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Published: Saturday, Dec. 6 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Good article.

I'll always be grateful to Twilight. Its had a positive affect on my daughter and how she should be viewing the males in her sphere of acquaintances. She's had a poor view of men ever since her Dad left us for his girlfreinds and to see an example of someone being devoted and dependable has opened her up again. She went from "I'm never getting married" to "You have to look for the right attitude to stay married eternally" and for her, that's a major change.


As a huge fan of Twilight, reading your article really made me love it more. I'm happy to know that the novel did not only appeal to teenagers like me but also to people of all ages as well. What you said is absolutely true. I couldn't agree with you more. Twilight isn't really just about a simple love story between two people. It's a whole lot more.


I agree - the books sparked a love of reading in my teenage daughter. We now have something more to talk about and have seen the movie together twice.


This movie is another of those mormon 'darlings' that will be defended to the nth degree. If it were created outside of a connection to the morg, it would be approached totally different here.


Yes, good article. However, I disagree with one comment:

"The comment (that Twilight is smut for women) is also a dead give away that the guy hasn't bothered to see the movie."

Correction, such a comment is a dead give away that the guy hasn't read the *book*.

Unfortunately the movie is so laughably bad that it's hard to take anything of value from it. It is so bad that it almost ruined the book that I found so enjoyable.

Usual Suspect

Movies have to condense a book into 100 pages or less and while doing that, they have to stand on their own and make sense to those who haven't read the book. There is always something that the reader of the book will think was left out or not developed sufficiently.

Since I didn't read the book I had no disappointment with the movie. For me it worked fine. I enjoyed it. I thought it did a good job raising sexual tension without the usual sex. Millions upon millions in America appreciate that ability in this movie as evidenced by it's popularity. What a refreshing change. A new style of romantic genre has been discovered that I hope will be a pattern for other films to follow.

Doug in California

"Anonymous" feels this is local Mormon phenomenon. Not true! This is all over the country and is huge. Folks with values and morals from lots of religious directions are happy with a fun and adventurous story that is clean. It is refreshing and a good example of "retaking lost ground" in society. Hurray for this author!

Thank you for

your perspective. It was refreshing, and nice to finally hear it.


I disagree, and I've seen it. The bulk of the leading lady's role was to evince sheer horniness. There was no real morality evident in the movie. It is made crystal clear that if the main characters could have schlept together, they would have.


Ok, back up. How is this a "local Mormon phenomenon"? I saw this in N.C. - it's all over the country. My daughter's friends (in Hickory, N.C.) are wild about the movie and the books. I didn't get that the characters were Mormon, nor did I hear any mention of Mormons in the movie. Did I miss something? Or is it a phenomenon because Utah people liked it? By the by, I applaud the author and the studio for daring to write and produce something with good old fashioned morals. Truly refreshing. I hope they don't change that in the sequels.

Mom in Utah

I loved the book and I loved the movie - and I'm not a sappy romantic - it was just plain fun and clean entertainment for a change. After seeing the movie I read the book again and liked it even more.

wake up

Just look at Amazon's top 10 best seller's for the year and see if any Stephanie Meyer books are there. Number 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 10 are all Meyer books. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that this isn't a "local Mormon phenomenon.


Doug! "retaking lost ground"???!!??

are we in a war or something? secular v. mormons?

non-mormons v. mormons?

mormons, catholics, evangelicals v. the world?

tell me the teams so i can decide who to root for!


How can you consider this "safe"? He stalks her, ends up in her bedroom every night, and she lies to her father right and left.

ANY girl that carries on a relationship with a boy in that fashion will sleep with him. Twilight sets up a false sense of security and should horrify every mother whose kid reads it.

And girls wanting the same kind of guy that their Mom married--by that do you mean someone 200 years old?


It may not be "smut," but definitely soft porn for women.

The problem with porn is that it provides a false perspective on healthy relationships. The relationship between Edward and Bella is fantasy and creates a false expectation in adolescent, and apparently middle-aged women, of what real healthy relationships are.

May you all find your Edwards.


I enjoyed the article. I like Twilight because it shows YOU decide what you do, not your hormones or powerful human urges. That's the whole point. Not "every girl" will sleep with a guy when they carry out a relationship in that fashion. They could have, but they chose not to.


I'm glad girls are reading, but why this rot? How about a real book? First Harry Potter and now this. We are in danger of putting out the most shallow and unimaginative herd of teen girls this country has ever seen. As a teacher, I've talked to girls who devour this pablum and they seem quite unable to even say why they like it. As the country goes into a time where we will truly need brilliant, strong women, we will be left with a nation of airheads waiting for a magic horse to swoop down and fly them away to a handsome prince's crystal cavern, to live forever and sheild them from all harm.


I wouldn`t watch this movie if someone gave me a hundred dollars to do so.


I don't think I would go as far to say "soft porn" for women. At least not the first book of the series. However, the story gets more and more intense throughout the series. I think parents should be cautioned about their teenagers reading the series. Parents need to decide if they feel it is appropriate.

I agree that the movie provides a false perspective on healthy relationships. I left thinking that the characters relationship was extremely underdeveloped. It ended up feeling like they had nothing more than a sexual basis for their relationship. The book however, provides more understanding of why they are a good match. There is nothing wrong with a little fantasy so long as you are able to distinguish it from reality. Parents who communicate openly with their teens about matters of love and sex have no need to fear this movie or the book.


you make some very good points. Let add her making out with him on her bed.
involved in a relationship with a much older man. obviously she was not interesed in boys her own age.
Then this much older man takes her across state lines without her parents permission.
At the end of the movie she is begging edward to "turn her" Is this a metaphor for taking her virginity?
How about how she treats her father he is trying to create a relationship with her.
How about how the "vampire" family is involved in felonous behavior constantly: pooching, possible murder, for which there is not statute of limitations.
The movie and books are nothing but entertainment, to try and find some kind of redeeming social value in them is rediculous.
Truth is high school girls should not be involved in one on one relationships with boys. Friendly dating is fine but nothing serious until she is older and better able to make rational decisons.
Romance novels and movies are a bunch of fluff. It does create unrealisic expectaions for men.
if a guy sticks around and helps out maybe you should appreciate that.

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