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Display depicting gay students is back in the Harris Fine Arts Center

Published: Wednesday, Dec. 10 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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BYU has the right to take down anything they deem to not be in accordance with BYU rules. Here, they had concerned individuals that thought it best to take it down. However, they reviewed it and found no offense. This art work could have been about anything, and BYU has the right. Case closed. The fact that it dealt with homosexuality just charged the issue to a different degree. Members of the church as a whole, are uncomfortable with other members saying they are gay. They liken it with anti-mormonism, excommunication and the such. I think BYU was brave to allow it back. Make the Mormon community understand that being a gay member means one thing--lonliness if you don't have the ability to overcome it to a degree and get married. Admitting you have feelings is not a sin, only not observing the law of chastity is the sin. I would love homosexuality to be viewed as just a weakness. Not every SSA individual immediately decides to take it to a sexual level. I myself deal with the weakness, and am married. Thanks to BYU for their decision, the artist for the work, and the students for their bravery.

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