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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 3 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Are funerals of Apostles and there spoused generally open to the public? I think most of the time they are. Just need some security there.


They are open to the public. From my experience, they are very uplifting for those in attendance.

LDS Member

It's sad when an Apostle passes on.

Elder Wirthlin lived a Good Life.

Elder Wirthlin lived a Great Life.

He was a Servant of and a Witness of
the Lord Jesus Christ.

He left a Legacy and Example to follow.
He showed Humility in the way he spoke and
did things.

If there is a "silver lining", it's the concept that he will be re-united with his Sweetheart.

We lost Gordon B. Hinckley earlier this year and
James Faust late in Summer 2007. Looks like the
other side of the Veil is getting some Super Great
people and leaders. Wonder if they have gotten together yet there?

Glad we have BYU-TV to view the Memorial service.
I'm sure on the internet, if one can't get the video
version of BYU-TV because of "bandwith" limitations, BYURadio will bring it in the "audio" format >> byuradio.org

I might take the day off from work to view the Memorial in "real time". If not I'll let the VCR record it so that I can view later when I get home.

God Bless the Wirthlin Family and the Church General
Authorities and the Latter-day Saints everywhere!!!


I have it recorded. BYUTV does not have it on the program but I recorded that time block anyway as they will preempt whatever they have on during that time. It will also be broadcast on BYUTV several times as well. I am sure of that.


Oh Elder Wirthlin....you will be truly missed! You were one of my most favorite Apostles! Thank you for sharing you light and knowlegde with us all! May God take you and your lovely wife into his loving care. May God bless and comfort those you left behind, especially your family!!! God Speed, brother......

Carolyn Cheney

You were in our home while we were serving in Paraguay and I have a great love for you and your wife. Your messages at conference time will be missed. Thank you for all that you did for The Church as a whole and for our family. We love you!

Thank you Wirthlin family for sharing your parents with the world! Right before kneeling for family prayers in the evening, Elder Wirthlin shared the story with my children about shaking the hand of a woman who had shaken the hand of the prophet Joseph Smith. He said, "I was one shake away from the prophet and now you are two shakes away from the prophet Joseph Smith." I was so grateful to have been blessed by his spirit and for my children to have had time with an apostle of the Lord.

Much love and best wishes,

Carolyn Z. Cheney
Sugar Land, Texas

to Carolyn Cheney

C T Christensen made a movie about the story of shaking the hand of the hand that shook the prophets hand but I seem to forget the name of that movie. Any Ideas and maybe where I could get a copy of it. Its a old one. Thanks.

LDS Members

We will truly miss hearing him speak at conferences. We also feel grateful that we can stay home and view the greatness of this great mans life on TV.

Our deepest condolences to his family.

Les & Arlene Brimhall

We shall truly miss the dry sense of humor that Elder Wirthlin shared with us. His example to us will always be a strength to us when we are upon hard times.
We extend our love and prayers for his family in his passing.

LDS Member

I was so touched by the picture of Elder Wirthlin with his head to the heart of the Prophet, Thomas S. Monson. It seemed to describe him, a heart and will full of love and rectitude.

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