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Published: Friday, Dec. 5 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Roller Mills

Since it is a contract year, Carlos probably won't milk this latest owie for the entire season.


When are the Jazz sickies going to run out of sick leave and start taking pay cuts? I doubt that that is in the contract, but I think it would enhance the healing process. In the meantime, bless the bench. They are doing great.


Perhaps it's time to replace Jerry with a wet-nurse

Booz vs. Sap

When Jazz management has to make the call if Carlos opts out at the end of the year, they'd be getting a John Deere tractor in Millsap and letting a Cadillac go (have you noticed how neatly trimmed his goatee always is?). Based on what Sap has done in the absence of the Booz, I'd rather have the tractor than the delicate Caddy.


The mental toughness of the players today is disturbing. Karl, John, and Horny all played hurt. At this rate, they'll be ninth in the West and miss the playoffs.

jazz fan

I'm really getting sick of all these fake Jazz fans on here whining about Jazz players. True, they have been playing poorly lately, but so does every team in the league at certain points of the season. The truth is we, as Jazz fans, are spoiled. The Jazz have been very successful for the most part since coming to Utah. No team can brag about the consistency we've had in terms of winning seasons. If the Jazz have a string of losses all I see and hear is how bad Williams, Boozer, Okur, etc. are playing. Give the guys a break. They are trying. Boozer really is hurt and trying to come back when he's ready so he doesn't have long term season injuries. I guantee all these idiots posting comments about Boozer, wouldn't last two minutes on the court because they are weak minded fools that hide behind their computers and point fingers.

Wilb Breth

Booz will Looz! Jazz will end up with Koofus and Sappy!


@ jazz fan 7:46

Do you think Sloan is satisfied with making the playoffs each year? You think Stockton, Malone, and Horny were happy with their nice long streak of just getting to the playoffs. I'm sure each one of them would tell you otherwise. And as fans we shouldn't expect anything less than Championships!

I agree with you that a lot of these posters probably aren't even really Jazz fans. They just read the article and say the same thing they ALWAYS say. However, I have been a huge Jazz fan my whole life and it is frustrating to watch players get hurt all the time. Some are legit... and others are weak injuries that could be played through.
Don't you... as a Jazz Fan want a championship, or is making the playoffs enough for you?


I feel like this injury situation is actually a blessing for the Jazz as this situation provides the Jazz brass a chance to see what they've got to work with. One of the big 4 will have to go at the end of the season. I suspect it may be Okur or Boozer. If Boozer opts out and gets a max deal I suspect the Jazz will let him walk unless they have a better trade option with another player. Koufus looks like he could be a viable replacement for Okur. Not as good with long range shot but better / more active defender and still has offensive skills. Same with Milsap. He also is an adequate replacement for Boozer. Not quite the offensive force but certainly an equal rebounder and better defender. Kirilenko is unique so the Jazz may decide to keep him.........we'll see. It's clear that the Jazz have some players that could each be much better with more playing time. This is actually working out well for them. It even raises potential trade value.


Let's hope AK plays tonight. We could really use his energy back out on the court. Jazz are going to go 2-0 this weekend! I can feel it! ;]


Notice that CJ never misses a game. Well he used to miss them all cause Sloan wouldn't play him!! Jazz Fan: Do you really think Boozer is not the most injury plagued player in the history of the Jazz? He is not tough at all. That flows right over to his mental toughness on defense and in last year's playoffs. He is soft as butter.


Miles said after Wednesday's loss to the Heat. "I had three times I had to catch the ball with the buzzer going off and (was) shooting long 3s." And you wonder why he only shots 50%!!!


He only shots 50% huh? Did you get past the 3rd grade?

Sammy sez

The era has nothing to do with it, thruout NBA history there have always been teams that had injury problems and guys missing games. The difference is, the Jazz were lucky to have two unique guys in Malone and Stockton who avoided serious injury and were still willing to play despite minor aches, bumps and bruises. Malone never had serious injury problems with the Jazz, but his luck ran out his last season when he played for the Lakers. The only time Stockton missed any length of time was the first 18 games of the 97-98 season as he was recovering from off season surgery.


Actually I made it to the 10th grade before I dropped out. I am sure you can figure out the missing "o" I least I don't use spell check to do all my writing like you do!!!

Jazzy Jazz

Jazz Jazz Jazzy Jazz Jazzy.


sits the bench for another game come on boozer fans wake up

@ Miles

"I least I don't use spell check to do all my writing like you do!!!"

That was overstating the obvious

Another @Miles

Boozer is injury prone, but I think soft as butter is a bit of an overstatement. Also, I think AK has been pretty injury prone as well. If CJ saw the same minutes that those guys do and got the kind of attention from defenses he might be hobbled every now and then too. Stop complaining about the team we have and get behind them. Theyre not playing well now, but as long as they can tread water until AK, Boozer, Korver, Williams and Okur are back/in the flow of the game again theyre going to be fine, with a more experienced bench to help out.


Whatever happened to the 'Ukrainian Chamberlain',
Fessenko? I am a huge fan of his and feel he is

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