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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 2 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Good bye Coach A

I wonder if Coach Anderson will still be interested in coaching for the Utes in their bowl game, or if Kyle will even want him at the bowl game, if Gary accepts the Utah State job before the game?


While I think it's important to get behind whom ever gets the job, I'm not real up on hiring another Asst. Coach, or even a D1AA coach. There are legit, seasoned and winning D1A coaches out there looking for work, we should start with them IMHO.


do it now, aggies

Forgot a college...

Like coach Anai, he also did a stint at Ricks College.

Dont do it coach A

Utah state is where coaching careers go to die. Stay utah another year or so and wait for a better job to open up where you can win a few games. You have 10 starters reterning on D so you will still be among the best next year too!


I was hoping for UCLA's assistant. Anderson, Baer and Canales were next on my list of hopefuls. I was hoping it wouldn't be John L.

Coach Guy is leaving the program in better shape than when he became coach. In some ways, I wished the Aggies would have let him coach one more year. The record wasn't great, but the Aggies were going in the right direction. I hope the next coach can accelerate the improvement.


Part of their problem has always been that Brent Guy did not recruit within the state, neither will Gary Andersen don't do it! You will have the same results, mediocre out of state players that no other schools wanted. Gary would rather offer walk on status to in state kids and full scholarships to out of state kids, that works at Utah where kids want to attend may not go so well at Utah State.


Coach Andersen don't take the job unless they give you four year contract to turn things around. Things are a mess up there. It's going to take at least a couple of years to reach 6-6.

However, I'm pulling for you USU!


This is great and all, but can he recruit?

Program is ripe for success

The aggie football team is ready to take off. Guy actually built a very good foundation. With the new facilities and new committment from the administration I think USU football is going to turn some heads in the coming years. Andersen is no dummy. He sees it.


Would be a great hire. Do it! Go Aggies!


Actually USU was seconds away from being 5-7 this year playing 9 teams that are bowl eligible. keep in mind almost all of USU's skill players were freshman and sophmores. I wouldn't be surprised to see USU 6-6 next year and going to a bowl in the next 2. If you don't think so you didn't pay attention this year.

True Blue

I can't believe the negativity; Gary Anderson has been ranked in the top 10 best recruiters by scouts inc. for the past 4 years! Wake up Aggies. As for those who think it will take years to get to 6-6 you clearly didn't watch the Aggies over the last five games. I think there is a lot of talent returning and Anderson could have us bowl eligible next season!


The man can recruit. This is a blurb from the Utes site...

Andersen is also considered one of the best recruiters in the nation. He was named as the nation's No. 1 non-BCS recruiter in 2005 by Rivals.com. He was cited as a Rivals.com Top 10 non-BCS recruiter in 2008.

Alaska Aggie

I have had the great opportunity to spend a fair amount of time with Coach Guy and his staff. They have done a better job than most know. He had nothing when he started, and you can see how the young players have progressed. A sign of good coaching.

Coach Anderson will be terrific, if hired. I hope he keeps some of the good young assistants who are already there, like Danilo Robinson and Troy Copp, both of whom will be good D-coordinators within a few years.

I have faith in Barnes. I know that, like many long-suffering fans, we are ready for a turnaround!

Geaux Blue

Gary Anderson is a flake. He only coached at SUU for one year, and he hired inexperienced FRIENDS to complete his coaching staff. Wes Meier? The guy was a high school coach and became the assistant head coach. Anderson put in for the Idaho State job a couple years ago, and then he pulled out when he was becoming the front runner. He's sniffing for the best job, and he will have absolutely ZERO loyalty to USU.

Canales. Baer. Why USU doesn't reach for somebody who WANTS to be there is beyond me.

Coach Anderson would be

a steal in my opinion. Many posters are down on the Aggies and probably rightfully so but USU is serious like never before about winning. I am sure that statement will earn many potshots but they have put many million into their facilities AND it appears that they are DOUBLING the pay for the incoming coach to around 500K vs. Guy making 250K approx. There is NO reason USU cannot win against other WAC teams. We beat Hawaii, NMSU and IDAHO this year, also we "could" have beat Fresno State minus the 58 yarder, so basically if Boise leaves there is NO reason we wont be in the running. I think many in Utah compare Logan to Salt Lake or Provo. Having lived in two other "WAC cities" I can say without hesitation Logan is not a bad place to live at all. Sure SLC would be better but Logan is a very nice community, low crime, good schools, outdoors, etc; Yes it is cold but if you look at averages it is within 5-10 of the greater Wasatch.

I wont politic anymore only to say Anderson would be a great great hire-Go Aggies!


I would not want him. Look what he did at SUU. The man will never help the program.

Mickey Mouse

A Mickey Mouse job for a Mickey Mouse guy.


What was his record as SUU...oh yeah...mmmwhahahhaa

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