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Published: Thursday, Dec. 11 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Blatant lies? One need merely google "mormon" and "hate crimes" to come up with some truth including the FBI willing to investigate multiple events. FYI The FBI doesn't get involved if people are just crying wolf. It is getting more and more difficult for me to support no on 8 when the only blatant lies seem to be coming from that direction.

Des News

Wouldn't the Deseret News take the ad? Or did the bashers just choose to run it in the liberal Tribune?

I'd like to know.

David's bluff

Well I did a google search on mormons and hate crimes and the top three sites all reference events prior to the election.

As long as you're googling, I encourage you to google murder and gay or murder and transgender. Take a look at how many gay and transgender people have been killed since the election. Then tell me more about the oppressed Mormons.

Let them cry

Every baby cries before they go to bed!


gays get murdered. So so straight people. Not only that, but straight people commit murders. So do gays. A couple of the most terrible serial killers have been gay, in fact. What does that prove?

It proves that murderers commit murders. I can't justify murder by anyone of anyone--no matter what their religion or sexual orientation is.

How can anybody?

Re: David's bluff

I googled it too. Just below those "top three" you refer to, there is exactly what David refers to. It's no bluff. So just because it's only in the top 6, not the top 3, you discredit it? A lie is also withholding the truth. YOU WITHHELD THE TRUTH.


Good for them, it's never ceases to amaze me that some people will accept the support of anyone if it lends credence to their cause. I would have liked to have thought that the LDS church was above it, but their response to the various ads and support from people that have condemned and derided the church in the past seems quite the opposite.

The more and more I witness the church's actions and reactions, the more I reallize that their number 1 goal as of late seems to be finding acceptance in mainstream America (and mainstream American religion in turn). So much for following the path of truth and light that comes by being the only church with the fullness of the restored gospel.

Wake Up!

Truth Wins Out director Wayne Besen also said that the NY Times ad "grossly distorted peaceful protests across the country that followed in the wake of the California vote."

You call domestic terrorism and vandalism peaceful? Wake up Mr. Besen. The only thing that is distorted is your view about life.


Are you all for real? You all are trying to see who murders more? What does any of this have to do with the rights of people in a free country. We as Americans are hipocrates, we want freedom of religion, speech, press, and everything that we know to be right but we cannot give simple human deserving rights to gay people. Since when are we God? Show me where it is justfied to judge or even to force someone to believe the way you do. Noone would want another to come in their home and force them to live a different life so why are we trying to go into the homes and lives of gay people and force them to believe what we want? It is wrong! Christians burned, hung, and murdered hundreds of innocent people during the Salem Witch Trials and they swore it to their religious beliefs, if they were wrong as were thousands of others in any religion's history, how can you be sure you're not. Look back in history show me where persecusion of an entire culture is right? You can try to justify it all you want, its hate and its wrong.

Are You Kidding

Hey, I thought they were boycotting Utah! That ad seems to be adding revenue to Utah pockets! How do we get them to completely boycott Utah?


Sorry but I'm sick of hearing everything that the gay-rights are doing. BORING!!! I could care less what's new on their agenda. BLAH BLAH. Whine whine whine. Whimper, whimper, whimper. Boo Hoo!


People have and are seeing the gays for the racist, hate mongering, dishonest, anti human rights bigots that they are! They are terrorist criminals that attack others and their views that don't agree with the gays anti-God, anti human rights and Anti-American agenda. The American people will not tolerate terrorist dictating their lives and the gays are trying to do that! The gays have driven such a split in society, that we will vote against every immoral, hateful thing that they do. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints teachs tolerance for all people, not their wicked, Hate Mongering, anti-God and anti civil rights agendas. Don't push it off on us. We don't want it.

Gay rights?

Who is taking away the rights of gay's?
Nobody has said that gays can't be gay. Nobody has said that gays can't live together. Nobody has said that gays can't act like everyone else.
The only thing that anyone one is saying is that marriage by definition has always been between a man and a woman and should always stay that way for the sake of the family. If the law changes to say that marraige is between any two people, then a married man or a married woman can marry anyone else without consequence to the law. Bigamy and polygamy is now free game. ya!

So-called Hate State

Threatening to burn down the LA Temple not a hate crime or a terroist threat? Nothing was done about it but closed gates and security. Comapring the LDS Church to Natzis is a hate crime! I am sick of hearing about it. My sister and other LDS people were verbally attacked personally by their professor who rubbed it in their faces that they were no better than the Natzis. President Monson asked us to show compassion. Did Hitler do the same to the Jews? The Natzis broke windows of Jewing places of worshop with rocks and shot through them. It all stated with hate crimes like these gay extremists are doing. Many gay people in the world are not like this. But the extremists are and must be stopped.

? to the gay-extremists

I am just wondering what good your hateful efforts of protesting, vandalism,& abuse have done for your cause?
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are now more respected by many other faiths for their example and of President Monson teaching us to show compassion and love our neighbor despite being under attack by them. What great love our church leaders have.
And you call them haters? Before you blame and critisize other take a look at yourselves and what you are doing.

Do something

I know everything the Church did to prevent such animosity from gay rights people. I understand where they are coming from even though I don't think they tried to reach out to understand us.

BUT I have to say that President Monson did not do enough about this situation. I know that our leaders are much older and are more set in their ways but they really need to have a more open mind than that.

What is Heavenly Father really trying to tell us?


your comments, as is your apparent understanding of your religion and your country's legislature is a joke.


a wonderful missionary tool. Keep it up....


This over a month old now....THE LAW WAS PASSES GET OVER IT...why do we still have to hear about it every flippin day and night?...it needs to come to an end...there is other and more important news that needs to be told.


Truth Wins Out rocks!

Go get 'em!

Where do I send a check?

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