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Published: Thursday, Dec. 11 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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I refuse....

to believe that there aren't enough self supporting people going through the Police Academy, out there who aren't looking for jobs with Police Agencies out there.

Until death vs. career change

Thanks John,

"If a person is dishonest in his personal life - against those he has committed to and should be the most protective of - can anyone believe he wouldn't be dishonest against Joe or Jane Q. Stranger? Of course not."

No, if you are willing to cheat on your wife and lie to your family you will be far more capable of lying to and about people you come into contact with while on duty.

"This is why adultery between soldiers and their spouses is grounds for dishonorable discharge from the military. But that brings up another forgotten concept to some - honor."

Of course, the idea is that if someone is willing to betray their spouse there isn't much more necessary to betray one's country and any office one holds. If you can cheat on your wife how much more would be needed for you to cooperate with the enemy?

You are right that perfection isn't required but an officer who cheats on their spouse can't be trusted to not betray the public's trust. They swore to love, honor and cherish them for eternity or death do parts them. They promised less when taking their oath.


Dont look at the words and think every thing you read is 100% correct. They did not give you a back ground on the circumstances surrounding the issue. If you had knowledge of the whole issue at hand you may have a more understanding of the situation and what that officer was going through. Yes Police Officers are on duty 24/7 however they are off duty when they are home. That officer I am sure of is sorry for his mistakes and is willing to pay his dues. Does that make him dishonest NO. Look at the whole picture before making a decision. We are all human beings and all make mistakes it is how we deal with them after we make them that makes the person. I know that officer will not make that mistake again and will try even harder to better himself as a person. Walk a mile in his shoes before juding another!

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