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Display depicting gay students is back in the Harris Fine Arts Center

Published: Wednesday, Dec. 10 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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I support the human race. Homosexual activity does not support it because they cannot reproduce. It would seem homosexual activity along with pornography, pedophiles, and whatever other attraction people act upon is because of selfish desires. Everyone needs to get over themselves and see the bigger picture. P.S. All people regardless of gender attraction still have the right to get married. They can ALL marry those of the opposite sex. No rights have been lost.


TO: TO Cats: I am quoting scholars from the Neil A. Maxwell Institute. These scholars maintain that he had to be a member of the Sanhedrin and, as such, was persecuting Christians. Jewish men were expected to marry at about the age of twenty. It would be extremely unusual for one not to be married after that age. In order to reach a position as eminent as being a member of the Sanhedrin, one had to be married. That is what those scholars maintain. I refer you to them.

Otis Spurlock

Mormon Scholar | 11:36 a.m. wrote:

"Nothing about Paul was moderate. He was tightly drawn, passionately emotional, filled with enormous feelings of self-negativity, seeking to deal with those feelings in the timehonored way of external controls, unflagging religious zeal, and rigid discipline. He could not, however, master the passions that consumed him.

What were these passions? There is no doubt in my mind that they were sexual in nature, but what kind of sexual passions were they? Searching once again through the writings of Paul, some conclusions begin to emerge that startle and surprise the reader. Paul's passions seemed to be incapable of being relieved. Why was that? Paul himself had written that if one "could not exercise self-control" that person should marry. "For it is better to marry than to be aflame with passion" (1 Cor. 7:9). But we have no evidence from any source that Paul ever married. Indeed, he exhorts widows and the unmarried to "remain single as I do" (1 Cor. 7:8).

Also, Paul has been perceived as basically negative toward women. He did write that "it is well for a man not to touch a woman" (1 Cor. 7:1)."

Sounds gay to me.

A Better Exhibit

I would have liked to have seen a picture of an alcoholic, a student in a wheelchair, someone struggling with pornography, an older single person, a person addicted to anti-depressants, and a gay person all in the same picture, arms wrapped around each other. (Labeled of course). To me, that message would portrait an understanding of the trails people go through. To see just gay people sends an awkward message to an awkward audience that doesn't quite know how to deal with this issue.

Only the Facts

To John Pack Lambert:
You wrote: "What are you talking about?! BYU never used shock aversion therapy. Check your facts before you post."
May I suggest you go to the BYU library and ask for the PhD dissertation, "Effect of Visual Stimuli in Electric Aversion Therapy," by Max Ford McBride, 1976. It reports on what happened at BYU. It will clear up your questions. Unless, of course, it has been "temporarily removed from circulation."


So why is it so many BYU students can't accept homosexuals, when they are sodomites? They walk around with a giant stick up their...I can't say because I'll be edited..but you know what I mean. Anyone outside of LDS org, and an admirable few inside, can see that BYU is close minded and deserves any critism it gets on this. Gays are people too, children of God, you claim to love them (just not the sin)...but then you can't support and love them, or show pictures of them! No no no. It's better to keep a faceless enemy you can despise, in the name of righteousness.

A few thoughts.......

Cats: "What we won't do is accept homosexual behavior as normal, natural or morally equal to heterosexual behavior. When gays say they want tolerance, what they really want is for everyone else to embrace and accept their lifestyle as normal and moral."
Would that "normal heterosexual behaivor" include promiscuity? Promiscuity is really the issue which has degraded our society. Promiscuity results in out-of-wedlock pregnancies, higher rates of abortion, STDs, AIDs etc. The church approves of "civil unions." So what we are arguing about here is the term we use?
Why don't we work on the main issue instead of focusing our attention on an easily targeted group of people? Especially when the history of our church included a practice viewed abhorently and depraved by the outside world...............

Re: Missing the point

You have every right to vote the way you see fit. Nobody is forcing you to abandon your beliefs, however misguided they may be. And, we have every right to view you as misguided and bigoted, just was we view those who supported slavery and segregation as bigoted as well. The these were both once majority views, similar to this issue.

What I don't get is how you can argue that you "love" the gay person and then turn around and vote to take away their right to marry, a right that had been granted by a Republican majority court. That, sir, is not love at all. Intolerance, fear, and homophobia.


these comments are pure absurdity... do any of you realize what you are saying?


TO: a few thoughts: That was REALLY off point. Talk about setting up a straw man. Are you trying to distract attention from the real issue here? No one would disagree with your comments about promiscuity. That's a completely seperate issue from homosexuality.


Electro-shock aversion therapy?!
That's shocking- SHOCKING!


Are you proud of yourself, Michael??


Simple fact: This is a boring idea. A bunch of face photos of people with no expression. This is a classic case of hanging nothing and calling it "Art."

closed minded?

How can having a mind that doesn't agree with your thoughts be 'closed minded'? I'm so tired of the gays trying to cram their lifestyle down our throats so we will accept their evil ways. Believe how you want and allow others to believe how we want. That's freedom and free agency. I am tired of gsys telling me to 'love' them. Yes, I can love them. But, I don't have to accept, nor embrace their lifestyle.


@miss the point

No, I know why they were removed. I also know that skill-wise, they are crummy. If this kid tried to put these in his portfolio, he wouldn't get a job. You know why? Coz they go for "statement!" instead of craft, and a very narrow statement at that. (Honestly, is that statement that creative? No one in New York would give a flying rat about it. No, it's only there to let BYU and LDS people show how close-minded they are. Now that's open-minded!)

As far as the review board goes, you must mean the "You gotta do a show or you won't get your BFA degree" review board. Yea I know that board. I graduated with a degree in BFA at BYU so I should.

Re: Bravo

Celibacy works until you meet the love of your life. Then what do you do?


This is a great article. Very insightful. To my thinking this is the first acknowledgment from the LDS Church that it is not only aware that many of its BYU students are Gay and but that they [the students] feel comfortable outing themselves. Talk about progress...now if we can only stop treating them like 2nd class citzens...


Um, "Cats", some people would disagree with "A few thoughts"'s comments about promiscuity. Not every one in the world thinks that having more than one sexual partner in their life is contributing to the end of society. Not everyone has the same point of view on these "moral" issues. Isn't that half the problem? BYU classifies homosexuality as evil, but to the person with those feelings it's natural. People are people are people.

Yes, close minded

You can think gays are evil, and the rest of the world can think mormons are close minded. You can't put judgement on one group and then complain when the same thing happens to you.

Chris Dutkiewicz-BYU Alum

I don't like the exhibit at BYU. However, I trust the President of BYU and the President of the Church to make the right choices for this institution.

But I don't like it one bit. Of course, I didn't like scheduling Elon College for the Men's BBall team either, but that's not my job.

So I'm still a proud Alum, but I don't like even the appearance of promoting that lifestyle and the potention for destruction to the family it represents.

Chris Dutkiewicz

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