes into a stronger person over all.
Just because you got your two degree's doesn't mean that you should be embarrassed for those of us who have gotten so much more out of out education here at BYU.

To Embarrassed...

You are embarrassed that students have connected with this man and been inspired by him enough to want to take the time to voice their opinion of him?

Do you usually embarrass this easily, or are you just taking this whole thing a bit too seriously? (said with a smile)


BYU religion

I loved Bott, Baugh, Brinley, Ball, and many others at BYU in the religion department. It is truly an allstar heterogenous group. I think people need to understand that the purpose of religious classes at BYU is to build faith and discipleship. It is to have a personal impact on individual lives. Secondly to that purpose is to increase spiritual intelligence and inquisitiveness about religion and to develop life long religious learners. If I taught religion, I would measure my success by how much personal application my pupils were deriving from my teachings.

I teach residents about surgery. I am not a good teacher but I think some of my successful "teaching" is when I have been able to help one of my residents in their personal life with critical issues. I have found that I have greater satisfaction from helping a resident with difficult personal issues than in helping them be excellent surgeons. It is easier to guide a resident into being an excellent surgeon than it is to help guide or mentor a person with real life dihlemas into a better way of life.... I am a little jealous of Bott; don't discount his real world teaching!

Better than George Durrant?

Thank you, Brother Durrant! Every day is now my Best Day So Far.

To "Embarrassed for BYU"

I think you kind of missed that whole promise from god about us "progressing through life in much grander ways if we center our lives around the gospel." Thats too bad that you cant see that.



A matter of perspective Timj

I graduated from BYU-Hawaii. I learned more from some professors than others, including religion professors, and it was the same case for all other students on campus. My learning process was not the same as everyone elses-that's what makes it mine. Ranking one professor better than the other is relative to the perspective of each evaluator. In this case, the majority of the students' perspectives indicated Brother Bott as being the best professor. Perhaps, this doesn't fit with others' perspectives, but it certainly fits with the majority. To me, that says something special about the professor. Furthermore, to say that a religion class is more likely to be considered a student's faviorite class because of the subject matter makes no sense to me-at all. In fact, although many students, includig myself, at BYUH learned important things from their religion class, they didn't always enjoy them, often because of the professor's teaching style and ability. They would much more prefer going to a class to satisfy their major than a religion class. In other words, I don't think the students were saying, I like Bro. Bott's class because it's easy, they just learned more from him than other professors.


Brother Bott is the best teacher I have ever had. I give Norm Nemrow a second best and the classes are totally different. Norm's instruction is in Accounting 200 and 210 (acc210 is one of the hardest weed-out classes in the accounting program at BYU...Which is rated #1 in the country right now). So comparing this, I put the skill that someone presents information, how much you can learn in the time put in, and how valuable the information is. I am not an accounting major, but I have taken more than 180 credits for a major and 2 minors and that is how it stands in my book. The hardest classes don't make them the best, its how much useful information you take with you is how your education/educator is rated.

Former student

Brother Bott knows more about his subject than any other professor I know. He will quote scripture, journals, various talks and documents, and tell you the page and where on the page you will find it, no matter which book it is in or any question you ask. He never makes things up and if there is any uncertainty in his mind he will let you know. If only science teachers were so knowledgeable and full of useful information...and could teach you in a way that you would remember it for the rest of your life.


I live in NC & have been able to attend Education Week for the last 3 years. When I was at BYU in 2007 I ended up in one of Randy's classes (hadn't planned on it) & was instantly hooked & attended all his other classes at Ed. Week. I was so disappointed that he was not teaching this year. He was one of the best instructors at Ed Week (I also love Mark Beecher). Brother Bott deserves all the accolades he gets. BYU is so luck to have him!


Brother Bott is amazing. period.

Yes, an A is fairly attainable but why should a religious course set you up for failure? I've learned more in his classes than I have in any other class at BYU.

He gets the vote because he is a wonderful person. He spends 3-4 hours EVERY DAY answering emails and meeting with students. He smiles and says hello to every student that walks into his class, its little things like that that change people's lives. He goes above and beyond the call of duty for a teacher.

Another Fresno Missionary

President Bott is an outstanding teacher who has an amazing ability to apply the Gospel to real world problems. I am forever grateful for the 2 years I spent under his guidance and leadership. Congratulations to a great man. And if I know him at all, I know that all of this media fuss is driving him crazy!


The absolute best teachers, regardless of subject matter are those who can creat a 'thirst for more'. Does it matter if the instructor is enteraining if the students master and internalize the subject matter?

The "Ot" Poem

Ha! Ha! Nice poem up above. I've written poetry before and unless you're gifted at it, it's work. Yep, even if everything rhymes with "ot". : - )

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