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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 3 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Cynthia Stacey

It is funny that this very morning I would have read that very conference talk mentioned in this article. I refer to the talk he gave at the last conference. It really touched me and made me sit up and take notice. So often in life we choose misery over happiness. I appreciate his last words to the saints as well as the many years of selfless service. My condolences are to his family. His service and love has touched many. How wonderful to have a father, brother etc. to be close to that is well respected and loved. I look forward to some day making his acquaintence. May the Lord bless you in this time of grief.


Elder Wirthlin was my kind of Leader! Unassumming, Humble, caring, not flashy, and teachable example.

Coming from me that is something, because I am basically a Jack Mormon. Someday I may come fully back!

Senior Missionary in Hawaii

What a wonderful body of wisdom he has left us in his Conference talks. His speeches are referred to all of the time and he will be greatly missed. Thank you, Elder Wirthlin!


Thank you for your unwavering example of faith and devotion to our Savior Jesus Christ. Truly you will be missed.


I've wished someone would write his biography so I could learn more about him. Will someone please write it!


Life and death are inexorably connected. When a life lived so filled with humble service to The Lords Church and each of us it is a time of celebration. What is the worth of knowledge and understanding of Gods Plan of Happiness if we do not embrace it with love? Imagine the unimaginable, if you will, what a celebration is taking place on the other side of a veil much thinner than many of us truly know as Elder Wirthlin and his beloved bride Elisa embrace and weep for joy in a grasp that will never again be parted.


"Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin has been released from the Earthly portion of his calling as an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, Prophet, Seer, and Revelator. All those who would like to give Elder Wirthlin a vote of thanks for his service may so signify by raising their right hand!"

Thank you

for your years of service.

He was a good man.

And I had no idea he was in his nineties. He had such a youthfulness to him. :)

Greg from California

A giant member of the church and of the Quorum of 12 and one of my favorite GC speakers. I saw him int the SLC airport a number of years ago as he was off on his errand for the Lord. We appreciate his family for letting us get to know him. He was on loan from God.


We shall miss him, his testimony and his talks.
When he spoke it seemed he was speaking just what you needed to hear.
May his family know how we have loved him, and how we to will be mourning the loss, but we know what a wonderful place he is returning to.Peace he now has, and now he is with his wife, and what a joy that is for him.
thank you Elder Wirthlin Family for sharing your father with us.


Thanks to all that have added comments. It is wonderful to see and feel from you just how loved Elder Wirthlin was while serving us all. I loved his talk "Sunday will Come" and it now it has come for him. I always loved hearing him speak. I was especially touched by the talk that he gave when he was so weak that he needed assistance to stand but he would not quit until he had finished his task. So it was with his life.


I wish I could be more like Elder Wirthlin. He was unassuming, kind, and dedicated to his God, family, and community. He didn't aspire for power, but did the rights things for the right reasons.


We read his talk for our last 4th sunday lesson. He did come to our stake conference when I was younger too. Great man.


Thank you for showing us how to serve our Saviour. A truly dedicated brother who will be sorely missed. God speed, Elder Wirthlin, we love you!


I can truly say that he was my favorite apostle. The spirit was always with him and he knew how to touch your heart. He has strengthened my testimony and I will miss him terribly. Thank you so much Elder Wirthlin for your dedication to the church and for your faithful attitude.

Michael Lee

Elder Wirthlins first assignment as an Apostle was to change the stake presidency in Vernon, BC. He asked me to be first counselor, just a few months after we moved to Canada from England. I shall never forget his wit and humble attitude for the work. His last talk in general conference was wonderful and showed that wit and humor, and depth of spirit. We shall miss him.

Ole Stake 70

He was a great motivator, an outstanding missionary, an inspirational leader of people, especially missionaries, a great story teller of his life experiences, always with a moral underlying every one, everlasting for me. Thank you, Elder Wirthlin, for a life well examplified.

Ovid in Douglas, Georgia

I had the honor to get acquainted with Elder Wirthlin in 1979 when he called and set me apart as the Stake President. He was serving at that time as the Southeast Area President. He helped us through some very difficult and trying times along with Elder Mark E. Petersen. He was a very humble man, but also a man of great strength and courage. I grew to love this very special man. He was truly one of the great leaders of this dispensation. Our prayers are with his family.

Brother in the Gospel

Such fun and wit, and such brotherly love.
Now he'll be free to roam the sidelines at the next Utah football game... So GO Utes! You better win this one.
I will miss Elder Wirthlin, and am thankful to have first met him in his office when he headed Europe many years ago. We last saw each other a year ago and reminisced our football loyalties.
Such brotherhood comes only through the Gospel.

A Cougar from Finland


A man who practiced what he preached, it was wonderful to hear that a man, humble as he was had such a great testimony and love for the savior. He will be missed. I loved his talk that he just gave in conference, come what may and love it.

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