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Display depicting gay students is back in the Harris Fine Arts Center

Published: Wednesday, Dec. 10 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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BYU Grad and Active LDS

I applaud the reposting of this exhibit and the BYU administration. Just because we LDS have some controversial moral stances doesn't mean we can't be accepting and examine ourselves and our reactions. Gay members of the church are a fact of life - we should not shy away from it nor should we shun them or condemn. I lost a lot of faith in BYU, not the church mind you, when I was there but this restores much of my good will towards the school. Brave steps and big hearts for BYU.


I'm not so sure Hugh Nibley would have been tolerant of the gay display at BYU. His lesbian daughter nearly broke his heart with her pro-gay, anti-Church activities.


"What are you talking about?! BYU never used shock aversion therapy. Check your facts before you post."

I don't think BYU has ever denied using shock therapy and I have heard too many first hand stories from gays who were subjects to question it.

What makes you think they did not try this? It makes sense. If, in the 1970's, the church believed it was a learned response, it could be unlearned. Thus, reparative, shock therapy. They do not do it any longer as it did not work.

gay vs honor code

Thanks I.D. 8:52. I was not sure. I imiagine that the students pictured in the display are those with same-sex attraction who have chosen to follow the honor code. They have proven that we can all choose our actions, in spite of our attractions and propensities. The display can be taken as a pro-responsible choices in spite of adversities declaration. Am I correct?


re: So | 5:24 a.m. Dec. 10, 2008

>>So, if one proclaims to be gay yet he refrains from the act is he still gay? >If you were a straight student at BYU, or just following the church's admonition not to have sex before marriage, does that make you asexual rather than heterosexual? >You don't have to be actively having sex to be gay.<<



I would be terrfied to advertise my gayness at that school!


re: Trust the BYU leadership | 8:46 a.m. Dec. 10, 2008

Blind trust is a slippery slope.

re: TNHick | 8:17 a.m. Dec. 10, 2008

I agree its perpetuating a societal division

re: what the? | 8:24 a.m. Dec. 10, 2008

There is an incredible amount its all about be & having look at me moments 24/7 so people wanting to air their dirty laundry s/b no surprise.


Cats: Some of your remarks can't go unanswered. I'm sure that as a woman you do things every day that would get you stoned to death in many countries.

You imply that the opposite of tolerance is execution or imprisonment. What an attitude! Also the bible says lots of things that rational people don't believe or act on. I think America is the wrong place for you. You belong in Saudi Arabia.

The key word....

in this article is "change". Tolerance?.....Yes....Support?......Yes.....But the word change ought to be deleted because BYU won't change as expected....

Sneaky Jimmy

It seems that few get the point of the exhibit. We have met the enemy and he is us. Same gender attraction is a normal part of the "Mormon Lifestyle". THEY are among us, our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers. Until we accept the fact that someone like the apostle Paul could have a same gender attraction and still be a man of God we will make no headway.


Are you guys serious? Shock therapy?! Did BYU really give gay students shock therapy in an attempt to cure them?

What is the source for this information?

Re: Missing the Point

"Why the church is has [sic] to continually answer this question is beyond me."

The reason why the church is, and will continue to be, harangued about homosexuality is due to their refusal to address it.

LDS doctrine requires Temple matrimonial ordinances in order to ascend to the highest level of Celestial life. Since gays cannot marry each other, they must either forfeit their eternal reward, or conceal their proclivities and feign affections for their partner. This certainly would not be fair to the hetero spouse; this marriage would most likely be doomed.

Homosexuality is NOT a choice. The "choice" is whether or not to ACT on those innervations. Gays can be no more impressionable to alter their innate orientations than we. I am a hetero male, but I never chose to be hetero, nor did I choose to be male. It just worked out that way for me.

Since LDS church Presidents and General Authorities are so divinely inspired, it stands to reason that something that could bar one of God's children from achieving such Celestial happiness and everlasting joy would be something of a concern to them. Why, after 178 yrs, has the church not addressed it?

To Cats

"God has stated that homosexuality is an abomination and GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED!"

And neither will you, obviously!

I think God can take care of himself. You do not need to speak for him or do the judging for him. That is his job.


Wow. As I've been reading these comments, most of them just sound so hateful, mean-spirited, and contentious. Is this how Mormons talk? If so then I suddenly feel less sorry about all the recent attacks on your church- you guys are no better than the people making the attacks. You get what you give.

Great Decision BYU

I applaud BYU's decision to put the display back up. There is a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge difference between homosexual attraction and homosexual behavior/activity. As the article says, those who are experience homosexual attractions are more than welcome at BYU; only when those attractions end up in behavior do these people violate the Honor Code. Also, there is nothing sinful at all about being attracted to someone of the same gender. I understand completely those who would argue that putting someone's struggles and temptations on display is something that is unnecessary, but art is never about what is or is not necessary. It is often about a message. Any piece of art that helps those with same gender attraction know that they are accepted at BYU and that helps people understand that it is alright to be attracted to members of the same gender, but not to act on those attractions is praiseworthy in my eyes. Here's to hoping there are future opportunities for BYU to stand up for its true viewpoints again in the future.


Have you seen the photos? They are not that good...

Re: Splitting Hairs

I agree, BYU is splitting hairs here. This is an area where hairs need to be split. So many people attach to their intolerance of homosexual behavior (which I share) an intolerance to anyone with homosexual attractions. If this project can send the message to people that you can struggle with same gender attraction and still be acceptable at BYU and still be "worthy" in the eyes of God, fantastic!!!

Same Gender Attraction is not a sin!! I understand that people might be uncomfortable discussing the issue and that it is not necessary for people to where their sexuality on their sleeve; but, I don't see this display as an advocacy for homosexual behavior. It is a recognition that there is an entire class of people at BYU (and in the LDS church) that struggle with major trials in their lives. Despite these trials, they chose to live a chaste life. If that is not the best message that can be sent to those who advocate gay marriage and homosexual lifestyles, I don't know what is!


peace is a good thing


As an active LDS person who lives with same gender attraction, recently attended BYU, and chooses to live a chaste life, I can tell you that homosexual attractions are not a choice. I don't know whether the source of such attractions are biological or environmental, and I honestly don't really care (I happen to believe it is a little bit of both). I strongly believe that what the Church teaches about homosexuality is 100% correct; the problem is that most people have no clue what the LDS church actually teaches about homosexuality (at least they don't act like they believe it). Go and read what President Hinckley has said on the matter; read the interview given by Elder Oaks and Elder Wickman. On the churches newsroom site, there are several videos and articles explaining their position. I am not suggesting that homosexual attraction is something that should be celebrated and broadcast to the world, but if this art display can cause people (lds or not) to really find out what the church's position on homosexuality is and to be a little more tolerant themselves, then it will be a huge success.

to Cats

Hugh Nibley's daughter, Martha Beck accused him of molesting her, which all her siblings vehemently denied.

Many gays feel they were born gay, are not aware of having made a choice to be gay. There are many who talk about feeling gay at a very early age--7 years old for example. Additionally, there are many gays who have spent their entire lives trying to deny their gayness, trying to avoid feeling gay, praying and fasting mightily to be cured of gayness, yet not being able to escape. We have a long way to go in this church in our level of knowledge and understanding about what it is like to be gay.

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