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Man charged waives right to a jury

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 9 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Utah Country prosecutors need to be cautious. Jepson is guilty, but I think it will be difficult to prove that without a body (especially without a jury). While a jury will allow its emotions to come into play, a judge will review the law more carefully and find insufficient evidence. I agree that Jepson needs to be kept in jail, but at what cost? Don't rush to trial.


Very well said, don't let this guy off. Tell us where the body is so there can be some closure. Our prayers are with the Davis'.


Interesting spin on the trial by judge idea. He may also be looking for a leaner sentence in the long run, knowing he can't run from the consequences. There needs to be a gag order on spectacular trials - such as this. Wait until it all plays out.

Rush to trail???

It has been 13 1/2 years. How long should they wait - oh yeah, then there is that whole right to a speedy trial thing.


Well at least a judge will not rule with his feelings. Everyone knows a jury is easy to sway with emotion - not a judge.

Expert Textperts....

I would really like to see all of you "experts" read and study the whole case and then "pass your judgement". If you even had a glimmer of this entire thing you'd shut your yap(s). Thank God in heaven our society doesn't let just any opinionated twerp be a judge.


If he (Jeppson) knows something but didn't kill her why doesn't he try to clear himself and let the Davis family have some closure??? To let it go this long is wrong.

@expert texperts...

I have followed and studied the case for years and they'd better not let Jeppson off. I also knew Jeppson in the years he was pretending to be a husband and father. Its about time he becomes a man and opens his yap and quits lying about what he really knows.

Ah geez

They are simply trying to close a case - unless of course you have some information that hasn't been presented to the court. Because so far, they haven't even presented the when, where, why, and how on this case.

Being this is already 13 years old, I can only assume that having a bench trial as opposed to a jury trial will take less time and money. I wonder what the reason would be to deny such a move.


Jury or not, I pray the Davis' do get some closure. Imagine the pain of all these years, waiting and wondering. I really hope there is some justice in this case and true closure, and that the Davis' get the answers they need.


I can't imagine the pain the family has to go through everyday. Why does it have to take this long...

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