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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 3 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Farewell, dear unmet Friend.
I've long enjoyed your counsels and your comments in the last two General Conferences helped my recent-convert fiancee understand why we need apostles and prophets among us today.
God bless you.

S. Morgan

A great man and leader left the earth. Job well done. A humble man and a great example.

Ronald A. Young

We loved him, and we will miss him. Our Prayers go out to his Ohana.


Thank your Elder Wirthlin for being a powerful follower of Christ in your example of humility and love. We will miss you!


What a void Elder Wirthlin has left. Such is the life of a beloved Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was always inspiring and insightful, and was always aware of our problems and always had answers for our needs. And a football man. Even if it was U. of U.

German Saint

Thank you for serving my people so many years ago. You will be missed greatly. I'm glad you're reunited with your dear sweetheart! God be with you till we meet again.


Thanks Elder Wirthlin! Many of your talks within the last decade have stood out to me and have spoken to my personal situations and the time and helped greatly! Thank you for your inspired counsel and dedicated service!


Together again...and never more to part. Rest in the Lord, and receive your great reward.


Elder Wirthlin always made us smile. You brought us so much assurance, love, and greatly strengthened our testimonies.


God bless Elder Wirthlin for his love, devotion and service to the Saints. Condolences to his family who must know peace in their hearts knowing that he is with fellow Saints and loved ones, especially his beloved wife. Till we meet again.


We are sorry to learn of Elder Wirthlin's passing, and hope his family takes comfort in knowing their father, and grandfather lived so well and helped so many people with his gentle, practical and inspired advice and testimony. He radiated goodness and kindness. His marriage was an example to all. Thank you for everything, Elder Wirthlin.


He was a perfect example of finishing. He was brave and sweet. What a wonderful servant to the Lord. There is no doubt in my mind who (countless) will be embracing him on the other side. We will miss him!

Simon Says

How wonderful to read all these positive comments. Truly a marvelous tribute to a wonderful man. He too touched my life in a very deep and personal way. Thank you!

True Ute Fan

Elder Wirthlin stayed alive long enough to see the Utes beat down the cougars one last time!

AHHHHHH!!! PEACE!!! The work is done!!!


What a great example to all and future generations. I am sure he is not resting at all. He's asking what he can do at the other side because that's what he loves the most: servicing our Savior and Father in Heaven.

Grateful in VA

To the Wirthlin family, we mourn your loss. He was a wonderful and faithful man who we loved dearly.


I was thinking it was sad that he'll miss the Utes' BCS appearance, but now he'll probably have the best seats in the house!

We're all better for having received Elder Wirthlin's counsel.

Roger C

He will be greatly missed. I have loved hearing his counsel ever since I was at the U of U. His words of love, support, and hope will be greatly missed. I enjoyed being invited to the Wirthlin home for a dinner to celebrate Jane and John when we were all at the U of U

Sister Perkins in St. George

I loved Elder Wirthlin's sense of humor in his talks! His last conference talk "Come What May And Love It" is one of my favorites! I taught my Relief Society lesson on that topic 2 Sundays ago. I felt so good when I got many compliments from the sweet sisters!


Elder Wirthlin has become so dear to me. His talks and articles have lifted and blessed my life so much, and given me help when I needed it. I will truly, truly miss this humble, great servant of our Heavenly Father and His Son. What a great example of enduring valiantly to the end! I am so happy he can be with his dear wife, but feel sad at our loss. Thank you, Elder Wirthlin, for all you have taught me. We will miss you!

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