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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 3 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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What a special man he was. He eluded humbleness, kindness & love. I am grateful to have heard his testimony in numerous talks & seen his fine example in living the teachings of the Saviour. Thank you, Elder Wirthlin!


I am happy for Elder Wirthlin who will be enjoying a reunion with many family members, most especially his sweet wife


Brother Worthlin's talks helped get me into and stay in the church - a true Apostle.


Joseph B. Wirthlin was a giant of a man, who was founded upon the rock of Jesus Christ. I have learned more about the character of Christ because of this great man. Our families prayers and thoughts are with this gentle man.

From London

I was married by Elder Worthlin about a month after he was set apart as an apostle. What a marvelous experience that was. He met with us a week before the ceremony at the exact time of the ceremony in his office. I have always cherished that visit and the counsel that he gave me at that time. Thank you for your testimony and your example. You have touched my life forever.


You will be missed here in earth. You have touched many lives . What an amazing reunion happening right now


I am so thankful for Elder Wirthlin and the men he served with for their willingness to serve the Lord (and us) with all they have. I am thankful to all those who have posted such loving and thoughtful messages. It reaffirms my faith in trying times.


I can see him going through the veil and embracing Him of whom Elder Wirthlin eloquently testified is the Redeemer of the world.

lynn in tn

Farewell dear soul. Thank you.


Inspiring person, he will be missed.


He will be missed, a great man with a great message.

Ryan K.

I will greatly miss his conference talks and his wonderful example. His talk a few years ago on "The Virtue of Kindness" had a great affect on me and helped give me a greater desire to treat others with more kindness. He was truly a giant among men.


I always looked forward to his talks. You can't fake that kind of gentleness, goodness, and wisdom.

Ute Forever

He will be forever missed in conference talks and countless contirbution to the church!

Betty Leasure

This wonderful man had a way with words. I, too, found his last Conference talk so wonderful that I shared it with my visiting teaching sisters this month. We will miss you, Elder Wirthlin, but through your words to us, your spirit and testimony live on. Thank you for your example and service. You are loved my many who never had the opportunity to shake your hand.

In Idaho

I'm reminded of something President Hinckley said when Elder Maxwell died. He said that even though we wouldn't be able to hear his voice again on this earth, his sermons would always be with us. Elder Wirthlin's sermons changed my life. Some of my favorites include, "The Virtue of Kindness" from May 2005, "The Abundant Life" from May 2006, and "One Step After Another" from November of 2001. I'm so grateful we'll always have his words of wisdom!

Thanks, Elder Wirthlin

What a great life, inspiring messages, and caring person. Coincidentally, or perhaps not, my family discussed Elder Wirthlin's last talk last night in Family Home Evening. Such a fitting tribute to summarize the life of this great man and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. We will very much miss Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin. May his family find substantial comfort in his life of service!

Matthias from Germany

I love that man, I have seen him at the conference center and have feltthe spirit through him. He is now united with his dear wife.

Penilope. Vodo

Thank you so much dear Elder Wirthlin for all your inspiring messages .I can feel your spirit eventhough I am serving ni the Fiji Army in the Sinai desert.

Wish you all the best , and most espescially for your humbleness and your testimony that gives us power and strength.


He was a great man. He was truly an Apostle of Jesus Christ. The world was a better place because of him.

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