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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 3 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Be of Good Cheer

I personally say "Merry Christmas" but never have taken offense at "Happy Holidays". Isn't this just forcing one group's view upon the other? Whether you come from the left or the right, it's the same thing.


Happy Holidays, Senator. Happy Holidays.


Chris Buttars is a joke. Quit wasting Utah's time and money Chris! The only War on Christmas comes from people like you who think Christmas is supposed to be about SHOPPING!!!!

What a Waste of Time

Did this guy really get re-elected? This is absolutely crazy.


Buttars is just wasting time on ridiculous resolutions. Way to go West Jordan on re-electing this yahoo.


What a waste of time.

bob carlisle

i have never seen any normal, hard working, anybody get offended by merry christmas, i have never seen any normal, hard working anybody, get offended by happy holidays or happy Chanukah, every one gets offended by merry x-mas however. happy holidays is an acceptable middle ground. if you want to say merry christmas who cares. no need for action.


How could people be so blind and stupid to re-elect this clown?

Citizens of West Jordan

Shame on you for re-electing this person.

Roger S.

I don't believe Senator Buttars' effort is a waste of time, my reason being that if we fail to do something to keep "Christmas" as part of the Christmas Holiday, the very meaning of the season may eventually be lost or at least weakened. It's a small thing to encourage retailers and shoppers to use "Christmas" rather than "Holiday", but traditions and ideas are lost one small step at a time.


Even by the often silly and self-centered "Christian" standards of many Utahans, this is a truly asinine new low. Happy Saturnalia, Senator.


Wasn't it this newspaper that referred to a Christmas tree as a Yule tree? The Deseret News will be hearing from a local lawmaker. :-)

Utahn, not a Xian

This is no more a Christian Country than it is a Muslim, Jew or Agnostic country. It is a country. Free to be a Buttars and free to be a Buttars hater. This guy is running out of bogus causes and is starting to look like Dell Schanze more and more everyday. Gayle get a new houseboy, this one embarrasses even you!


I think there should be a law defining Christmas as one Christian shopper at one Wal-Mart, period!


I should be able to wish you "Merry Christmas" without fear of being sued.

No matter WHO endorses it, this is a worthy endeavor because our country is becoming less Christian by the minute. This trend of not saying "Christmas" in favor of "Holiday" has got to end. We are a country founded on Christian principles. We are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, not "Holiday's."

Merry Christmas, and to all a good day!!

Getting off track...

Christmas is the domain of religion, and state lawmakers should leave it at that. I celebrate Christmas, but I think having the state dictate or "encourage" behaviors related to this or any other religious observance cheapens the holiday. Let's respect people's rights to decide what they will celebrate, how, and why.

I don't see how the supposed "attack on Christmas" could be considered a legitimate state concern. We are going through tough times and Utah is facing some major issues. Would Buttars and fellow legislators please focus on those?


I am REALLY surprised by the comments on this board!! Do you know or remember what the celebration of Christmas is all about????? It is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. That is what it funtion was in the beginning - and I for one do not want it to change to just a "season" to celebrate with LOTS of wordly gifts. I think he is right. The Muslims and Jews have their holidays and we do not interfer with them why must we change ours to include them ? PLEASE remember everyone the reason for the season is Christ!!!! Therefore Christmas. Please don't forget. If you do not believe in Christ and want to celebrate in your own way be my guess..... But don't change the name and reason for the rest of us. It sounds like gays and marraige all over. Why is alright to be gay and Muslim and any other religion - but Christians must not persecuted?


To Lavinia: Which Christian principle was it that took this land away from the Natives; lying, cheating, stealing, or murder?

Merry Christmas

There is nothing wrong with supporting the use of Merry Christmas. Today, many companies are changing their advertising to Happy Holiday's in fear of offending those who aren't Christians. This is ridiculous of course, or is it? I believe we are slowly being lulled away from being "one nation under God" by those who go out of their way to be politically correct out of fear/desire. It has always been Merry Christmas and it should always be Merry Christmas. We celebrate the birth of the Savior whose name this holiday has been given.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Well, West Jordan, thanks a lot. Just because the majority of the country is Christian doesn't mean that 'Happy Holidays' is a bad thing. I would also like to remind Mr Buttars that Mormons are not a majority, but our rights are still important. The purpose of a republic is to protect all, not a rule by majority lifestyle. If majority rule was king, I hate to think what kind of laws we would have in this country.

The problem with Christmas is that it falls near so many other religious days. To be fair, Happy Holidays captures them all. We don't have this problem with Easter, because there aren't other conflicting religious holidays surrounding the date. That being said, I am not offended by any of the holiday greetings.

The bottom line, though, is that the government should not be meddling in how stores choose to advertise. I do not support my tax dollars going towards such a silly resolution.

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